Online Branding Strategies in 2022 (11 Powerful Tactics & Tricks)

Online Branding

With a huge decline in the Traditional(offline) Marketing Strategy. Today more business firms no matter what type of services or products they have in hand are focusing more on online branding strategies for their business.

Besides creating a recognizable space for your business, leveraging online branding can have so many benefits.

And one of the most important reasons is having Global Clients. Because today more than half of the world’s population are spending their time online. Whether it is on Search Engines, Social media, or Live stream Platforms.

This actually doesn’t mean all these online Users will become your customers. But it means you’ll definitely find your ideal customers without being limited to location/boundary barriers.

That’s why branding your business online is a must in this time where the internet is dominating our day-to-day activities.

So here are 11 Powerful Tactics and Tricks for Branding your Business Online.

11 Powerful Tactics & Tricks of Online Branding Strategies

 1. Create a Fully Functional Website

When it comes to Digital Branding creating a website plays more than half of your venture’s significance in the online world.

Without having a website, it’s so hard to brand your business online all by other means.

A Website gives you the ultimate online presence. That is to disseminate extensive information about your company’s value and services to your audience as well as boost brand recognition and sales.

It isn’t just easily comparable to social media sites or other online platforms.

Even so, making the Website Well-optimized, Purpose Targeted, Easily Navigable, Visually Appealing, and FREE of hasty website design mistakes is as equally important as just launching it in the first place.

As soon as you think about creating a website for the purpose of online branding. If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves, you can do it all by yourself.

All it demands is to choose the leading web hosting services. And then integrate it with the available open-source platforms.

Or pick out one of the best website builder like Wix.

If you don’t have enough time to craft the nitty-gritty branding details of a website, it is probably Time-Saving to hire a Web Designer Partner from the top Freelancing websites.

At the bottom, a website is a low-cost investment yet brings a lot of ROI to your business. That is in terms of reaching wider clients and establishing lifetime credibility.

 2. Add a Blog Page to Your Site

After you have all set and done with the Fully Functional Website. Plus once it’s up and running. It’s all up to you to take it too far and make it a living breathing brand.

Staying relevant and keeping up with the latest industry events, offers and news is such an important thing in any business sector.

The ultimate way to make sure that your business website is fresh and up-to-date is by adding a blog page to your site. And then start Blogging regularly(at least once a week) about your company’s latest trends with in-depth articles backed up with high-quality images.

It’s like missing a number of unexpected chances out there if you have just a business website with its static HOMEPAGE and nothing more. 

Whether you have talked about your business’s primary goal, fully displayed a handy product’s catalog, or announced the available contact and addresses. Adding a blog page to your website is still worth it.

Plus, this also assists you in SEO Campaign effort and building an Authority Domain. You’ll see the importance of leveraging SEO for Online Branding strategy in the #11 list of this post.

You can even take your online branding strategy further. By pushing hard and trying the actionable GUEST BLOGGING opportunities.

A few authority sites that accept guest blogging will certainly bring massive potential customers to your site along the way.

3. Build a Valuable Email Lists

Email List Building is the other most proven and classical way of growing your small business online.

You can easily collect email lists by creating subscribe-worthy content that adds value to readers. Plus using distraction FREE pop-up SIGNUP Forms.

Thereby, you’ll stay on top of the competition.

A well-established email list will drive a number of advantages to your online branding approach.

That’s because an email list is a perfect way to engage with the audience. Who are genuinely interested in your services and want to hear more about them.

Many email marketing services have an in-house built integration with the most popular e-commerce platforms.

From this, you can get the best results that are easy to apply. As well as flexible enough to meet the right customers according to your needs.

While there are the best Email Marketing Services where you can get the most out of them. But creating an effective email marketing strategy with buyer personas will alleviate your branding success through email lists.

However, no matter how much you’re working towards expanding your recognition. The current competitive landscape predicts if your business is gonna survive or not.

That’s why you must employ meticulously planned tactics in order to take your brand awareness to the next level.

4. Give Away Opt-in Freebies and Lead Magnets

If you’re always trying to sell something for everyone who lands on your page for the first time. Then you will have a hard time building a strong Online Brand.

In fact, that is not how worldwide recognized brands are made.

And that’s where Giveaways like Opt-in Freebie Ideas and Lead Magnets come in.

These are completely FREE stuff like;

  • e-Books
  • Checklists
  • Online Courses
  • Case Studies
  • Premium Content

These Freebie Ideas entice visitors to test the valuable slice of your actual PRODUCTS.

In terms of amplifying brand awareness in the digital world. Giveaways are proven tricks.

Every time a visitor tries to access those FREE stuff, you’re getting their email addresses. And that is a valuable resource that helps you to turn them into brand advocates.

After you provide valuable Giveaways to random visitors, the journey becomes effortless. That is to take them down to additional CTAs(Call-To-Actions). And then through the landing pages BoFu(Bottom-of-Funnel) or start to implement your online branding plan of action right off the bat.

