5 Best Membership Site Platforms You Should Consider in 2022

The internet has made it possible for anyone to start a business and reach a global audience. If you have expertise that you want to share with the world, there are a number of ways to do it. One popular option is to create a COMMUNITY using membership site platforms.


Podia is the best membership site for overall because it offers a simple platform to build your site, it has powerful features, and it has a great support team.


Karta is best for those who want to engage with a community. It offers a variety of resources that can help users connect with other members, and participate in group discussions.


Thinkific is perfect for Startups because it offers all you need to manage your content, products, and courses. It has a ton of features that make it ideal for membership sites.

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A membership site is a website that offers exclusive content or services to its members. In order to access the site, users must pay a subscription fee. This can be a great way to monetize your content and build a loyal following. 

What your subscribers access as an exclusive content through paying a monthly or annual fee can be anything from online courses to downloadable files to private forums.

However, before you can start your membership site program, you need to choose a platform. There are a number of different membership site platforms on the market, so it’s important to select the one that fits your strategy.

The best membership site software will offer you everything you need to create and run a successful membership website. They will have features like content management systems, payment processors, and email marketing integrators.

That said, we have evaluated and ranked several of the top membership site platforms so you don’t have to. From managing memberships, features, usability, to pricing, each platform has to offer in our detailed review below. 

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision before choosing a solution for your business. Here we go…

1. Podia – Membership Site Platform.

Podia CTA (call-to-action)


  • Ease of use
  • All-in-one platform
  • Customer Support


  • Limited customization
  • Podia can be expensive

Start to sell courses or digital products in minutes with Podia membership. It combines the best of WordPress and membership tools to power your membership site, letting you offer your customers a wide range of products and services. 

Dozens of ready-to-install templates are available for you to do everything from planning your membership site to creating beautiful lead magnets, to collecting email addresses and selling online products. 

With all the tools you need, such as payment processing, an affiliate system, turbo membership, email marketing and more, Podia is perfect for small and medium sized businesses(SMBs). Many of the above-mentioned tools will help you run your business more efficiently.

The company is all about simplicity, so it should take you no more than two hours to get your first membership site up and running.

Most essentially, the Membership Management System lets you create and manage your membership site in just a few clicks. You can create multiple membership levels, add unlimited products and services, customize member profiles, and even give access to exclusive content to your members. 

Podia is the easiest, most affordable way to grow your membership business on WordPress, with the tools you need to make your membership site successful — all in one place. Sign up today and get started within minutes!

Podia Key Features:

The following are the Major FEATURES of Podia Membership Site Software.

Easy-to-use Platform

Podia Easy-to-use Membership Site Platforms

The Podia platform is easy to use and intuitive, making it a huge plus for anyone who wants to save time, but it doesn’t stop there. It is a jam-packed platform with features that make it easy to manage your business on the go.

From the DESKTOP app, you can manage your payment processing and set up recurring charges in just a few clicks. You can also check out sales reports and order history right from the app.

What’s more, you can use the Podia app for iOS or Android to manage your account on the fly. You’ll be able to view your customers’ profiles and recent orders, as well as create new ones from the palm of your hand!

Membership Management System

Membership management is a key part of every e-commerce business, whether you’re selling physical or digital products. Podia gives you the tools to create and manage unlimited membership sites, then market it to potential members and convert them into paying customers.

The tool allows you to customize each one of your membership sites with a variety of different features. You can add different types of content (blog posts, videos, images), set pricing options for your memberships, and even offer discounts for new signups or existing customers. 

When someone wants to join your site, they’ll be able to do so via a simple checkout process that accepts credit cards from Stripe or PayPal. Once signed up, they’ll receive an email with instructions on how they can access their account via the login page on the site or app,

Digital Products Management System

Podia Digital Products Management System

If you’re looking for a Digital Products Management System that will help you create and sell digital products, look no further than Podia. They have everything you need to make your life easier and more efficient. 

You can use the system to create new products and assign them to specific categories and pricing tiers, upload files, add multiple purchase options, including free trials and recurring billing, and build a sales page that includes product descriptions and pricing details

Totally, the Digital Products Management System is a feature-rich approach to easily manage the entire lifecycle of your digital products. It is simple to use, and it’s completely FREE! You’ll never have to worry about missing out on any opportunities again.

Email Marketing Tool

The Email marketing tool feature is a web-based platform that allows you to design, send and track email marketing campaigns. It is designed to help you create campaigns that are customizable, engaging and personalized.

