Cosmopolitan Real Estate Review in 2024 (In-Depth Guide)

Cosmopolitan Real Estate Review.

Cosmopolitan Real Estate Ethiopia has carved a brand for itself in the ever-evolving Addis Ababa real estate landscape. They said to you “We pledge to you that we will not settle for anything less than your complete, absolute satisfaction!”

Delivering high-end design styles and trims such as high ceilings, wide windows, modern and comfortable lighting, and amenities that offer luxury with function, the company really values unparalleled luxury, elevating the local standard of living like never before.

It is easy to say that Cosmopolitan Real Estate offers clients a lifestyle full of inspiration, comfort, style and luxury, and many more. Whether it is a residential apartment or commercial centers, you will find their distinct and elegant footprints in the spacious floorplans, plus beautiful finishing details.

The company’s focus on modern living experiences, and considerate amenities that create the ambiance of comfort, has garnered attention from both residents and investors seeking a touch of luxury. But before all else, let’s get a handle on the basics.

Cosmopolitan Real Estate Contact Information

What is the contact information of Cosmopolitan Real Estate? Here’s the contact information of Cosmopolitan Real Estate:

  • Website:
  • Telephone (Phone Number): +251982505050, +251955707070, or +251911209016
  • Email Address:
  • Physical Address (Main Office): Bole Rwanda, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

About Cosmopolitan Real Estate Background

Cosmopolitan Real Estate Website Homepage

Cosmopolitan Real Estate was established in 2020 by a savvy businessman. From the beginning, their vision is to help transform the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia into a modern metropolis which boasts world-class, luxurious living, and commercial properties.

It is aiming to build a legacy of luxury that is comparable to those in other iconic cities all over the world. The truth is that Addis Ababa’s history, diverse international community and being the seat of the African Union and many international organizations for decades, makes it the political, economic and cultural center of the continent.

The city of Addis Ababa, which is the Cosmopolitan Real Estate’s primary target, is truly the capital of the larger African continent in many ways like becoming more influential in global affairs. The reason is because of its expanding population and its economy becoming more dominant in the region.

Seeing all of that, the real estate agent believed that it is high time that the city makes available the quality and standards of living that are sought-after. Suited for expats, diplomats, businessmen/women, and diverse, growing, and upscale demography, it is an ideal capital to do a housing business.

Projects and Apartments by Cosmopolitan Real Estate

Driven by a combination of living experience in several world-class cities, Cosmopolitan Real Estate is proud to offer you options in luxurious apartment living and high-end commercial centers to establish your offices and other business endeavors on the spot.

To mention what they are offering, they deliver high-end design styles and trims such as convenient and central locations in the city, on-time and on-budget delivery, high ceilings, wide windows, modern and comfortable lighting, amenities that offer luxury with function and the list goes on.

Getting inspiration from local and international themes and collaborations in meticulous architectural designs, it also provides highest quality in all aspects (like material), international standard of construction, luxury lifestyle to match the specific demands of customers, and minimalism (space to function, space to stair). 

Project 1: Japan Embassy Area.

Cosmopolitan Real Estate Project 1: Japan Embassy Area.

The Japan Embassy Area project is an apartment that is located at the center of Bole where you will find shops, offices, nearby amenities, and major commercial centers within a short distance, either driving or walking. 

This property is our first residential offering and your chance to grab a modern, luxurious apartment right in the middle of the vibrant Bole neighborhood. Many apartment detail options are there for you.




Details of Amenities for Japan Embassy Area project:

  • Schools: School of Tomorrow,
  • Beauty and Spa: Boston Day Spa, Fana
  • Banks: Awash, Oromia, Nib, Commercial, Abyssinia, Zemen
  • Super Markets: China Market, Shoa SuperMarket, Ethio SuperMarket, Fantu SuperMarket
  • Hotels & Entertainment Centers: Ramada Addis Hotel, Jupiter Hotel, Momona Hotel, Skylight Hotel, Alem Cinema, MidTown Lounge, Piano Bar
  • Malls: Friendship City Center, DH Geda, Garad Grand Mall
  • Gymnasiums: Alem Fitness, Bole Rock
  • Dining: Korma Grill, igloo Ice cream

Project 2: Olympia Square Area.

Cosmopolitan Real Estate Project 2: Olympia Square Area.

The Olympia Square Area project is a residential and commercial mixed-use property underdevelopment project by Cosmopolitan Real Estate. Living in this area, you’ll find it too close to conduct your business, and it is where you will be dining and shopping afterwards.

If you are interested in living close to the city center, this property is ideal for you. The site is close to many banks, the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC), several UN offices, as well as residential neighborhoods. So yeah, you just need to request a quote right here, right now.

The best part is that to meet your ultimate demand, the company has commenced an ambitious project where a luxury oriented apartment is developed. With an equally ambitious architectural design and modern construction techniques, it is scheduled to be completed in a short time.


Type A is a 135 meter square apartment that comes with a wide living and dining room, master bedroom, second and third bedrooms, master bathroom, c. bathroom, walk-in closet, balcony, and lobby.


Type B is a 125 meter square apartment that comes with a wide living and dining room, master bedroom, second and third bedrooms, master bathroom, c. bathroom, walk in closet, modern kitchen, t. kitchen, balcony, lobby, and store.


Type C is a 121 meter square apartment that comes with a wide living and dining room, master bedroom, second and third bedrooms, master bathroom, c. bathroom, modern kitchen, balcony, and lobby.