While creating valuable Giveaways to boost your branding awareness. One thing to be sure of is that you have to provide them with quick straightforward problem-solving solutions that add value to their life.

Otherwise, if you are going around the bush or the resources are available everywhere for FREE, it takes only a couple of minutes to demolish your strategy effort.

5. Strengthen Social Media Channels

As we said, Creating a website is the most primary thing for your business’s Online Branding. However, this doesn’t mean “you don’t need Social Media Channels at all”.

In fact, they are also crucial even if they don’t match up with the advantages of a website.

The tactic here is to use them wisely and effectively without wasting a huge amount of time.

Since many people go to Social Media sites in their spare time to scroll down feeds of viral stories and have fun or adjust their mode subsequently.

But some popular social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are worth investing and leveraging some time.

By using these channels, you can easily reach a wider audience of clients and preach what your business brand missions are all about.

Keeping your website as a primary channel and broadening to Social Media pages is one of the ultimate online branding schemes.

The best way to integrate those channels together is by including your social media account links to your Website Footer.

In addition to that, by adding Social Share Buttons to your website or email newsletters, you can boost the click-through rates up to 158%.

The benefits aren’t only this. Social Share Buttons can additionally work as an attracting tool for leading new visitors, who might or will become your brand advocates.

6. Get a Professional Logo Design

Now, we come to the visual part of Online Branding. Logos are the supreme visual description of what your company is all about.

Plus a Logo is the fastest identifiable thing that comes to the audience’s mind when they think of your products or services.

Missing Catchy & Professional look Logo is like missing the memorable part of your brand inside the audience’s mind. It is a fact that the human brain processes picture 60,000 times faster than texts.

From this, you can clearly realize the power of Visual Marketing.

The best method to put into effect this is through getting a professionally designed LOGO for your business website. And include them in your Product Packages, Business Cards, and Flyers.

Though when I say it has to be a professional LOGO, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the next Vitrivuan Man to be an iconic image.

The truth is, the simpler the better. You can understand this in the most recognizable logos of the world like Apple, McDonalds, or Nike. And This is one of the most common website design to avoid.

After all, you have to be cautious about what Logo you use for, as it has some consequences in the long term.

So, if you’re not satisfied with the current logo your business has. Or if you’re still figuring out how to make it stand out or brandable, it’s better to look for a Professional Logo maker from the top freelancing websites.

7. Have a Catchy Tagline or Catchphrase

Even if logos play a big part in the remembrance of your business as a BRAND emblem, Taglines or Catchphrases at some point have a positive impact.

These are a few selected words that you use as a motto for your company.

Most people have a hard time trying to memorize the long-form articles that you update on your website blog page.

Instead, they can easily remember your business’s short and sweet slogan no matter what situation they are in.

A few, simple and unforgettable three to five words of Tagline will leave remarkable memories of your company’s existence.

The advantages of Catchphrase are not only used on a Website Header but they can also be used when a Third-party Publisher(Affiliate Marketer) advertises your products.

Or when you run a Paid Advertisements Campaign(which we cover on this Online Branding Tactics on the #12 as a BONUS).

In the end, it’s not just about using the perfect or easy to say out loud words.

The trick here is to find a few, special, resonating, chosen, and scenario-driven words that can absolutely define what your business service & mission is all about in general. I guess you know what I mean.

8. Showcase Media Kits and a Perfectly Done Portfolio’s

Showcasing wonderfully assembled MEDIA KITs(Pre-Packaged Information) are the best ways to easily inform new visitors of the inside-out details of your Business Brand.

It’s all about making it clear of;

  • What your company is based on
  • Which products and services it offers
  • How much each package tier costs and other more precise guides.

In such a way that a completely strange buyer will decide instantly if your firm is what he/she was looking for or not.

The above are all the intros of your Business. When they get in deep and once they know that your company is what they were exactly looking for. Then, it’s time to exhibit more of your deeds or practically accomplished services.

One flawless way to do that is by displaying a Portfolio using one of the best website builders.

An Online Portfolio in a Digital Marketing term is a method of curating the best works of what your company made in the past and displaying them on your website’s main pages.

After you have all set and done with the superbly assembled Media Kits and excellently displayed a Portfolio. Now is the time to integrate authentic Testimonials at the finish line to make it even outstanding.

9. Integrate Authentic Testimonials to Call-To-Actions

A SUCCESSFUL Online Brand does not only stand by professionally accompanied Media Kits and perfectly displayed Portfolios.

In fact, many visitors who’re new to any firm want to see genuine word-of-mouth referral recommendations or Testimonials.

As well as credible Social Proof and REVIEWS from trusted influencers before making a decision of buying something.

If you have one from the previously accomplished tasks(Portfolio’s), well done.

But if you don’t, it’s time to ask for it from your preceding happy customers who are really satisfied with your products or services.

Why all this? Because that’s how a Powerful Online Branding Strategy works. People(including me) are more willing to rely instantly on a company if they(I) heard about it from a person who they(I) think is authentic.