You can easily create emails using the drag-and-drop editor or by adding images, text, videos or other elements directly into the email template. You can also use a built-in template library. No need to start from scratch when creating your campaign!

Based on the schedule you set up, Podia will automatically send out your emails. In turn, you’ll get a report on how many people opened & clicked it through to your site or landing page. This information helps you make fixes as needed to get better results with future campaigns.

Podia Pricing Plans:

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans of Podia Membership Site Software.

Podia Software Pricing Plans


  • The Pricing starts at $0/month
  • With Online Courses and Digital Downloads
  • And, 250 email recipients/month


  • The Pricing starts at $33/month
  • With 15 Topics and up to 1,000 Community Members
  • And, 5k email recipients/month


  • The Pricing starts at $75/month
  • With Unlimited Topics and up to 15,000 Community Members
  • And, 15k email recipients/month


  • The Pricing starts at $166/month
  • With Unlimited Topics and up to 100,000 Community Members
  • And, 50k email recipients/month

The platform’s drag-and-drop interface is simple to design new pages with different layouts, and other customizations on the fly. You can use its built-in templates too—which are constantly updated with new options—as a starting point for your online presence.

The software also has tools to ensure that your website is always up-to-date. These include an integrated CRM system that allows you to track customer information and sales leads, and an inventory management module that lets you track product stock levels across multiple locations.

In the main, Podia is a digital products management system that allows you to sell your products on the internet and manage your inventory. The software is secure and easy to use, offering a ton of robust features.

As a membership site platform, it makes it uncomplicated to add new memberships, sell upgrades, and handle cancellations; give your members access to exclusive content and discounts; collect payments; create custom member dashboards with stats and analytics; and more.

Through Podia, your members will be able to access all of their content in one place by logging in to a web browser or mobile device—no matter where they are in the world!

Introduce your content to a highly engaged audience, and present it in a way that creates value for your members. Podia’s A-to-Z membership site platform is the only tool you need to get started with building your membership website. Read the full reviews of Podia.

2. Kartra – Membership Site Platform.

Best for Community

Kartra CTA (call-to-action)


  • Saves time
  • Can help you be more productive
  • Easy to use


  • Too many features
  • Does not integrate with all email providers

Everything you need to create and manage your membership site at a fraction of the cost – without having to build anything yourself! Karta allows you to easily create and manage a membership site. 

With the Kartra membership site tool, you can easily create multiple membership levels, manage your content, and much more. The platform also includes a range of features that make it easy to manage your membership site, such as email marketing, payment processing, and more.

Specifically, the email marketing feature is a powerful tool for sending and managing subscribers, segmented lists, powerful A/B testing and more. Now, you can easily customize emails with your brand look, tone and language.

The tool allows users to send mass emails and newsletters to their customers without having to worry about web server, software or hosting. It also lets you easily create and deliver marketing campaigns, promotions and updates as well as maintain an optimized database of leads.

Membership sites are a popular way to deliver content, manage subscriptions and distribute high-value digital assets. This software gives you the tools to launch, grow & monetize your best-in-class online community. 

All-embracing, Kartra membership site is the tool to quickly and easily create beautiful membership sites with customizable templates and tools. You can provide memberships, sell products, and build your email list — all in one place.

Kartra Features:

The following are the Major FEATURES of Podia Membership Site Software.

Member Management

Kartra Membership Site Platforms Management Feature

Easily manage your Members, Groups and Users in Kartra online membership platform. The Member Management feature provides you a robust set of tools for managing your entire membership channel.

The aspect will allow organizations to easily manage member details and policies, including but not limited to member level access. Not only that, but also they can post specific messages, send targeted offers and more.

Overall, the Kartra’s Member Management feature helps you manage your organization’s information, so that all employees from different teams have access to the same DATA, without interfering with each other.

Email Marketing

This service makes it easy for you to manage and grow your email marketing campaigns across multiple channels like Mailchimp, Sendgrid and more. It is simple to create, manage and launch your campaign. As you grow, track and control your online communications.

With Email Marketing of Kartra, you get on-demand, personalized email communication tools to keep in touch with your clients. You can create and send emails for events, campaigns, or any other marketing uses. 

An email template is pre-built into Kartra allowing you to attach photos and documents from your address book immediately to the template. Simply select it with options you have chosen (date, time and frequency) then add recipients. Your email is automatically sent out as desired on schedule!

