Canaan Addis Real Estate Review in 2024 (In-Depth)

Canaan Addis Real Estate Review

Canaan Addis Real Estate Review.

Canaan Addis Real Estate Development, a sophistication subsidiary of the renowned Canaan Group, is setting a new standard for upscale living in Ethiopia’s bustling capital city Addis Ababa, contributing to the most vibrant urban precinct.

Built with high-end finishing materials, they’re dedicated to making your home buying or selling experience as smooth as possible in 2024. They have expert team’s to support you every step of the way to turn your real estate dreams into a reality!

Known for their commitment to quality and innovative design, this real estate developer is here to offer you unique, and luxury residential apartment developments that cater to discerning home buyers seeking a vibrant and stylish lifestyle.

Ready to be part of the ultimate living experience pinnacle of luxury living with beautifully designed spaces? With crowning the development in a stunning array of elegance, Canaan Addis might be your go-to-go. Let’s give them a review!

Canaan Addis Real Estate Contact Information

Contact Information of Canaan Addis Real Estate:

  • Website:
  • Telephone: +251 989 080 024, or +251 989 080 026
  • Email:
  • Post Box No: 399, Alex Building
  • Physical Address (Main Office): Africa Avenue, Behind DH Geda Building

About Canaan Addis Real Estate Development PLC Background

Canaan Addis Real Estate Development PLC Homepage

To redefine the living spaces of Addis Ababa nestled in a scenic and lush gated compound through incorporating cutting-edge design and adhering to the highest global standards, Canaan Addis Real Estate began its journey over a decade ago with a clear vision.

Coming with never-before-seen amenities and comforts that surpass its residents’ needs and desires, they’re offering a safe and peaceful haven from the hustle and bustle of Addis life. It hints at future projects that promise to continue their dedication to creating vibrant mixed-use spaces.

Canaan Addis Real Estate’s focus on quality and innovation has resulted in a portfolio of impressive projects across Uganda and Kenya. With their flagship project, the Pavilion, they’ve tried to bring their expertise and dedication to luxury living to the heart of Ethiopia.

Beyond the project we just mentioned, as a developer, they aim to foster a sense of community by combining residential units with commercial spaces and amenities. Thus, creating a dynamic living environment where residents can seamlessly integrate work, leisure, and social interaction.

Projects and Apartments by Canaan Addis Real Estate

Currently, Canaan Addis Real Estate embraces a multi-purpose approach to apartment units that encourage clients to view buying real estate as a strategic move. Doing so, will secure an income source in the form of owning a house in order to resell at a higher return on investment value in the future. 

Over two decades developing land and delivering homes in the Old Airport Area, the company highlights opportunities for you and has many cases of clients having resold (if they want to) their properties at a higher price than what they had invested in it to begin with.

Canaan Addis’s project “Pavilion,” styled with international luxury design and located in the city’s heart of Addis Ababa, is set to be a front-runner in the property’s market. It will also have the advantage of attractive rental returns and capital appreciation making it an exceptional investment-grade asset.

Project 1: The Pavilion Bole.

Situated in Addis Ababa’s vibrant Bole district, the Pavilion Bole project by Canaan Addis, boasts a collection of 50 luxurious residences with luxury floor plans, and world-class amenities. It is a cornerstone offering that embodies the company’s commitment to elegant development and sophisticated living.

As a resident, you can choose between meticulously crafted one, two, or three bedroom apartments. To provide you the ultimate in comfort and style, featuring modern finishes, spacious layouts, and an abundance of natural light, they have also come with a stunning penthouse residence that meets the urban living experience.

Let’s discuss spaces from the collections that are ready for the 2016 Ethiopia new year!

3-Bedroom Apartment (comes with an area of 171 square meter):

Canaan Addis Real Estate Project 1: The Pavilion Bole comes with 3-Bedroom Apartment (comes with an area of 171 square meter)
  • Guest cloakroom.
  • Ample parking space available.
  • Spacious lounge or dining room that opens up to the sweeping terrace. 
  • Fully fitted kitchen with the option of opening up to a multi-purpose utility area. 
  • Three brilliantly lit en-suite bedrooms with ample closet space. 
  • Very spacious master suite bedroom.

