EBS TV Review in 2024 (With Closed Caption)

EBS TV Review

EBS TV Review.

EBS TV is a popular Ethiopian free-to-air satellite television channel known for its focus on general entertainment. They aim to provide Ethiopian viewers with high-quality, international standard programming.

This means you can expect a variety of shows to keep you entertained, from Ethiopian favorites to content that meets a global standard.


EBS TV offers a wide variety of programming to cater to Ethiopian audiences around the world. Here’s a breakdown:

Ethiopian Productions:

  • Dramas & Series: EBS TV is known for featuring Ethiopian-made dramas and series. These likely cover themes relevant to Ethiopian culture and social issues.
  • News & Current Affairs: EBS TV keeps its viewers informed with Ethiopian and international news programs.
  • Entertainment Shows: There are game shows like “Yebeteseb Chewata” (Family Game) and talk shows like “Kidamen keseat” (Saturday Afternoon Show) that provide a lighter side of entertainment.
  • Documentaries: Shows like “Tizitachin” (Our Memories) likely delve into Ethiopian history and culture.
  • Music: EBS Musika channel focuses on Ethiopian music, including genres like Reggae and Afrobeat.

International Content:

While EBS TV’s focus is on Ethiopian content, there might be a selection of international movies or documentaries offered, but it’s likely not a main focus.

For a more detailed look at EBS TV’s programming lineup, you can check their website’s “Shows” section [EBS TV Shows]. They also have a schedule page that details air times for upcoming shows [EBS TV Schedule].

Accessibility by EBS TV:

There are several ways Ethiopians can access EBS TV, depending on their preference and available technology.

Traditional Method:

  • Satellite Dish: EBS TV is likely available through satellite providers in Ethiopia. Details on specific channels and signal parameters would be obtained from the service provider.

Modern Methods:

  • Mobile App: EBS TV offers a mobile app for Android devices downloadable from the Google Play Store. Search for “EBS TV” to install it. There might be an iOS app as well, but confirmation can be found on the EBS website.
  • Smart TV & Streaming Devices: EBS TV can potentially be accessed through Smart TVs and streaming devices like Roku and Android TV. Check the EBS website ([EBS TV Watch on Roku]) for specific instructions on installation.
  • Web: EBS TV offers live streaming directly through their website [EBS TV Watch].


The primary broadcast language for EBS TV is most likely Amharic, the most widely spoken language in Ethiopia. There might be some programs offered in other Ethiopian languages, but Amharic would be the dominant language.

User Experience:

EBS Television Channel Review

EBS TV navigation experience can vary depending on whether you’re using a traditional TV or the EBS TV app.

Traditional TV:

  • Channel navigation: EBS likely uses a grid-based channel guide, which is a familiar format for most viewers.
  • Program navigation: The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) should provide information about upcoming programs, including titles, descriptions, and air times.

EBS TV App (if available):

  • Channel navigation: Modern apps tend to use channel lists with scrolling capabilities, which can be easier to navigate than grids with limited channels on screen. Ideally, the app should offer a clear and uncluttered channel guide.
  • Program navigation: Similar to the traditional TV experience, the EPG should display program information clearly. Some apps may allow filtering or sorting programs by genre or air time, which can be helpful for finding specific content.

App Functionality:

EBS TV apps may offer additional features beyond just channel navigation. These can include:

  • Live streaming: Watch EBS TV channels live on your mobile device or tablet.
  • Catch-up viewing: Watch programs that have already aired recently.
  • On-demand content: Enjoy a library of shows and movies available to watch at your convenience.

The ease of use of these features will depend on the specific design of the EBS TV app.

Pros and Cons of EBS Television Channel

Pros of EBS TV:

  • Variety of Content: EBS TV might offer a wide range of educational and entertaining programs, catering to different age groups and interests.
  • Local Productions (if applicable): If EBS TV produces its own shows, it can provide unique content that reflects the local culture and perspective.
  • Free Service: EBS TV being free eliminates subscription fees, making it accessible to everyone.

Cons of EBS TV:

  • Commercials (if applicable): Even though it might be a free service, EBS TV could have commercials interrupting programs.
  • Limited Channel Selection: Compared to commercial broadcasters, EBS TV might have a smaller selection of channels, potentially limiting viewer choice.
  • Technical Issues: Like any TV channel, EBS TV might experience occasional technical problems like signal drops or poor picture quality.

Target Audience

EBS TV likely appeals to a broad audience in Ethiopia due to its reach and programming:

  • Age: Research suggests a large viewership over 15, encompassing working adults (source: [invalid URL removed]).
  • Education & Socioeconomic Class: Viewers tend to have at least an 8th-grade education and represent various socioeconomic classes (C1, C2, D) (source: [invalid URL removed]).
  • Gender: EBS TV might have a slightly higher viewership among females (source: [invalid URL removed]).

Interests: The channel’s broad programming likely caters to diverse interests, including news, education, and potentially entertainment depending on what they offer.

Conclusion: EBS TV seems to target a general audience in Ethiopia, appealing to adults (over 15) with at least some education across various socioeconomic classes. Their programming likely covers a range of interests to maintain this broad viewership.

Overall Judge:

Based on web searches, EBS TV appears to be a strong contender for Ethiopian viewers interested in content about their culture. Here’s a breakdown:

Impression: EBS TV offers a wide variety of Ethiopian programming, including history, culture, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, tourism, and business. They seem to cater to the Ethiopian diaspora as well, being based in the US but offering content globally.

Recommendation: For Ethiopians looking for Ethiopian content, EBS TV is definitely a strong recommendation.

Future Prospects/Improvements:  While there isn’t enough information to determine specific areas for improvement, EBS TV could benefit from:

  • Increasing its online presence beyond just a website. Having a social media presence or a mobile app could be helpful.
  • Highlighting upcoming shows and creating a more engaging online experience.

Bonus: Comparison

Unfortunately, without enough information about other popular entertainment options in Ethiopia, a direct comparison is difficult. However, some points to consider when comparing EBS TV to others include:

  • Content variety: Does the other channel offer a similar range of Ethiopian content?
  • Availability: Is the other channel readily available to Ethiopians both domestically and abroad?
  • Cost: Is EBS TV free or paid, and how does that compare to other options?

By considering these aspects, you can make a more informed decision about EBS TV compared to other entertainment options in Ethiopia.

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