Eijo Five Real Estate Review in 2024 (In-Depth Guide)

Eijo Five Real Estate Review.

In a growing market like Addis Ababa, finding a reliable real estate developer might seem like a far start in the sky. Eijo Five Real Estate has emerged as a prominent player, promising quality apartments and modern living standards to all.

Looking forward to addressing the main housing market problem that many people frequently face in the real estate industry of Ethiopia, which is time delay of delivery, the company is here as a trustworthy one for you from hundreds of other options.

So far, this real estate company of Ethiopia has tasked with a number of projects throughout the capital city of Addis Ababa including working on different sites, which are almost 80% completed properties. Still, is Eijo Five the right choice? 

In this comprehensive blog post, we are going to get deeper into everything you need to know about Eijo Five Real Estate in 2024, from their background story and projects they are currently working on to any customer reviews and a final verdict.

Eijo Five Real Estate Contact Information

What is the contact information of Eijo Five Real Estate? Here’s the contact information of Eijo Five Real Estate:

  • Website: https://eijorealestate.com/
  • Telephone (Phone Number): +251 942 10 11 12, +251 943 10 11 12, or +251 116 669 067
  • Email Address: info@eijorealestate.com
  • Physical Address (Main Office): Bole, Addis Ababa to Cape Verde St,Next to Antica Bar & Restaurant

About Eijo Five Business Background

Eijo Five Real Estate Website Homepage

Eijo Five, long before getting into the real estate sector, was established as Eijo Family Import and Export by its visionary promoter and main shareholder Fuad Mustefa Kefene, His Wife, and His Business Partner Mieraf Tefera Diro.

With just birr 2,790,932.00 initial capital to kick in, and 7 employed permanent workers, they have started their business journey by getting engaged in the export of  livestock, pulses, and oilseeds. At the same time, they’re importing raw materials of soaps, detergents and chemicals.

Bidding with the business principles of Ethiopia under license no BL /AA/1/0003971/2005 given by FDRE Ministry of Trade, besides the importing and exporting sector, the founder has been running multiple business lines they have owned previously.

Right now, the Company, Eijo Family Import and Export Business Company is an Ethiopian based operation legally established as a Sole Proprietorship Startup by an individual business promoter. And best of all, they’re entering into the lucrative real estate market of Ethiopia.

In the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 budget year the Eijo Five business has exported a total of 2,253 tons of commodities to foreign nations like the USA, China, Israel, India, and Greece. Nowadays, it has a total of 1500 tons of contracts to be delivered to them.

Projects and Apartments by Eijo Five Real Estate

Project 1: Eijo Airport View Luxury Apartments (Bole Bulbula).

The Eijo Airport View Luxury Project is a standard apartment located near Bole Bulbula (Near Bole international airport on the main road of VIP entry). Currently, it is fully-finished, and is available for sale on the market.

Floor Plans for the Selected Site:

Eijo Five Real Estate Project 1: Eijo Airport View Luxury Apartments (Bole Bulbula). Floor Plans:

Eijo Airport offers Luxury apartments, Four types of units.

Eijo Airport views Duplex Luxury apartments, Four types of units.

Project 2: Eijo Tropical View Luxury Apartments (Wollo Sefer).

The Eijo Tropical View Luxury Project is another standard apartment located at Wollo Sefer roundabout (Behind Tunisia Embassy). Currently, it is also fully-finished, and is available for sale on the Addis market.

Floor Plans for the Selected Site:

Eijo Five Real Estate Project 2: Eijo Tropical View Luxury Apartments (Wollo Sefer). Floor Plans:

Eijo Tropical view Luxury apartments, Four Types of Units.

Eijo Tropical view Luxury apartments, Six Types of units.

Details of Amenities and Features for the Eijo Five Apartments:

  • Spa
  • Elevator
  • Generator
  • Water tanks
  • Garbage chute
  • International engineering
  • Club house(Community meeting area)
  • Sufficient parking
  • 1 year warranty
  • Fire alarm
  • Intercom
  • Gym

Pros and Cons of Eijo Five Real Estate

What are the pros and cons of Eijo Five Real Estate? Here’s the pros and cons of Eijo Five Real Estate:


  • Transparency: Eijo Five offers clear information about their vision regarding their finished real estate apartments. With projects across two locations, being trustworthy as always, they likely cater to a diverse need as well as budget.
  • Focus on completed construction: Providing completed construction reduces the risk of delays and allows for a clearer picture of the final product. Also, a commitment to offering near-complete properties signifies a dedication to timely delivery. 
  • Modern design: Eijo Five real estate emphasis and prioritize high-end design, aesthetics appealing, and contemporary living spaces. Adding to that, they don’t promote what they haven’t finished yet. It is as simple as that!


  • Limited project details: Given their focus on completed construction stages, specific information about individual projects and apartment types is currently unavailable. Even so, they have displayed some of their enderings and site photos (Gallery).
  • Newer company: As a new company, Eijo Five real estate may lack the established track record of some competitors. However, it’s safe to assume they offer a variety of apartments and houses at different development timelines of full readiness.

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to Eijo’s Business Group

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to Eijo's Business Group

With their motto “superior standards, performance, and service,” Eijo Five is focusing on timely completion that’s emphasized on exceptional quality. You already know that one of the biggest concerns for potential and interested homeowners in Ethiopia is the frequent delays in project delivery times. 

Aiming to address the risk of delays and allow buyers to visualize their future homes more effectively, the company is currently developing houses across four locations in Addis Ababa. The good news? They come with a unique approach: up to 80% completed construction.

Still, there is no information on awards or achievements Eijo Five Real Estate has received. What we know is that the operation is part of the Eijo’s Business Group which consists of six sister companies (FMK Logistics, Eijo Coffee, Eijo Family, Chapter Construction, and Eijo Steel Manufacturing).

Customer Reviews and Client Feedbacks

Regarding customer satisfactions, Eijo Five, in collaboration with their in-house management team and qualified colleagues, is aiming to be a successful business company recognized by the society. This way, they sally to meet and exceed the high expectations directed towards them.

Creating values that nobody else can match them, home buyers have offered properties with the inclusion of the following different types of units and features: duplex 2 bedroom homes (292m2), duplex 3 bedroom homes (216.5m2 and 227.2m2), 2 bedroom homes (120.6m2 and 119.4m2), and 3 bedroom homes (165.5m2).

In ways befitting their distinctive identity, the business group is doing its ultimate deed in order to gather substantial positive customer feedback in every step of their journey. That said, since they are a relatively new company, forming a definitive judgment about Eijo Five Real Estate is challenging. 

Overall Eijo Five Real Estate Reviews:

Overall, Eijo Five was founded with a clear goal: to provide decent housing and elevated living experiences in Ethiopia. Through leveraging cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to high-end quality construction, they aim to bridge the gap of unrealistic customer expectations.

With its strong foundation, and its focus on innovation, the business presents itself as a promising option for those seeking modern and well-designed living spaces. Creating vibrant communities and sustainable practices has made them a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving Ethiopian real estate market.

While competitive services exist, their focus on completed construction stages and timely delivery is a welcome change in the industry to make an appointment NOW. However, the lack of detailed information about specific projects and their relatively new presence in the market urge for some caution.

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