7 Best Membership Site Platforms of 2022 (All Software Review)

Best Membership Site Platforms

Let’s look at some of the Best Membership Site Platforms of 2022. These are the best Membership Site Software you should look for your small business.

Here we go…

1. Kajabi – Membership Site Platforms

Kajabi Membership Site Platforms

Kajabi is an all-in-one Online Course and Membership Site Platform. Using this platform, you’ll create, sell, manage, as well as market coaching content & membership programs.

Sure, Kajabi is one of the most popular online course builders that’s best for selling expensive coaching programs(custom classes). Presumably, you’re going to stay productive in the long-term with its powerful sales & marketing tools that allow you to promote and sell your courses.

If you’re an Educated Professional who is thinking of selling your knowledge for a monthly recurring revenue(MMR), then no need to search anywhere else.

When we have come to the membership site creation part, the platform has a lot to offer you, if you are willing to go for the hosted one. These include but are not just limited to creating COURSES with quizzes, videos, and extra multimedia content.

Not only that, you’re offered to set pre-requisite lessons and drip-feed content as well sell any kind of Digital or Physical Product.

In the end, Kajabi is a fully-featured & one of the best membership site platforms. On the condition that you’re going to create(run) a membership program business and a front-end website or a blog, and market it successfully, then this is the right choice.  

To say nothing of that your Subscribed Members can access a one-link sign-in and save progress Account Recovery Mobile App for iOS or Android, in order to get better learning experiences.


The following are the major FEATURES of Kajabi.

Product Builder

To help you smooth the process of content creation, it has come up with a Product Builder feature that needs zero background coding knowledge. So, at the end of the day, you’ll build an easy-to-follow membership site.

The features include;

  • 10+ Responsive Themes
  • A drag-and-drop website builder
  • Landing Page creator
  • Customizable & pre-designed Templates

Additionally, The DASHBOARD of this Visual Editor also lets you integrate your Site with your Online Marketing Campaign Efforts.

Built-in Members Management Software

Kajabi Built-in Members Management Software

Members Management is a comprehensive tool to organize all your members accordingly. You can do that by automatically segmenting them based on their behavior and engagement using the built-in CRM software. And then, assigning various member roles to a private online community area.

Sales Funnel(Pipelines)

Once you have built a fully-fledged website, this is a place where you’ll reach the right Targeted-audiences & build a brand through a Sales Funnel Marketing Strategy without paying a single extra fee.

Similarly, with this Membership Site Platforms, after you have filtered members, you can easily run email campaigns, podcasts, and affiliate programs. Plus be in charge of the entire marketing sequences(workflow) and members’ journeys for better user engagements.

Subscription-specific Tracking

Kajabi Membership Site Platforms Subscription reports

Subscription-specific Tracking is all about monitoring & analyzing all of the touchpoint’s progress of your membership programs. From that, you are able to get DATA regarding your revenue, churn rate, subscription metrics, offers sold reports, etc.

Pricing & Plans

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

Kajabi Pricing & Plans


  • The Pricing starts at $119/month
  • Up to 3 PRODUCTS
  • With 1 Admin User
  • And, Up to 10,000 Contacts


  • The Pricing starts at $159/month
  • Up to 15 PRODUCTS
  • With 10 Admin Users
  • And, Up to 25,000 Contacts


  • The Pricing starts at $319/month
  • Up to 100 PRODUCTS
  • With 25 Admin Users
  • And, Up to 100,000 Contacts

Overall, the Pricing & Plans of this is one of the best Membership Site Platforms comes with a high-end offer when compared to others. However, if you’re looking for an all-in-one platform, it is an ideal choice.

With Kajabi considering everything, you’ll effectively run a membership site business and increase its core competency by fold. In tandem with the above-mentioned features, the integration part with Online Payment Methods like PayPal and Stripe will also help you get paid faster.

Try the 14-day FREE Trial now (There is no Free plan offer though).

2. MemberPress – Membership Site Platforms

MemberPress Membership Site Platforms

Now, if you’re wondering which WordPress Membership Plugin or LMS Plugin you’ll go for, then MemberPress is the right answer to you. Precisely, it is best for WordPress Websites.

It enables you to create a powerful membership site, online course, and digital product. Furthermore, you can easily manage memberships, content expiration, content dripping, and content protection. As well as receive payments in a more secure way with the integrated add-ons.