Content Management

Kartra Content Management

Content Management may be the most important, yet least understood feature within Kartra. Every business that uses Kartra has a content management experience that is tailored to their needs and users will utilize this tool every day to execute their projects.

If you are looking to create and edit content quickly, then the Content Management tool is for you. The feature lets you manage content in the cloud, on-premises, using any device you can ever think of.

To recap, the CMS features allow you to create, edit and administer any content on your site — from blog posts, pages and events to social media updates. And with Kartra’s new drag-and-drop interface, you can use it just like any other desktop app: no coding required.

Payment Processing

Kartra’s payment processing is an add-on service that allows you to accept online payments on your site, manage recurring billing and recurring payments, as well as process credit cards within your mobile app.

It is a service that empowers hotels to manage all the details of their business – from guest checkout to marketing campaigns, and everything in between. The functionality is designed specifically for mCommerce businesses that want to sell products online, in real life, or both.

In any case, with Kartra Payment Processing, you can accept credit cards quickly, easily and securely online through Kartra’s payment processor – taking bookings from guests and managing payments at your convenience.

Kartra Pricing Plans:

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans of Kartra Membership Site Software.


  • The pricing starts at $99/month
  • With Up to 2,500 Leads
  • And, 1 custom domain


  • The pricing starts at $199/month
  • With Up to 12,500 Leads
  • And, 3 custom domains


  • The pricing starts at $299/month
  • With Up to 25,000 Leads
  • And, 5 custom domains


  • The pricing starts at $499/month
  • With Up to 50,000 Leads
  • And, 10 custom domains

Kartra is a platform to create and manage your membership site all in one place. Using it, you can easily add and remove members, manage content, and take payments all from one central platform.

Beautifully designed templates, robust member profiles and business management tools of the software gives you everything you need to create extraordinary member experiences that help drive revenue.

To summarize, Kartra allows you to create membership sites, such as an online course or community, with ease. With its simple yet powerful tools, you’ll spend less time on admin and more time serving your members. Check out its full review.

3. WildApricot – Membership Site Platform.

WildApricot Membership Site Platforms

WildApricot has built a membership management software that is exclusive to its customers. Users are able to design and build their own site without any technical expertise, making it easy for even the least technical individuals to get started. 

As a customer of this company, you can be confident in knowing that your membership sites will look great, work flawlessly and not cost you anything extra for hosting services.

There are two membership site building platforms to choose from here: WildApricot and Dreamweaver. Their member base software is also supported by the industry’s largest community of members, site owners, developers and marketers who provide FREE resources to help you launch your membership website platform.

Event registration is also a great feature of WildApricot to sell tickets, collect money and manage your event. You can create events, sell tickets for an event, collect payment for the event and manage attendees for the event

WildApricot is a membership management system that helps individuals and businesses build their online site. It offers everything you need to run your membership site, including tools for collecting payments, showcasing products and services, offering members rewards programs and more.

The software allows you to host your site and keep your hosting costs down. Their service can also be used for other purposes such as blogs, portfolios and e-commerce stores. It’s a great tool for hosting small websites!

WildApricot Features:

The following are the Major FEATURES of WildApricot.

Website Builder

WildApricot Membership Site Platforms Website Builder

WildApricot gives you a complete website building toolkit at your fingertips. Stop worrying about how to create a website and start getting traffic from it. Through using it, you will learn the basics of building a website and move into advanced features in no time.

The web site builder here is a powerful tool that will help you create a stunning website quickly and easily. It comes packed with essential features that enable you to build beautiful websites effortlessly at full tilt.

You only need to choose from a variety of pre-made designs, or build your own unique look with the drag-and-drop editor. From there on, WildApricot toolkits allow you to quickly and easily create a professional looking website.

Member Management

Manage your clients, members and leads by storing information on them directly in the software. The Member Management Feature is designed to help increase conversions, track activity and speed up the sales process.

At its best, WildApricot is a great site Management Software for webmasters and SEO professionals. The feature “member management” allows you to manage members of your website and/or membership, quickly and easily.

Wild Apricot membership platform, altogether, makes it easy to manage subscription payments and memberships, membership options, and online store.

Event Registration

WildApricot Event Registration

There is also a powerful web-based registration system that empowers event organizers to take charge of their business. As a unique solution, it offers a WYSIWYG editor, automatic preview, tech support and an easy to use interface.

