East African Properties Review in 2024 (In-Depth)

East African Properties Review

East African Properties Review.

A member within the prominent East African Holding Group (EAHG), East African Properties, is one of the largest and long standing conglomerates in Ethiopia, and has established itself as a leading force in the local real estate landscape.

With a blend of new world thinking and traditional values philosophy, the company has made a commitment to develop and deliver homes of unique, exceptionally customizable, highly functional design, impeccable quality finishing, and sustainable practices employing.

It is a rising & cornerstone real estate in Ethiopia that embodies the highest standards or adherence of modern building techniques. Beyond delivering projects timely, they seek inspiration from the country’s rich history in order to conceive new ideas and select materials.

Whenever possible, without compromising on quality, durability, and aesthetics, East African Properties also gather locally produced inputs as a source, creating vibrant communities that have garnered significant interest from both residents and investors.

This subsidiary of the EAHG Group hopes to serve as an example of how urban redevelopment can help the needs of the community in different ways. Are they going to keep their words? That’s what we’re going to answer in this detailed post!

East African Properties Contact Information

What is the contact information of East African Properties? Here’s the contact information of East African Properties:

  • Website: https://eastafricanproperties.net/
  • Telephone (Mobile Phone Number): +251-930-012-150, +251-944-343-349, or +251-118-337-315/16
  • Email Address: info@eastafricanproperties.net
  • Physical Address (Main Office): Mexico, in-front of AU, near to Orbis 6th floor

About East African Holdings Background

East African Properties Website Homepage

East African Holdings, which operates in a variety of sectors and has rich heritage experience, is an enterprise that is at the forefront of industrialization and is driving the economic development in Ethiopia for the past 2 decades or so.

It was established as an umbrella company comprising subsidiaries like logistics, agriculture, real estate, coal mining, agro-processing, cement production, printing and packaging, washed coffee roasting and packing facility, and manufacturing of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

In addition to involving in the export of various types of local products, to supply the local market, East African Properties, one of the largest and long standing branches of the Holdings Group, has made a commitment to develop and deliver homes in Addis Ababa.

You already know that, for most families, a home is the largest investment they will make in their lifetimes. This isn’t just for its ROI monetary value that might fluctuate with the market crash. It is the inestimable worth of the lifelong memories that will be created under its roof.

Taking that into consideration, boasting a number of years experience in the field, specializing in the development of residential and commercial property types, East African Properties is here to provide just that with their core values emphasizing on long-term sustainability.

Projects and Apartments by East African Properties Real Estate

When it comes to choosing the best sites to put their real estate project mark, most developers of Ethiopia, besides Bole, Gerji, Old Airport, and the Kazanchis areas, target the very eastern part of the city. These portion is where Jackros Complex, Legetafo, Summit, Ayat, Figa, CMC, and others are situated

Leveraging this unsought location gap, East African Properties aims the central part of it in order to solve the several difficult choices faced by potential home buyers. Not only that, one of its apartments, Forest Hills, offers 92 meter square of usable living space with cabinetry and closets for an affordable offer.

For comprehensibility, apartments in central areas are being sold between 40,000 to 45,000 ETB per meter square. Besides reaching such an expensive price, imagine; apartments in the CMC roundabout are 27,000 to 32,000 ETB per square meter of living space — even if it is just about 9 km away from the city center.

Regarding living spaces, again, other real estate developers include wall area as well as a share of common areas in the unit size they advertise for sale. Those unit sizes occupy exterior halls, wall space, elevators, stairs, lobbies, and parking. Wait there’s more! It will costs you +50%, almost!

The competitor (called by East African Properties) in question, as said, included a share of common areas, resulting in a net living space of just 61 meter square. Now see the difference assessment, the 92 meter square apartment at Forest Hills was close to 91 meter square of the current net living space.

Project 1: Forest Hills Apartment (Located at the Main Road from Sheger Park in Gulele).

East African Properties Project 1: Forest Hills Apartment (Located at the Main Road from Sheger Park in Gulele).

The Forest Hills Apartment project by East African Properties is located at the main road from Sheger Park in Gulele. Directly found across the Sheger Park, in the past the area was used to be named Addisu Geberya, it is a green haven amid the urban landscape of Sheger.

For the bigger picture, it lies 4.5km from the city center, plus Kazanchis is easily reachable (these days people commute a normal 1 hour or so norm to get to Kazanchis from CMC). Within a short distance, you can also find Tor Hailoch (via Ring Road), Downtown Piassa, Sandford School, US Embassy, Addis Ababa University, and Lycee.

Based on your preferences, two and three bedroom units are available for you with their sizes ranging from 90 to 200 meter square, of course with all the premium finishing products of hardwood floors, sanitary ware, light fixtures, cupboards, and cabinets. The good news? It is offered for a substantial lower price point value that you just can’t beat!

Segregation of the apartment is this: Residential units comprise 4 per floor per block (of the 9), and generous hallway/landing space for more privacy for each unit’s entrance. Just like that, the commercial space for café, restaurants, supermarkets, and dry cleaning occupies the first three floors.

Project 2: Anbessa Apartment (Located at the Old Anbessa Pasta & Flour Factory).

East African Properties Project 2: Anbessa Apartment (Located at the Old Anbessa Pasta & Flour Factory).

The Anbessa Apartment is the latest project by East African Properties, and it is located at the old Anbessa Pasta and Flour Factory (now operating at East African Holdings Industrial Park in Dukem), immediately behind and to the north of Awash Winery (hoping you exactly know the neighbor we’re talking about).