To begin with, it only takes a few STEPs for the setup processes.

These are;

  • Installing & Activating the Plugin
  • Adding PRODUCTS
  • Creating tiered membership levels(weekly, monthly, annually, etc.) & allocating content
  • And finally, Entering Online Payment details

The plugin, in general, is easy to set up and use. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll get along with configuring its features and options in no time. This means that MemberPress is a beginner-friendly Membership site WordPress Plugin.

Also, having full control over the Access Rules will allow you to restrict some content like pages, posts, categories & tags based on membership tiers or product purchases within a button click. 

All-in-all, this software is one of the best Membership Site Platforms on our list. For the reason that it is an easy-to-use plugin that covers all the fundamental site-building TOOLS(including compatibility with popular Themes) to create a fully-featured WordPress membership site.


The following are the major FEATURES of MemberPress.

Pricing Pages

MemberPress Membership Site Platforms Pricing Pages

Don’t even think about searching for pricing page builders. Because MemberPress has customizable themes allowing you to build beautiful Pricing Pages. So that, you can handle gated content, membership tiers, and any payments(including subscription fee, custom recurring, and credit card).

Custom-made Coupons

Aside from building pricing pages, you’re going to need to generate coupon codes. “Why all this?”, you may ask. Simply, COUPON CODES are critical & powerful elements for almost any business to run competitive promotions, social media campaigns, and giveaways. 

The surprising part is you can create as many coupon codes as you want aka unlimited. Moreover, you can manage the time of their expiration date and the number of uses as well as their customization.

Premium Community Forums

MemberPress Premium Community Forums

By installing & activating Form Builder WordPress Plugins like bbPress, you are able to create password-protected forms. As a result, you can keep genuinely-interested Social Communities there & make it their second home.


In this part, there are Integration features with an existing WordPress website, third-party payment getaways via API, popular email marketing services, major business apps, more functional add-ons(MemberPress expansions), Zapier & custom codes, other WordPress themes, etc.

All of these Integration means a further improvement to your membership programs and services. Yet, they can also be installed on your WordPress site within a single click.

Pricing & Plans

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

MemberPress Pricing & Plans


  • The Pricing starts at $179/year
  • For 1 Site use
  • Unlimited Members & Memberships
  • And, With Unlimited Course Creation


  • The Pricing starts at $299/year
  • For 2 Sites use
  • ActiveCampaign & ConvertKit integrations
  • And, With Developer Tools


  • The Pricing starts at $399/year
  • For 5 Sites use
  • Authorize.net payment integrations
  • And, With Corporate Accounts

As I said, MemberPress is probably one of the best Membership Plugins in the market today. It positively lets you make your WordPress posts & pages into a fully-fledged Membership Site. However, to do so, you’ll need to put together a number of third-party WordPress Plugins & Add-ons.

When it comes to Pricing & Plans, all of the plans that you’ll find come with course creation & protection, customizable checkouts, payment integrations, self-managed DASHBOARDS, and many more. Besides, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee.

3. Thinkific – Membership Site Platforms

Thinkific Membership Site Platforms

Thinkific is best known as an overall membership site platform. A platform that will effortlessly help you create Membership Sites and Live Lessons Session. Along with selling & promoting Online Courses.

Into the bargain, if you’d like more core & robust automation features, this is it! 

Since it is one of the most popular hosted online course builders, it gives you the capability to host and deliver content.

You can either make use of that to create drip content, download sections, engaging courses, ongoing training programs, or close monthly subscription groups in multiple content forms. Such as audio files, videos, PDFs, quizzes, webinars, assignments, etc. This is all with an intuitive UX.

Here, Thinkific also gives you end-to-end and up-to-date marketing & eCommerce features. So that you can easily promote your Online Courses and diversify your ARPU(Average Revenue Per User) income through affiliate rewards, email & retargeting campaigns, DATA & Ad tracking, app ad-on, and so on.

Additionally, once you have created the content, you are able to deliver it based on a drip schedule or learning paths. Plus Audiences can attend to the content in any of the Mobile Browsers.

Nevertheless, in contrast to other popular Membership Site Platforms like Kajabi or Kartra, Thinkific doesn’t come up with built-in marketing features like Sales Funnel Builder and Email Marketing Tools. But still, you can use the third-party integration feature in place of this.