With the Event Registration add-on, your customers can securely register for your events online, register for multiple sessions and classes at once – all from a single login. Thus, you can register your attendees and collect payment while avoiding multiple forms and page refreshes.

A truly complete event registration platform, WildApricot gives you control over all aspects of the registration process: online payments, automated email confirmations, printable paperwork and reports.

Payment Processing

The Payment Processing is a powerful, yet simple to use payments solution designed to help you accept payments online. You can use it to accept credit cards and other forms of payment directly from your website.

It is a feature that gives you the ability to accept credit card payments right in your WildApricot Dash software, without requiring a third-party merchant account. With the feature, it’s easy to sell memberships and charge for additional products, services or events, as well as set up recurring payments.

In a nutshell, payment processing allows you to process online payments via a secure payment gateway. Users purchase products using a credit card, check or PayPal account. After completing a transaction, the buyer receives an email with a link to access their purchased membership or product.

WildApricot Pricing Plans:

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans of WildApricot.

WildApricot Pricing Plans


  • The Pricing starts at $0/month
  • With up to 50 Contacts
  • And, 1 Admin


  • The Pricing starts at $48/month
  • With up to 100 Contacts
  • And, Unlimited Admins


  • The Pricing starts at $60/month
  • With up to 250 Contacts
  • And, Unlimited Admins


  • The Pricing starts at $110/month
  • With up to 500 Contacts
  • And, Unlimited Admins

You’ve created your membership site. You’re providing value, and you want to help people take their lives to the next level. Yet, you can’t stop thinking about all the opportunities that are slipping through your fingers. 

Maybe you’re not making enough money from your lists? Or maybe you need more qualified leads for your business and coaching practice?

But hey, don’t worry! You can effortlessly expand your event space, increase your revenue and start collecting fees on-site with WildApricot, an easy-to-use membership platform!

The WildApricot event registration alone is one robust quality to manage all of your events, company retreats, dinners, and other group activities as event registration is an essential part of your overall business strategy.

Event registration software, all-in-all, allows you to manage invitations and registration forms, collect payments through credit card processing or PayPal, track attendance, generate reports with statistics and detailed information on each member or attendee. 

Not only that, but also with the Member Management feature of WildApricot you can add, remove, or edit members. You can also manage their payment status and set access permissions so that they can only access certain areas of your site.

Ultimately, all of the above listed features will empower you to increase your membership program revenue by offering relevant services and products that meet your customers needs.

4. Kajabi –  Membership Site Platform.

Kajabi Membership Site Platforms

Are you looking for one of the best membership site platforms that offers marketers, entrepreneurs and small business owners a powerful set of tools to launch and manage an online membership site? – Kajabi is for you.

Kajabi is an all-in-one software that gives you everything you need to create and grow a thriving membership business: tools, templates, training, support and community. You can quickly launch your own website or blog as well as sell membership programs — all in one place!

It allows you to sell digital products, services and information within your membership site while providing you with the tools needed to effectively communicate with your members.

Create your own fully customizable membership site in just a few CLICKs by adding your own blog, videos, and more. Generate recurring revenue from selling memberships with one simple checkout process. 

The easy-to-use platform of Kajabi, after all, allows you to launch a membership quickly and easily by streaming content to all devices – including PCs, iOS and Android devices. You can also create a course featuring an engaging video course or community forum, or both!

Overall, Kajabi helps you get a complete picture of your business with one convenient dashboard that integrates directly into an eCommerce store, a membership site or blog — all at one low price!

Kajabi Features:

The following are the Major FEATURES of Kajabi.

Digital Products Manager

Kajabi Digital Products Manager

The Digital Products Manager allows you to easily create, launch, and manage digital products with proven strategies…without having to learn programming or code. Kajabi does all the heavy lifting for you.

With the help of this feature, you can create and sell anything from ebooks to membership sites, launch products with unlimited launches, get subscriptions for your products and much more.

The digital product solution, altogether, allows you to easily create and manage your entire digital product line. Get your digital products optimized, secure and live in minutes with a Kajabi-powered Digital Products store.

Drag-and-drop Course Builder

Kajabi’s drag-and-drop Course Builder is the most powerful course building tool on the market. You can customize your content, create your students’ experience, and launch your online school in minutes.