With perfect access to the middle of the city including the Financial District of Legehar, and Mercato (Ethiopia’s preeminent retail and wholesale trade site, and the #1 biggest shopping center in Africa), see, the location is at a critical juncture of commercial, residential and manufacturing areas.

In fact, the Anbessa Project is a site where East African Holding has a long history with Anbessa Pasta (one of the earliest manufacturers of food products at this scale). Unfortunately, because of Addis’s continuing evolution, factories are moving out of the city over time, leaving behind new opportunities for an exciting change.

Pros and Cons of East African Properties Real Estate

What are the pros and cons of East African Properties? Here’s the pros and cons of East African Properties:


  • Planned Communities: East African Properties goes beyond just apartments (the Anbessa Project showcases their commitment to this), aiming to create well-rounded communities with planned easy access to essential amenities, commercial spaces, and vibrant city life in downtown Addis Ababa. Thus, creating a building for the discussion of the city’s resident’s burning concerns.
  • .Focus on Design and Sustainability: Their emphasis on modern design principles and sustainable practices, and a growing portfolio of impressive projects ensures residents a comfortable and eco-conscious living space. Most of their projects situated amidst the picturesque of Addis, boasts a tranquil modern environment.
  • Reputation & Experience: Backed by the established EAHG Group, East African Properties benefits from a proven track record of success, commitment to quality, and potentially further collaboration to elevate the outcome of rapid changes. Notably, in 2026, the company made a deal with EiABC (Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development).


  • Project Availability Lacks: Even though a few of their apartments promise an exceptional living experience, with a focus on new developments, potential residents may have limited options when exploring completed properties. They want to include this in their plans of the acquisition of an adjacent 20,000 m2 area, development of modern malls, and other business centers.
  • Limited Information: The lack of dedicated and up-to-date information for East African Properties makes it challenging to access comprehensive information about their projects and offerings, with which many valuable insights might be gained that have been instituted in the planning process.

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to East African Holding Group (EAHG)

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to East African Holding Group (EAHG)

While engaged in such diverse economic activities of real estate, East African Holding Group is continuously evolving and strengthening its position as a major contributor in the development of the private sector in Ethiopia. This dedication really fosters a sense of convenience and community within their advocate customers.

As its strategic plan, the company is heading for major expansion and diversification projects through mega industries of national importance such as large scale mining and commercial farming which will significantly contribute to the continuing industrialization of the nation of Ethiopia.

Some of the companies that are under the umbrella of East African Holding Share Companies are: Bizenu Investments PLC (it is focused on investments, and tradings activities), Cosmar East Africa Business (it is focused on skin, and hair cares), East African Agri-Business (it is focused on agricultural products and process industries), and Black Lion Coffee (it is focused on Coffee beans and roasting).

East African Tiger Brand Industries, East African Coal Mining Corporation, Ethio-Asian Industries P.L.C, East African Group’s Export, and Hamaresa Edible Oil Share Company are other companies under the East African Holding Group (EAHG).

So true, specific awards haven’t been publicly disclosed. Yet, East African Properties’ association with the well-regarded EAHG Group speaks something about their commitment to excellence. Two of their successfully completed real estate projects in Addis Ababa further demonstrates their ability to deliver on their promises.

Customer Reviews and Client Feedbacks

Concerning their clients, East African Properties uses engineered wood — a type of wood flooring that is particularly well suited for installation over concrete subfloors. It has the same great look and feel of hardwood with a composite underlay which gives it much better moisture resistance to the surface.

As a quality finishing target inside their apartments, you’re likely to encounter the so-called ‘parquet’ (MDF, HDF, Hardwood, or Laminate) floors for dry areas. And this is a medium density fiberboard – which may look okay. But if you’re not careful, it can be prone to water damage easily and cannot be refinished if it is damaged or worn out. 

When it comes to your money, they value it! If there is one thing that you can count on when you buy an apartment at Forest Hills Apartments by East African Properties, value for money is it. To spice things up, comparing the price of one against another from developer to developer is the last thing you should do (they said).

The truth is that from what kind of finishing is included in the price, to how the size of the apartment is calculated, there can be enormous variations in what one company represents vs. another regarding purchases. Products that are different in look, feel, durability and desirability also matters.

Striving to give you the most value for your hard-earned money – no gimmicks or tricks to make it seem otherwise after all is the main focus at East African Properties. As usually, gathering customer reviews can be challenging. Stiil, client feedback for the EAHG Group highlights their professionalism and focus on quality.

Overall East African Properties Reviews:

Overall, as Ethiopia’s untapped real estate market continues to flourish for years to come, East African Properties is poised to play a significant role in shaping its future to its advantage. They’re achieving that with highly functional designs by considering the best possible use of space.

In order to maximize their enjoyment, the company goes that extra mile of understanding how families typically use their homes. As a practical matter, this also translates into amenities like central water heating, externally vented kitchen hoods, dryer conduits, useful storage nooks and crannies, etc.

These days projects are being sold without any finishing at all, even worse some units are without kitchen cabinetry or bedroom closets. Knowing that others don’t provide everything you might think would be included, at East African Properties, when you take your apartment, all you need to bring is your furniture, clothing and kitchen appliances.

Fully-finished approach is the tip of the iceberg. Their apartment’s can be further refinished in case of damage or for a fresh new look. For any inquiries you may have, they are saying “let’s get in touch,” challenging you to find another developer who offers wood floors at the same price points as ‘em!

For more, if you want the best deal, affordable price, as well as the best real estate location, call me by the phone +251948879335 or send me a message by the email onlinemoneyspinner.com@gmail.com — as I’m the best Real Estate Agent in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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