The following are the major FEATURES of Thinkific.

Drag-and-drop Website Builder

A drag-and-drop website builder is a flexible tool where you create your entire subscription website that absolutely shows your invaluable personalized or school Courses.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy here. Because there are a ton of FREE RESOURCES you can benefit from. Such as pre-made & customizable Themes, Libraries of Templates, built-in SSL certificates, HTML & CSS codes, the ability to create Custom Pages to be accessed based on the Membership plan, etc.

Student Engagement

Thinkific Membership Site Platforms Student Engagement

With Student Engagement, you can easily SHARE your expertise and deliver incredible results by training your Students. Not only that, but you can also make a real impact on Students with progress bars(indicators), interactive learning, gamification, and Certificates.

Highly Customizable DASHBOARD

So far, this is a well-advanced Customizable Online Course Dashboard. There is absolutely a wide range of customizations available at this point. Plus with no extra cost, easy-to-use & attractive Themes.

While the Domain Name of your Membership Site is designed specifically as a Thinkific branding in the first place, it allows you to easily customize it to make it a professional look. All this is done by choosing your own domain name that perfectly fits your style.

Third-party Integrations

Thinkific Unlimited Integrations

Another useful feature is third-party integrations. There are a number of integrations(over 1000) including Ecommerce Automation Tools like email marketing services, CRM software, payment gateways, and even connecting to an already existing website.

Pricing & Plans

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

Thinkific Pricing & Plans


  • The Pricing starts at $0/month
  • With 1 Site Admin Account
  • And, Limited Courses & Unlimited Students


  • The Pricing starts at $39/month
  • With 1 Site Admin Account
  • And, Unlimited Courses, Students, and Content


  • The Pricing starts at $79/month
  • With 2 Site Admin Accounts 
  • And, Single Communities


  • The Pricing starts at $399/month
  • With 5 Site Admin Accounts
  • And, Unlimited Communities

As you can see, Thinkific has a lot of handy tools to offer. And, it is among the few membership sites & online course platforms that provide a world-class learning experience to your Audiences(TEAMS).

In addition, there is a FREE plan package. That means you can test-drive if it is the membership site platform that you’re looking for or not before spending a dime. After all, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on the paid plans too.

4. Podia – Membership Site Platforms

Podia Membership Site Platforms

An easy-to-use & versatile online platform that lets you quickly build a membership site & sell online courses, digital products, and drip-feed content is what you’re searching for, then Podia is an excellent option.

To start with, first of all, you’ll need to prepare to create a professional online course. A course that you think is going to;

  • Train your Students
  • Give robust online learning experiences
  • Grow your audiences as well
  • And, above all, turn Leads into Paying Members

After the courses(Online Tutorials) completion, you just have to jump to the course delivery part, in our case, Podia’s well-designed & stylish Course Player. In such a way that you can engage with attendees through discussions, raising questions, exams & tests, and other ways.

Having said that, Podia is one of the most powerful eLearning platforms that provide you with a lot of content creation & membership site-building features with no coding needed.

Also, when using this one of the best Membership Site Platforms, any Course Creator will get an all-in-one integration. These include memberships, downloads to webinars. Plus there is a video hosting service included on all plans to help you launch professional video content on the site.

Sad to say, but you won’t get key learning features within this platform such as quizzes, learning paths, and assignments. Plus you can’t create a separate community area for members & offer courses through Mobile App(though the Course Player is Mobile Responsive).


The following are the major FEATURES of Podia.

Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets are FREE content or Opt-in Freebies that you give to the audience in order to get their email address in return. And, by using Podia, you can comfortably set up high-converting email funnels to nurture leads, then segment SUBSCRIBERS, and eventually sell your Courses without any headaches.

Branding & Customization

Podia Branding & Customization

There are many Media Rich branding & customization in this area. From a well-advanced Membership Dashboard, beautifully designed Themes, modern site builder to ready-to-build Sales pages. All this will give you an option to shine a spotlight on your brand.

Once you have customized the entire looks of your membership site, then add your LOGO, Colors, and extras in minutes & in real-time to get into the competitive Online Branding storm.

Unlimited Members & Membership Levels

Another cool feature is the ability to host Unlimited Members & Membership Levels(Plans). This is just to restrict or permit specific posts or content for only “Premium Access” as well as “bundle different products”.

