Kana TV Review in in 2024 (With a Subtitle)

Kana TV Review

Kana TV review.

Kana TV is a free Ethiopian satellite TV channel bringing international entertainment to homes in Ethiopia. Launched in 2016, the channel focuses on general entertainment, offering high-quality programming dubbed into Amharic for Ethiopian audiences.


Kana TV caters to a diverse audience by offering a mix of programs:

  • Dramas:  This is a strong suit for Kana TV. They broadcast both locally produced and internationally acquired dramas.
  • Local Productions: Kana TV has been investing in creating original Ethiopian shows.  Some examples include “#Time”, “#Mindin”, Kana News, and Sheqela.
  • International Content: They are particularly known for broadcasting Turkish dramas dubbed in Amharic.  These shows have been a big hit with Ethiopian viewers.  While older examples include “Zara Ena Chandra” and “Tikur Fikir”, you can find out about current offerings by checking Kana TV’s social media or website.

In addition to dramas, Kana TV might also offer other genres like documentaries (through Kana Passport/National Geographic) and music shows (like Hop).

Accessibility by Kana TV:

Kana TV broadcasts entirely in Amharic, making it a popular choice for Ethiopian viewers. Here’s how you can access it:

Satellite Dish:

  • Kana TV is broadcast on both Nilesat and EthioSat satellites. You’ll need a satellite dish pointed towards these satellites to receive the signal.
  • Unfortunately, specific technical details about dish size, LNB settings etc. can vary depending on your location and installer. Consider consulting a local satellite dish technician for the best setup advice for your area.

Mobile App:

  • There are unofficial apps claiming to be Kana TV, but there is no official Kana TV app available at this time (as of April 14, 2024). Using unofficial apps can be risky, so it’s best to stick with the satellite broadcast for now.

User Experience:

Kana Television Channel User Experience

Kana TV is likely a streaming service, and  most streaming services use menus and a search bar for navigation. This makes it fairly easy to find what you’re looking for.

  • Menus: Kana TV would likely use menus to categorize content by genre, popularity, or other criteria. This helps you browse shows based on your interests.
  • Search bar: There would probably also be a search bar that allows you to find specific programs by title or keyword. This is useful if you know exactly what you want to watch.

Overall, navigating Kana TV’s channels and programs should be fairly straightforward, similar to other popular streaming services.

App Functionality

In addition to navigation, Kana TV’s app likely offers other functionalities such as:

  • Creating a profile: This allows you to personalize your experience by creating watchlists and receiving recommendations.
  • Resuming playback: You can likely resume watching a show where you left off, which is a convenient feature.
  • Pausing and rewinding: You should be able to pause, rewind, and fast-forward playback as you would with any other video player.
  • Subtitles and captions: This feature can be helpful for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing, or for those who want to learn Japanese.

These are just some of the functionalities that Kana TV’s app might offer. The specific features will depend on the design and capabilities of the app.

Pros and Cons of Kana Television Channel


  • Variety of Content: Kana TV might offer a wide range of programs to suit different tastes, including movies, TV shows, documentaries, news, and even kid’s content.
  • Local Productions (if applicable): If Kana TV supports local productions, you can enjoy content specific to your region or culture.
  • Free Service: Kana TV might be a completely free way to access entertainment without a subscription fee.


  • Commercials: Free services often rely on commercials for revenue. Be prepared for interruptions during your viewing experience.
  • Limited Channel Selection: Compared to paid services, Kana TV might have a smaller selection of channels.
  • Technical Issues: Free services may experience technical issues like buffering or lag, impacting your viewing experience.

Target Audience

Kana TV is likely to appeal to a broad audience in Ethiopia, but it may resonate most with the following groups:

Age Groups: Kana TV content likely targets younger Ethiopians, particularly teenagers and young adults (roughly 13-34 years old). This age group is typically more tech-savvy and open to new forms of media consumption.

Interests: Kana TV content likely focuses on entertainment and leisure activities that are popular among young Ethiopians. This could include:

  • Music (Ethiopian pop, hip-hop, etc.)
  • Comedy skits and shows
  • Dramas and sitcoms
  • Reality TV
  • Educational content creators (Edutainment)

It’s important to consider that internet access and data affordability can vary in Ethiopia. Kana TV’s content strategy may need to adapt to be accessible on lower-bandwidth connections.

Overall Judge:

Overall Impression: Kana TV seems like a positive addition to Ethiopian entertainment, providing a free, general entertainment channel with international standard programming dubbed into Amharic. They also produce some original Ethiopian content.

Recommendation for Ethiopian viewers: Absolutely! If you’re looking for a free source of entertainment in Amharic, Kana TV is a great option.

Future Prospects and Areas for Improvement: Kana TV could look into expanding their reach through mobile apps or streaming services to complement their satellite broadcast.

Bonus: Comparison with Other Options

Direct comparison is difficult because Kana TV is free, while other options may require subscriptions or fees. Here’s a brief comparison:

  • Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC): State-owned channel with a mix of news and entertainment programming, but not free-to-air.
  • Showmax: Streaming service with a mix of international and Ethiopian content, requires a subscription.
  • YouTube: Offers a wide variety of Ethiopian content creators, but not curated and can be of varying quality.

Kana TV fills a niche by offering curated free entertainment specifically for Ethiopian audiences.

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