Type D is a 58 meter square apartment that comes with a living and dining room, one bedroom, modern kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and lobby.

Project 3: Piazza/Cathedral School Area.

Cosmopolitan Real Estate Project 3: Piazza/Cathedral School Area.

The Piazza/Cathedral School Area is a residential and commercial mixed-use property underdevelopment project. It is located in the center of the city within the old Piazza neighborhood where many of the “old” city buildings and historical sites are situated. 

Best of all, beyond the neighborhood mayor’s city administration offices, the area is famous for its art, literature and music scenes and many high-end boutiques and fashionable stores. Within a walking distance, one can also find many world famous coffee shops and restaurants.

Mind that, the “Cosmopolitan Japan” is one of the most prominent projects that appears to be situated in the heart of Bole. It is a coveted neighborhood in Addis Ababa with spacious, elegant interiors of two & three bedrooms, and balconies that offer breathtaking views.

Pros and Cons of Cosmopolitan Real Estate

What are the pros and cons of Cosmopolitan Real Estate? Here’s the pros and cons of Cosmopolitan Real Estate:


  • Luxury Living: Become one of the most sought-after and high-end real estate developers in Ethiopia, Cosmopolitan focuses on high-end finishes, modern amenities, and spacious layouts that cater to those seeking a sophisticated and comfortable lifestyle.
  • Prime Locations: Cosmopolitan Real Estate, seeking the highest quality at all levels to provide the utmost satisfaction to customers, seems to prioritize prime neighborhoods, ensuring residents easy access to essential services, entertainment hubs, and business centers.
  • Security Sense: Above and beyond contributing to a vibrant, luxurious lifestyle in the city, Cosmopolitan Real Estate has secured parking and potentially other security features within the buildings as a peace of mind to residents.


  • Limited Information: The lack of details about the company beyond “Cosmopolitan Japan” makes it difficult to obtain well-rounded and comprehensive information about available properties, pricing, and specific amenities offered in each project.
  • Focus on Luxury: Their emphasis on high-end living might make their offerings less accessible to picture as a portfolio if you are a budget-conscious renter or buyer. But despite that, they’re earning the trust of their customers through excellence.

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to Cosmopolitan Real Estate

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to Cosmopolitan Real Estate

With a quest to bring the world of Luxury living in downtown Addis Ababa and an elevated approach to create a high end lifestyle that will enhance imagination, the Cosmopolitan Real Estate is here to offer homeowners a lifestyle of ultimate luxury and quality in residential and commercial properties.

From the world to Addis Ababa, high-end for high life style luxury standard of living ambition, to to vigorous drive for perfection finishing to realize the imagined every aspect of the final construction, aesthetics to experience and design to materials, all are checked.

In short, the Cosmopolitan Real Estate’s mission, values, and aspirations is to strive to continuously innovate and improve. Just like that, as a resident, you’ll enjoy luxurious amenities like a lobby with a water fountain, a gym, a sauna, and secure parking, which is conveniently located to accommodate most of your needs.

Taking these and other determining factors, the company not only selects matching locations, they also take it higher in their priorities. To that extent, they set their developments in premium high end lifestyle inspired locations to give the right meaning for that word “LUXURY!”

Customer Reviews and Client Feedbacks

While dedicated review platforms might not yield a wealth of information, scattered reviews found online paint a generally positive picture about the services of Cosmopolitan real estate. Remember, their aspirations and interests are as sophisticated as those living in other major mega cities of the world.

In short, customers highlight the quality of construction, the comfort of the apartments, and the prime locations post-occupancy concerns. That’s why they come up with top-notch facilities like ample Parking space, an ultra-modern Central Satellite Television Systems, well equipped Fitness and Spa, and Automatic backup Generator.

With High Tech Security Cameras installed, which, in turn, makes Cosmopolitan a real estate that redefine luxury living in Addis Ababa because they focus on high-quality finishes, and modern amenities, for those seeking a sophisticated and comfortable lifestyle.

To continue the new scale of luxury lifestyle-filled amenities, of course, they have to conduct comfort, convenience, and enjoyment for each homeowner they have laid throughout their buildings. And that requires to be derived by a deep passion of enhancing the Art of living and Cosmopolitanism with unwavering focus.

Overall Cosmopolitan Real Estate Reviews:

Overall, Cosmopolitan Real Estate Ethiopia offers a compelling proposition of luxurious and modern living experience in prime locations of Addis Ababa.Their focus on high-end finishes, amenities, and security is commendable with a lack of limited information about their portfolio.

Sought-after prime location really matters when it comes to real estate, which is true for potential residents or investors as it helps them make informed decisions and share their experiences. For the company, addressing customer concerns promptly would further solidify their reputation as a target market real estate provider.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of Cosmopolitan Real Estate and their offerings, consider reaching out to them directly using the phone numbers provided in the above section we have provided to you. Additionally, social media platforms like Facebook might offer more insights into their projects.

Schedule a site or Sales Office visit upon your convenience, so as to get your own apartment buildings in desirable locations across the city of Addis Ababa. It’s true that we all desire to live in a neighborhood that is suitable to build a family, accessible from multiple directions, safe and can be a great investment asset, right?

For more, if you want the best deal, affordable price, as well as the best real estate location, call me by the phone +251948879335 or send me a message by the email — as I’m the best Real Estate Agent in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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