Betopia Properties Real Estate Review in 2024 (In-Depth)

Betopia Properties Review

Betopia Properties Review.

Finding a property developer in downtown Addis Ababa that prioritizes quality living and modern design, most of the time, can be a challenge. In fact, as the construction building is one of the heavily invested in industry, more and more real estates are arising to get their ROI by helping out homebuyers.

That is where the rubber meets the road! Aiming to bridge the gap we have just noted, Betopia Properties came at the bright era of the development set forth by the Ethiopian government to offer you a range of residential and commercial projects across the city. 

By working hard with a mission of trustworthy, dependable, and being at the forefront of the change, the company is leading its way into creating a brand around apartment building lifestyles for the modern home owning generation of 2024 and beyond that.

Your only question, now, is going to be: Are Betopia Properties the right fit for me? — This comprehensive guide delves into their background, projects, and customer reviews. In the end, you’ll decide if their vision aligns with your childhood dream home!

Betopia Properties Contact Information

Contact Information of Betopia Properties:

  • Website:
  • Telephone (Phone Number): +251 13-833-046
  • Email Address:
  • Physical Address (Main Office): Sarbet, Near Vatican Embassy

About Betopia Properties Real Estate Background

Betopia Properties Real Estate Homepage

The stories of Betopia Properties entering into the market began in 2005, when it was founded by Sukeri Kheiredin. In 2016, they officially became a fully-fledged property company, focusing on a wide range of residential and commercial developments, and growing their networks too.

Since then, over the years, they’ve independently developed villas and multiple-floor homes. Not only that, but also they have successfully delivered 100 residential units to families and community members. Those initially built secure assets with top-notch state-of-the-art designs were located at the south of the Old Airport.

With trusts, capacity, familiarity, reputation, and in-house team experts accumulated over the years, the dream and the vision of Betopia Properties got stronger as well. And currently, their developments span at prime locations across Sheger. The sites encompass Kazanchis, German Square, Bole Olympia, and Bisrate Gabriel.

For 2024, the company’s mission is simple, which is aiming to be the best part of the change through leaving its mark on the Addis Ababa skyline development. At the same time, meeting the quality housing needs of the growing urban population of the country — fostering a culture of elevated living.

Betopia Properties, as of today, extends beyond just construction. Calling themselves, “lifestyle builders,” they’re offering end-to-end services of consulting, acquisition, development of real estates, and sales of properties. As a result, they are creating healthy environments within the city’s hotspots.

Projects and Apartments by Betopia Properties

When it comes to buying or renting a home for a number of purposes, just married couples, young professionals, and diaspora or members of the international community always took the leading position. Plus some individuals invest in real estate as a good source of passive income or to resell it at a higher ROI down the line.

Having said that, Addis Ababa, as being the fastest developing city in Africa, due to a lack of budget affordability, on-time delivery, and proper quantity and quality house serving, is facing a severe problem. So yeah, there will be many reasons for investors to engage in outstanding real estate development businesses in 2024.

Pointing out the fact that consistent is the demand from the public for quality housing by the next homeowner generation, Betopia Properties has come the right time to deliver such homes in the outskirts of Addis Ababa near you. Yes, they are available at CMC, Ayat, Summit, Lebu, and other targeted neighborhood areas.

Project 1: Afroville Diplomatic Apartment.

Betopia Properties Project 1: Afroville Diplomatic Apartment.

Afroville Diplomatic Apartment, encompassing layers of style, personality, and differentiation, is built around a lavish and luxurious standard of living. With details of valet, separately accessed maid’s quarters, a terrace that fits the size of an apartment, and of course the site’s prime location, it is supposed to define the diplomat’s lifestyles.

Typology (Gand Afroville, and The Royal Edition):

Grand Afroville. It comes with a total area of 195 square meters, 3 spacious bedrooms, welcoming lobby, ample living space, and a dining room setup fit for entertaining guests.

The Royal Edition. It comes with a total area of 392.74 square meters, a grand entrance, private office, 3 large bedrooms with private bathroom and walk-in closet access, and a luxurious dining set up for hosting guests.

Details of Afroville Diplomatic Apartment Amenities:

  • A Library
  • Swimming Pool
  • Concierge Service
  • 24/7 Security service
  • Convenience Store
  • Beauty and Spa
  • Gymnasium
  • Laundry

Project 2: New Hope Luxury Apartment.