2-Bedroom Apartment (comes with an area of 123 square meter):

Canaan Addis Real Estate Project 1: The Pavilion Bole comes with 2-Bedroom Apartment (comes with an area of 123 square meter)
  • Guest cloakroom
  • Master suite with ample closet space
  • Open plan kitchen, lounge, and dining room that opens onto a wonderful terrace
  • Multi-purpose utility area accessed from the kitchen
  • Ample parking space available

1-Bedroom Apartment (comes with an area of 78.0 square meter):

Canaan Addis Real Estate Project 1: The Pavilion Bole comes with 1-Bedroom Apartment (comes with an area of 78.0 square meter)
  • Guest cloakroom
  • Spacious bedroom with ample closet space
  • Open plan kitchen, lounge, and dining room that opens onto a wonderful terrace
  • Ample parking space available

Apartment Amenities Details of The Pavilion Bole Project:

  • Splendid and functional terrace.
  • State of the art technology including CCTV security, internet, satellite TV and fire alarm system.
  • Its own bore hole and backup generator.
  • Fitness center and swimming pool.

Pros and Cons of Canaan Addis Real Estate


  • Prime Location: Situated in the heart of Bole, Addis Ababa’s most vibrant district, Pavilion provides you easy access to bespoke lounges, luxury mini bars, dining accompaniment, home offices, shops, library, and restaurants.
  • Potential for Growth: With plans for future sophisticated expansion like  mixed-use developments, free consultation, latest technologies, eco-friendly construction, Canaan Addis offers the potential for a thriving community atmosphere.
  • Unmatched Luxury: Canaan Addis prioritizes quality and high-end finishes that are budget-friendly quotes, a perfect working enclave, and a number of entertainment options offering residents a truly luxurious living experience.


  • Limited Information on Future Projects: With only 50 residences at the Pavilion, details on upcoming developments are limited, making it difficult to assess the full scope vision of the company to secure your dream apartment.
  • Premium Pricing: Luxury comes at a cost that requires swift action, and Canaan Addis caters to a high-end market with premium pricing with all its top-notch amenities of a large formal and second kitchen with adjacent walk-in pantry.

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to Canaan Addis Real Estate Development PLC

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to Canaan Addis Real Estate Development PLC

Canaan Addis’ reputation as a trusted developer within the Ethiopian real estate market speaks volumes. Every space of the project including the astounding penthouse collection of the Pavilion counts. They say “Experience the ultimate in luxurious living with our selection of premium apartments for rent or sale.”

A consistent focus on high-quality design and construction has established them as a leader in creating innovative living spaces throughout East Africa. From their 5 En-suite Bedrooms with a featured master suite, ample parking space availability, to their yard and staff quarters.

While specific awards haven’t been readily available as of 2024, crowning the development in a luxury array of beautifully designed spaces continues to yield them an extensive local and international experience in the real estate sector. For this, their team comprises experienced and seasoned professionals.

Customer Reviews and Client Feedbacks

Being one of the trusted real estate developers of mixed-use urban nodes in the downtown city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with assured quality, Caanan Addis is truly transforming bare areas into places where people want to live, companies want to grow, and of course, neighborhoods come alive.

Timely delivery, attractive yields, and free consultation of their services will get you personalized advice and guidance for your real estate needs. Most importantly, the strategic location of their project affords investors attractive rental return on investment.

For details, the pavilion’s prestigious site is located 400 meters from DH Geda Tower, 700 meters from Gibson Youth Academy, 700 meters from Bole Full Gospel Believers Church, 800 meters from JPS Church, 3.40 kilometers from Addis Ababa Sports Complex, and 300 meters from Friendship Mall.

If you’re coming from behind Alem Cinema, it is about 250 meters away, from March Primary School, it is about 450 meters, from Meskerem Pharmacy, it is about 700 meters, from Addis Cardiac Hospital, it is about 800 meters, and from Bole International Airport, it will took you about 2.50 kilometers.

Since the Pavilion is a relatively new development, after all, online reviews are currently limited. However, considering the Canaan Group’s established reputation for quality and customer satisfaction in other regions, we hope they can bring similar commitment to excellence in their Ethiopian venture.

Overall Judgment:

Overall, Canaan Addis focuses on sophisticated design and high-quality finishes, which makes it a compelling option for those seeking an upscale urban lifestyle. Likewise you can get a glimpse into the future of luxury living in Addis Ababa while pricing reflects the premium nature of the development. 

If you prioritize luxury living in a prime location and are prepared for a premium price tag, the Pavilion is definitely worth considering, and will bring you the potential for a vibrant community atmosphere within future mixed-use projects that adds another layer of appeal. 

However, if affordability is a major concern, or you require more information on future projects, further research might be necessary to invest in the Canaan Addis apartment in 2024. That’s because owning a house represents a significant decision in your life. 

By the end of the day, to get a firsthand feel for the development before making your final choice, we recommend conducting thorough research and visiting the Pavilion (if possible) in-person. Or else, you can also contact them to schedule an appointment.

For more, if you want the best deal, affordable price, as well as the best real estate location, call me by the phone +251948879335 or send me a message by the email — as I’m the best Real Estate Agent in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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