It’s not new to see hundreds of thousands of “Thank You, you made my day” or “I Owe You, you changed my life” replies from well pleased recent customers.

The thing here is to run a planned drip campaign and craft the best Testimonials from all of the responses. And then display it on the call-to-action sections of your website pages or social media posts.

Doing so, make sure that it’s not a fake or paid testimonial.

As the saying goes “fake news disseminates faster than an eye blink”. These are the quickest ways to destroy your online brand which you have worked on for months and so or even years.

10. Leverage on SEO to Get Organic Traffic

Creating a Fully Functional website for your business is the primary way to get a little bit of online exposure.

In addition to that, leveraging on SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a new lease on life to get enough potential consumers.

Much like other ROI schemes it needs an initial investment.

Whether it is taking some time to optimize each Blog Post, hiring the leading SEO Agency or choosing the best SEO Tools, this all demands some spending. But in the end, it is absolutely worth it. 

Because Organic Traffic is not something that is compared with Other sources of Traffic.

Visitors who take some time to type on Search Engine bars regardless of either informational or transactional intent are the right customers. And they are looking for crystal clear solutions.

By using all the above-mentioned resources and then leveraging on the advantage of SEO, you can easily turn those potential consumers into brand advocating customers in no time.

It’s all about carefully watching the metrics which work out and which won’t work in the SEO world. Moreover, following the Rules and Guidelines of Search Engines.

In addition to that Google Search Console and Google Analytics are the best completely FREE SEO Tools that allow you to get the most out of Organic Traffic.

As a result, you’ll easily build a Worldwidely recognized Online Brand.

11. Use The Advantage of Strategized Digital Promotions

Having said all the above, now we are at the rolling snowball effects of Online Branding.

This is all about making use of the advantage of well-strategized Digital(Online) Promotions. 

If you’re not gonna devise a scheme for how you’ll promote your venture in the digital world, you’ll start to see your business wandering through the vast competition space without a target aim.

And finally, guess what? end up nowhere, let alone build a brand.

It’s all about calculating the ways to get into more visitors’ eyes.

Even if there are many ways to do this like running a Promotion Contest and Sponsored Posts.

Also crafting a win-win Program that benefits both your business’s Brand Awareness and for others(Publishers and Affiliate Networks) a good commission in return is the most effective way.

This literally works better if you have services or products to be sold. Don’t try to be just all for me.

You might think that giving a share of 20% or even 50% of the sale for publishers who just wrote about your product will lead you to bankruptcy. Then think of its short-term and huge small profits as well as reaching a wider audience.

So, in this way you can positively use those quick and recurring treadmill profits to make even more related products to your services.

Or leverage it more on Promotion, Marketing, growing Email Lists, and other parts of your Online Branding Strategy.

(Bonus on Online Branding) Use Pay Ads If It Is Worth It

For some Paid Ads work great, for others, it is just a waste of resources.

As every company is different and UNIQUE in terms of the niche they are in, the produced  Products, and the chosen consumers, you might find it worth it for your business.

On the condition that you know how it works, you’ll be well on your way to growing your brand exposure.

Because paid ads are cautiously and technically set up in the first place and exactly aim to where your customers are hanging around.

This includes;

  • Geo-Targeting
  • Age Specific
  • Search Intent and so on.

Plus negotiating with Premium Ad Networks like Mediavine and Adthrive drives quality visitors to your website. Plus these Networks are too selective about whom they work with to keep their reputation.

The point here is to actually try to invest in a Pay-Pay-Click(PPC) or Pay-Per-Impression(PPI) advertising campaign without breaking the bank and see if it brings a measurable ROI.

After all, make sure to attentively watch out for the Metrics engagement in order to analyze the ad performance and finally make unbiased decisions.

Every ad agency has its own powerful monitoring and analytics system. For instance, Google has Google Adwords and Facebook has Facebook Ads Manager.

What is Online Branding Strategies?

Online Branding is a way of introducing your business to the Online World.

Is Online Branding Strategies Effective?

If done properly, Online Branding is a perfect way to get the most out of online marketing in your niches.

Which Online Branding Strategies are more useful?

Creating a website then Start Blogging plus building an Email List using one of the Best Smail Marketing Services for small business are out best picks to Online Branding. But still others are more or less effective to branding your business online.

Summary on Online Branding Strategies

As you see, Branding your Business Online has so many benefits. But in order to get the best out of these benefits is using the above listed Powerful Tactics & Tricks perfectly.

At this time where the world is becoming one village due to the internet. Even if your company is going well in the offline world, having a Strong Online Presence is the ultimate way to expand your business’s brand vulnerability.

So, don’t turn down this huge opportunity!

Which Tactics do you find interesting?

How are you going to leverage it to Brand your Business Online?

How do you plan on it?

What are other effective ways to brand your Business Online?

Share your thoughts in the COMMENT SECTIONs below.

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