In fact, this is the easiest way to launch a sales funnel and build your very own online course. With the help of this feature, creating your course is as simple as selecting from the template library and dragging the elements into place. 

You don’t need any prior coding experience, knowledge of HTML or any other video creation tool. Save time, build more effective sales funnels and generate leads with the drag-and-drop course builder!

Course and Membership Sites

Kajabi Course and Membership Site Platforms

Course sites are a great way to teach and help others. This can be done through either your own branded course site, or with a free/paid membership site on Kajabi, which is always free to use and can offer paid membership upgrades.

The Kajabi software offers you the most powerful and flexible solution for building online courses, membership sites, and eCommerce stores. Including features like video lessons, live streaming, webinars and more. 

Incredibly easy to use, with a simple drag & drop builder, plus an extensive library of ready-made themes, templates, plugins & widgets to create your own unique website without having to write any code – all designed with high quality in mind.

Track & Analytics System

Track and Analytics System of Kajabi is a feature that allows you to see what other users are doing on your website, including downloads and sales.You can also view information such as conversion rates by product, date and time

No need for extra plugins or tracking software, Kajabi will keep track of everything you need. Track your membership site in a very easy way, without having any complications on the information and how it’s being managed. 

This is the best way to grow your business online. It has all the data needed for each one of your customers who are members of your site, but also visitors and how they interact with your site. You can get all the details from their cookies from all around the web, giving you more insight about what they do online.

Kajabi Pricing Plans:

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans of Kajabi Membership Site Software.

Kajabi Software Pricing Plans


  • The Pricing starts at $119/month
  • With 1 Admin User and up to 3 Products
  • And, 10,000 Contacts


  • The Pricing starts at $159/month
  • With 10 Admin Users and up to 15 Products
  • And, 25,000 Contacts


  • The Pricing starts at $319/month
  • With 25 Admin Users and ip to 100 Products
  • And, 100,000 Contacts

Kajabi is a digital product creation tool that makes it easy for businesses to sell digital products and deliver them instantly. They empower entrepreneurs to collaborate and connect with audiences across a range of social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

It is an all-inclusive membership site platform that allows you to create and manage customer communities. This can help you generate higher growth, faster customer loyalty, and greater member retention.

As an online marketer, the software has given you everything you need to build, deliver, and retain your audience by delivering content, services, and products in an easy-to-use interface.

For instance, the Kajabi’s Track and Analytics System is a powerful tool that helps you transform your business. It integrates with your existing website and will help you to understand the behavior of your visitors. 

The main components of the system is an event tracking feature that you can use to track traffic, leads, sales, clients and campaigns and other important events happening on your site.

What’s more, the dashboard of Kajabi is easy to access, giving you real-time updates on your business performance. You can easily manage your email marketing by integrating it with all major email clients including Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

Start to display your courses on your own website, or sell them through Kajabi’s marketplace of other member’s courses today!

5. Thinkific – Membership Site Platform.

Thinkific Membership Site Platforms

Thinkific membership site offers a host of features that help you create and sell courses, including subscriptions, video streaming, recordings, and more. Their solutions are intuitive and easy to use. The sky’s the limit in what you can achieve with them!

It is a one-stop shop for all your membership needs. They allow you to build beautiful websites and collect payments for recurring subscriptions — whether your members pay monthly, yearly or in any other combination — so your business can thrive.

Pointedly, the powerful marketing tools of the platform includes a built-in audience manager that lets you create campaigns and launch them on social media. You can choose to promote your course in a series of messages over the course of a few days or weeks, or you can buy dedicated user traffic to get people instantly signed up for your class with one click.

You can also launch courses to help students from the beginning of their journey via the completion of your course, using an easy-to-use editor. When they learn more and earn rewards, they’ll be more likely to promote your course.

Interested in building a membership site? — Thinkific is built to help you create, launch and manage your online community. It includes your course content, audio/video sessions, and blogs so all of your members can access the content they need in one place.

Thinkific, in fact, is one of the best online course software that helps you connect with your audience and drive sales. they empower teams like yours to create more impactful, more consistent and more profitable online courses,

Thinkific Features:

The following are the Major FEATURES of Thinkific Membership Site Software.

Powerful Marketing Tools

Thinkific Powerful Marketing Tools

There are many features that make Thinkific an effective tool for marketing and sales. You can add a “buy now” button to any page, which links back to your own store. This is perfect for people who are creating online courses or membership sites. 