Moreover, it is pretty uncomplicated to assign different online courses, content access levels, and posts to members based on User Roles & the multiple tiers that you have created. In addition, you can also allow customers to live chat, react, or comment on your shared content or Facebook Groups plus deliver One-off Content every so often.

Customer Support

Podia Membership Site Platforms Customer Support

Overall, the support is a special thing about Podia. They provide Excellent Customer Service with 24/7 availability. What’s more, their staff are always there to help you migrate your existing website to their platform for FREE.

Pricing & Plans

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

Podia Pricing & Plans


  • The Pricing starts at $39/month
  • Up to 1,000 Community Members
  • With 15 Topics
  • And, Up to 5k email recipients/month


  • The Pricing starts at $89/month
  • Up to 15,000 Community Members
  • Unlimited Topics
  • And, Up to 15k email recipients/month


  • The Pricing starts at $199/month
  • Up to 100,000 Community Members
  • Unlimited Topics
  • And, Up to 50k email recipients/month

Finally, Podia, in general, is a simple, user-friendly, and standalone Membership Site Platform on the market. It provides great assistance & very optimized RESOURCES for your membership programs and online courses.

And, we can say that it is best if you want to create & sell courses, digital products, unlimited video content to small and large training businesses at quite a reasonable and affordable price.

Plus there is a 14-day FREE trial offer to get going, with three different flexible premium plans.

5. WildApricot – Membership Site Platforms

WildApricot Membership Site Platforms

WildApricot is the top Pick Membership Site Software for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs) and Large Businesses. As well as for any Organizations and Associations(including non-profit ones). 

The platform is able to boost the organization’s membership base & support their members from a small number to around 15,000. Up to now, it is trusted by over 32,000 companies worldwide.

Unlike other top-listed platforms, WildApricot, however, is a cloud-based membership management system. That is to say, it is not merely a typical membership site platform. In fact, it is a complete learning management system(LMS) with a powerful set of fully automated tools & self-service systems.

From that, it can be used to;

  • Save & store Members DATA in the cloud
  • Search & manage the Database
  • Customize & sell monthly subscription plans(levels)
  • Export financial reports to accounting software like QuickBooks, Freshbooks, or Excel

On top of that, it gives you an integrated drag-and-drop website builder with multiple customizable templates and ready-to-use themes. And using that, you can build and add any pages. Be it a sales page, landing page, checkout page, application page, members-only page, private membership directories, or other important series of pages.

Generally, WildApricot is one of the best choice membership management software to manage online membership programs for an organization community, especially for NPOs(Non-profit Organizations).


The following are the major FEATURES of WildApricot.

Event Management

WildApricot Membership Site Platforms Event Management

Event Management is an all-inclusive feature where you create events for your members. Plus manage events listing through tracking Registrations(members sign-up) and Process Payments, embedding Event Calendars, sending Reminders & Messages, and using QR codes.

Fully Automated Application Processes

A simple fully Automated Application Process is what you’ll find here. No one will deny the fact that, no matter what the service is, if it is instant, it is going to make a great first impression on users(especially for new ones).

So, as a Membership Site Creator, if you agree with that, then use this tool to instantly automate any applications. 

These can be membership renewals, SCHEDULE lessons(content), Database updates in real-time, responses to member emails, administrator approvals, recurring memberships, online donations, and auto-confirmations and reminders.

Mobile App Features

Once you have created a ready-to-use Mobile-friendly site by applying the above-mentioned drag-and-drop website builder, then you can easily let your members access the membership programs using a Single Sign-On(SSO) mobile app feature.

Over and above that, it comes as two separate mobile app flexible options. You, as an admin, can manage contacts, edit member profiles, and check the directory. And, on the other hand, your Members can manage their own profiles, register for events, and explore the directory.

Integrated Online Store

WildApricot Integrated Online Store

Whether you want to create an Online Store or integrate Online Payments to your membership site, this is for you. Because WildApricot provides you with a ton of features for that purpose.

