7 Best TV Channels in Ethiopia (With Closed Captioning)

TV Channels in Ethiopia

Best TV Channels in Ethiopia.

Television arrived in Ethiopia in 1962 with the state-run Ethiopian Television (ETV) dominating the airwaves for decades. Color broadcasts started in the late 1970s, but content was largely controlled by the government. However, recent years have witnessed a significant shift.

The Ethiopian media landscape is undergoing a transformation. The emphasis on liberalization has led to a surge in private broadcasters. EBS, the first private channel launched in 2008, paved the way for a wave of new stations like the highly popular Kana TV. This has brought a much wider variety of programming to Ethiopian viewers.

Today, you can find everything from news and educational shows to movies, dramas, and even sports on Ethiopian television. Channels cater to different interests and age groups, offering content in Amharic, other local languages, and even international programs.

7 Best Ethiopian TV Channels in 2024:

Here are the 7 Best Ethiopian TV Channels in 2024:

1. Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC)

The granddaddy of Ethiopian television, EBC boasts national coverage and regional channels catering to various ethnicities. Catch local news, cultural programming, and educational shows.

Popular Shows/Content:

  • News programming in Amharic and other Ethiopian languages
  • Entertainment shows like “Ethiopian Idol” (talent show)
  • Sports coverage
  • Documentaries
  • Educational programs

2. Kana TV Channel in Ethiopia.

Kana TV Channels in Ethiopia

Kana TV is a wildly popular private channel that is your one-stop shop for entertainment. Expect everything from hilarious comedy shows to captivating dramas and reality TV.

Popular Shows/Content: 

Kana TV offers a variety of programming including:

  • International shows dubbed in Amharic: Kana TV is known for acquiring international content and dubbing it into Amharic for Ethiopian audiences. This includes popular Turkish dramas like “Kitat” and “Mebreq”.
  • Local Ethiopian productions: Kana TV also produces its own original shows.

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3. EBS TV.

EBS Television

Based in the US, EBS focuses on “infotainment,” blending informative programs with engaging entertainment. Think talk shows, documentaries, and lifestyle content.

Popular Shows/Content: 

EBS offers a variety of content including:

  • Ethiopian TV shows, series, dramas, and movies
  • Music videos and programs
  • Ethiopian news (possibly with a focus on the Ethiopian diaspora)
  • Documentaries on Ethiopian history, culture, lifestyle, sports, tourism, and business

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4. Fana TV Channel in Ethiopia.

Fana TV Channels in Ethiopia

Need your daily dose of news? Look no further than Fana, Ethiopia’s dedicated channel for current affairs and in-depth analysis.

Popular Shows/Content:

  • Live news broadcasts in Amharic
  • Documentaries and specials on Ethiopian culture and events (Fana Broadcasting Corporate
  • Coverage of sporting events, including the Ethiopian Premier League (Fana Broadcasting Corporate
  • The channel also hosts the “Fana La Amro” arts and culture festival (Fana Broadcasting Corporate

5. Oromia Broadcasting Network (OBN).

Oromia Broadcasting Network (OBN)

Representing the Oromo people, OBN offers news, cultural programs, and content that celebrates Oromo language and traditions.

Popular Shows/Content:

  • News programs delivering local and international news.
  • Documentaries exploring various topics.
  • Programs covering a wide range of interests including: culture, business, sports (through their channel OBN GAAMMEE), and entertainment

6. Walta TV Channel in Ethiopia.

Walta TV Channels in Ethiopia

Dive deep into Ethiopian history and culture with Walta’s renowned documentaries. They also produce thought-provoking investigative journalism pieces.

Popular Shows/Content:

  • Live broadcasts
  • News reports (in Amharic)
  • Documentaries
  • Current affairs programming

7. Nahoo TV.

Nahoo Television

Calling all music lovers! Nahoo TV is your go-to channel for Ethiopian music videos, concerts, and artist interviews.

Popular Shows/Content:

  • News programs (possibly in Amharic, English, and Oromo)
  • Documentaries or programs highlighting Ethiopian culture and history
  • Shows promoting societal well-being

Overall Judge:

Ethiopia offers a rich variety of channels to suit all tastes. From national broadcasters like Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) with its informative news and educational programs, to private channels like Kana TV known for its popular dramas and comedies, there’s something for everyone.

Love sports? Check out EBC Sport for live matches and sports analysis. Want to learn about Ethiopian culture? Tune into Ethiopian Orthodox TV for traditional music and religious programs.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events! Kana TV might have the latest season of your favorite Ethiopian reality show premiering, while EBS might be broadcasting a special documentary about a historical landmark.


Ethiopian viewers can access these channels through various means. Traditional cable and satellite providers offer packages with a mix of national and private channels. Additionally, some channels, like ESAT, have a presence on platforms like YouTube, allowing viewers worldwide to tune in.

The Ethiopian television landscape is constantly evolving. With the rise of new media and streaming services, viewers have more options than ever before. Stay tuned to see how the future unfolds!

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