By implementing it, you can turn each course into its own sales funnel by adding your own special offers and discounts. This saves your customers time by allowing them to purchase directly from the spot where they get all the information about why this product is valuable for them!

Marketing to your audience is a great way to grow a sustainable business. With Thinkific’s powerful marketing tools you can reach your audience and use a form of marketing that they are familiar with while increasing your sales.

Course Management and Content Delivery

At the hands of this software, you can sell online courses. Each course consists of learning content, quiz questions, assessments, and other resources that are organized into lessons. You can make some courses FREE, while others require a payment in exchange for access to certain course content.

Thinkific has a feature that allows the creation of an online course without coding. The Course Management and Content Delivery tool in Thinkific offers a content-related dashboard that includes all aspects of delivery, including tracking progress and downloads.

The feature is all about providing content creators the ability to create courses in a course platform, manage your students and courses, use content management tools, set up delivery options, monitor student progress, and track revenue.

Customizable Membership Plans

Thinkific Customizable Membership Site Platforms

The new customizable membership plans quality in Thinkific allows you to create custom packages based on the length and price of each of your plans. With it, you can configure your membership plans to contain any combination of courses, courses on demand and project work.

You can offer your memberships in one of two ways: as a recurring membership or with an optional single payment. You can also optionally enable automatic renewal or set custom discounts or deliverables for your program based on plan tier, length of time subscribed, number of courses taken, and more.

On the whole, the platform allows educators to create customized membership plans, build their own eCommerce store and integrate video usage with Thinkific learning videos in order to generate revenue from users who want more help and support from their teacher.

Integration with major Payment Processors

Integration with major Payment Processors enables merchants to accept payments via PayPal and Stripe with just a few clicks. Accept payments right where your customers are: on your website, in-app, or on social media.

Furthermore, the integration of Thinkific’s membership site system with major payment processors can be easily managed by account managers and even customers.

This powerful feature allows you to automatically sync your prices, course products and payment settings each time a new user SIGN UP for your courses. This means no more manual editing after you set your pricing models and update your products.

Thinkific Pricing Plans:

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans of Thinific Membership Site Software.

Thinkific Software Pricing Plans


  • The Pricing starts at $0/month
  • With 1 Site Admin Account
  • And, Limited Courses & Unlimited Students


  • The Pricing starts at $39/month
  • With 1 Site Admin Account
  • And, Unlimited Courses, Students, and Content


  • The Pricing starts at $79/month
  • With 2 Site Admin Accounts
  • And, Single Communities


  • The Pricing starts at $399/month
  • With 5 Site Admin Accounts
  • And, Unlimited Communities

Thinkific is the easiest way for educators to create, manage, deliver and sell their own online courses. It helps you build beautiful, intuitive courses as well as membership programs for sale without knowing any code.

The most popular features of this platform include: Single Sign-on, Student Progress Monitoring Tools, eCommerce Integration, Payments Accepted Around the World, Payment Options for Every Type of Learner and an easy setup for creating your first course.

You can integrate your thinkific site with the most popular payment processors, such as Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net and more. You’re one-click away from taking payments on your site using the built in payment gateway integrations.

Whether you have a team of one or multiple instructors, in the end, the software has all the tools to bring forth a great membership platform that’s right for your needs.

Summary on Best Membership Site Software and Platforms of 2022

Membership site platform has many benefits. One of the biggest perks is the fact that you don’t need to be an expert in web design, programming and marketing to create a successful online membership community. 

Businesses today require an online presence, but not everyone has the skills, time or money to develop one. By picking out a membership site software, you can create your very own community for FREE and then set up your members directly from the admin area.

When creating a membership website, you need to consider a number of factors though. The most important factor is the needs of your members. You will also want to consider the features offered by each platform like a drag-and-drop site builder, membership management tools, and eCommerce integration. 

Other considerations when going after a robust software for your online community include, ease of use, customer support, and the price. 

After careful consideration, You can start small with a single membership option and then add more plans as you go along. The cool thing is that you don’t have to look any further than this list if you’re trying to decide which platform is right for your project.

There are several platforms that make it easy to create a membership website and offer different packages to suit your needs. But the best ones are those that offer a variety of features and tools to help you build and manage your site needs.

In conclusion, the best membership site platforms are certainly not reserved only for those looking to sell a particular product or service for a passive income. The possibilities are endless and there’s a solution out there for you. All you have to do is find it.

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