And, these are;

  • Online Catalogs to sell goods
  • Include product variants
  • Offer special member pricing
  • A web-based Mobile-friendly form for online payment by credit card
  • Integration with Square Stripe, and PayPal
  • Auto-generation invoices & receipts

Pricing & Plans

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

WildApricot Pricing & Plans


  • The Pricing starts at $0/month
  • Up to 50 Contacts
  • And, With 1 Admin


  • The Pricing starts at $48/month
  • Up to 100 Contacts
  • And, With Unlimited Admins


  • The Pricing starts at $60/month
  • Up to 250 Contacts
  • And, With Unlimited Admins


  • The Pricing starts at $110/month
  • Up to 500 Contacts
  • And, With Unlimited Admins

All-in-all, WildApricot is a solid Membership Site Platform, especially for not-for-profit organizations and associations. Even so, it is also an ideal choice for well-established global businesses.

The Pricing & Plans of WildApricot as you can see in the above, has come with a freemium plan, which is good. 

In spite of that, with the FREE plan, you won’t get sophisticated features. Another thing here is, if you’re running a large Group or Community with more than 500 members, WildApricot has other paid plans to offer you. These are Professional, Network, Enterprise, and Global. And, each starts with $190, $350, $420, and $720 per month pricing, respectively.

In addition, all plans come up with a 30-day FREE Trial!

6. Mighty Networks – Membership Site Platforms

Mighty Networks Membership Site Platforms

For community-based memberships, Mighty Networks is a powerful solution & the go-to-go. Naturally, it is quite different from other hosted membership platforms due to its primary focus being on building & engaging a community.

By using this platform, one can effortlessly create a closed FREE or Paid membership level community for various subscribed students throughout the learning process. That is with different course discussions and posts like polls, audio, and native video.

You can also leverage Membership Groups(segmentation) on the go to engage your audience more effectively.

Mighty Networks, in addition, allows you to create mini-courses for specific community members based on separate programs, host live webinars through one of the best webinar software or YouTube live, and launch courses as well as on-demand content.

As might be expected, it can be said that it is a cloud-based social networking platform that provides marketing groups to connect with clients on a Unified DASHBOARD by creating targeted landing pages as well as tracking leads.

Having said that, the platform only supports Stripe as a payment method. You might see this as a downside. But still, you can use that to offer partial, full, and recurring payments for your customers. Plus the availability of Zapier integration gives you the possibility to facilitate connections with various third-party marketing tools.

Finally, if you’re going to build a community-based membership program and nurture your audience’s engagement, then Mighty Networks is the right membership site platform.


The following are the major FEATURES of Mighty Networks.

Custom Domain & Branding

Mighty Networks Custom Domain & Branding

Since Online Branding is the keystone in today’s digital world business, with this feature you are going to rest assured about keeping it intact. This is by showcasing it via a branded application for your course and the checklist steps. 

And these include generating a welcoming section, adding your LOGO, color scheme, & name of your online course, and then setting up Member Categories.

Besides, using a personalized Domain Name in accordance with your brand identity, you can certainly create a tailor-made & beautiful experience in the eyes of your audiences.

Modern Website Builder

Fortunately, there is also a Modern Website Builder that is going to SCALE your membership site business growth & put together your site, courses, and memberships – all in under one roof aka platform.

Creating Memberships & Subscriptions

Creating Memberships is easy with Mighty Networks. Thus, building a genuinely interested community in a minute with this hassle-free feature.

On the same platform, you can also sell premium courses by simply setting up flexible subscription plans on an ongoing basis, whether it is a FREE or Paid plan group. Plus allowing your members to access one-off content and community areas over their iOS and Android Mobile Devices.

Detailed Analytics

Mighty Networks Membership Site Platforms Detailed Analytics

As Analytics are essential decision factors in almost any e-learning business, they are provided here. And, using that, you’ll get an overview, detailed & data-driven insights that guide or refine your membership program strategies including user forecasting, content structuring, and progress tracking.

Pricing & Plans

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

Mighty Networks Pricing & Plans

The Community Plan

  • The Pricing starts at $33/month
  • With 1 Speaker per stream
  • Up to 50 Viewers per stream
  • And, With Streaming 2 Hours per month

The Business Plan

  • The Pricing starts at $99/month
  • With 1 Speaker per stream
  • Up to 100 Viewers per stream
  • And, With Streaming 2 Hours per month

Mighty Pro

  • The Pricing depend on an agreement
  • With Branded App notifications
  • Listing your own App in Google Play Store & Apple App Store
  • And, With Account Management support

Overall, Mighty Networks is such a robust membership site platform with a number of advanced features. For the most part, when you’re thinking about creating Community-focused Memberships or Groups, you won’t get other substitution platforms other than this that will work efficiently for you.

Unluckily, there isn’t a FREE plan offer. All of its three plans are premium ones somewhat with a little bit expensive price, but luckily all of them come with a 14-day FREE trial.

7. Teachable – Membership Site Platforms

Teachable Membership Site Platforms

Teachable is the other best Membership Site Platform that is an outstanding option for Multimedia-Targeted content creation & selling coaching businesses.

Much like Thinkific, it is one of the most popular online course platforms. As an Online Entrepreneur, it allows you to create your own membership site, and eventually host & sell any courses.

Thanks to its compelling customization like page editor as well as payment tools that saves you a lot of time. So that, without effort you can create membership sessions, coaching services, multimedia lectures, sales pages, and curate any personalized content. Also, you are able to assign membership roles to your Teams and Contributors by positively adding them.

To date, Teachable is being used by over 100,000 Online Creators, Coaches, and Businesses. 

The platform is one of the most intuitive membership site builders with beautifully designed themes and no coding needed. With the result that you can use it to improve your content engagements with your Students.

Still and all, it doesn’t allow you to create independent posts or pages, you only have to deliver all the Infos or the knowledge you have by means of courses, which is sad. Plus it doesn’t give you the possibility to create a separate community for your members, you only have an option to integrate with Circle(an all-in-one Community Platform).

In any case, whether you’re a beginner Course Creator or professional Coach, Teachable is an easy-to-use, yet powerful online membership site builder that you should try out in 2022.


The following are the major FEATURES of Teachable.

Coupon Code Creation

Maybe you want to give your audiences a discount offer and bundled products at a reduced price to boost memberships, subscriptions, and conversion rates. That’s right, you can with Teachable! Because there are pricing options like multiple-use coupons & single-use coupons that will let you just do that.

Membership Site Building Tools

Teachable Membership Site Building Tools

Within the Membership Site Building Tools, you are able to make advanced changes, so your membership site will turn out into a living breathing & beautiful website.

And, the Tools includes;

  • Affiliate Marketing Tools
  • Selling Tools like sales page & checkout page builder
  • Built-in Tools to add content and courses to your site and deliver it via the in-built course player
  • Intuitive course design Templates
  • Embed any content types such as surveys, forms, certificates, and course compliance
  • One-on-one session or 1:1 coaching
  • EU VAT support

There is more to talk about this feature. Not to mention that the capability of adding an affiliate program and linking your existing site using a custom domain with a great DASHBOARD is something that is hard to pass over.

Third-party Integrations

Another impressive tool! This easy-to-use integration is where you connect your Membership Site to almost any third-party tool. Such as Help-desk Software like Zendesk, Calendar Tools like Calendly, Payment Gateways like PayPal, and many others.

Hosting & Security

Teachable Membership Site Platforms Hosting & Security

Hosting & Security is a feature that makes the whole Membership Site building process a lot easier. In short, it is where you keep your students’ information in a secure way via 2048-bit SSL, especially during their login and checkout moments.

Moreover, there is seamless hosting, 24/7 website monitoring, instant auto-updates, and a rule to work only with PCI level-1 compliant payment providers. And, all these guarantees to effectively protect your DATA.

Pricing & Plans

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

Teachable Pricing & Plans


  • The Pricing starts at $0/month
  • Unlimited Students
  • And, Unlimited courses & coaching services


  • The Pricing starts at $29/month
  • Up to 2 Admin-level users
  • And, Custom Domain support


  • The Pricing starts at $99/month
  • Up to 5 Admin-level users
  • And, With no transaction fee


  • The Pricing starts at $249/month
  • Up to 20 Admin-level users
  • And, With bulk student enrollments

If you’re on a budget & looking for one of the best Membership Site Platforms that allows you to bundle a collection of Courses and Modules together with a slightly more affordable solution, then this is it.

To sum it all up, Teachable is a smart investment platform for Start-up Coaches planning to begin coaching services as well for Online Creators planning to begin training sessions and tutorial businesses.

Additionally, Teachable also offers you a FREE plan, however, you’ll be charged an extra transaction fee of $1 plus 10% per sale for the subscriptions.

Summary on Best Membership Site Platforms of 2022 (Software Reviews!)

Which Membership Site Platforms do you find interesting to go after? What are your thoughts on others?


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