Betopia Properties Project 2: New Hope Luxury Apartment.

New Hope Luxury Apartment, just off the Ring Road in Lebbu, past the Mekanisa-German roundabout, includes five world-class luxury apartments that lies on a very spacious area of almost 15,000 square meters. From those spacious areas, around half of which is left as an open, green recreational oasis.

Typology (New Hope Lavish, New Hope Executive, and New Hope Deluxe):

New Hope Lavish. It comes with a 2 bedroom/3 bathroom unit, spacious living room that caters to a private and social life, and well-ventilated areas that capture natural light from multiple angles.

New Hope Executive. It comes with a total area of 154 square meters, 3 bedroom/3 bathroom units, guest bedrooms with private balcony access, and a spacious living room with a large dining table for a big family or for entertaining a high-volume of guests.

New Hope Deluxe. It comes with 3-bedroom/3-bathroom units, and an optimized shared living space separated from the main area, making it ideal for large master bedroom fit, as well as for quiet moments of reflection.

Details of Afroville Diplomatic Apartment Amenities:

  • A Library
  • Jogging Track
  • Basketball Court
  • Business Lounge
  • Over 5000 sq. m of greenery
  • Convenience Store
  • Beauty and Spa
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Laundry

Project 3: Kazadis Mixed-Use Development.

Betopia Properties Project 3: Kazadis Mixed-Use Development.

Kazadis, situated at the heart of Addis Ababa, Kazanchis, is a mixed-use project. Designed to create a desirable urban destination with an all-in-one residential, retail, and commercial uses, the project encompasses amenities of power backup, 24/7 security service, and spacious elevators.

Typology (157 Square Meter, 150 Square Meter, and 187 Square Meter):

157 Square Meter. It comes with a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom that includes a dressing room, and a living room area to entertain guests and, at the same time save your personal luxury.

150 Square Meters. It comes with 2/3 bedroom, 2 bathroom options, a larger kitchen, and a master dressing room, and living room area to get the best experience of entertaining guests.

187 Square Meter. It comes with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies, a private dressing room, and combination of a spacious living and dining room for the ultimate living arrangement.

Project 4: German Square Apartments.

Betopia Properties Project 4: German Square Apartments.

German Square Apartments is a G+11 building located right off the German roundabout with a total plot area of 3370 meter square. The project is a multiple floor residential apartment (2 underground parking) with a number of top-notch services.

Typology (128 Square Meter 3 Bedroom, 125 Square Meter 3 Bedroom, and 96 Square Meter 2 Bedroom):

128 Square Meter 3 Bedroom. It comes with a bedroom unit with a walk in closet and private bathroom for the master bedroom.

125 Square Meter 3 Bedroom. It comes with a spacious living and dining space with carefully curated family based units.

96 Square Meter 2 Bedroom. It comes with a compact and functional unit surface of 96 square meters with an average sized, family based apartment unit.

Pros and Cons of Betopia Properties Real Estate

Saying it out loud: “There is no better way to secure your future in the world of real estate than looking into solid, practical investment options that have increasing returns as time goes by. Will Betopia Properties provide you that? Let’s see some pros and cons!


  • Prime Locations: Betopia’s blend of signature projects are situated in desirable areas across downtown Addis Ababa, Bole, Bisrate Gebriel, Kazanchis, and others. Thus, ensuring easy access to top-tier amenities like high-quality sanitary, electrical, and security systems, and of course, city life.
  • Established Reputation: With a presence since 2005 (+15 years) and over 100 delivered units to their clients, Betopia offers a selection track record of perfectly curated real estates with seamlessly designed elements. Though it has been a rocky roller coaster road in the past decades for sure.
  • Focus on Lifestyle: Betopia goes beyond just building structures; their apartments feature contemporary aesthetics and high-quality finishes. For instance, the New Hope Luxury Apartment flagship project compound is such a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, and has quality time.


  • Limited Online Presence: While it has a website, in-depth information on specific projects, including floor plans and pricing, might be limited. With various projects in different stages of design, it needs to constantly update its offering to meet the evolving needs of residents.
  • Project Availability: Since they’re constantly developing (each project embodying a unique lifestyle envisioned by their team of “lifestyle architects”), specific projects might not be readily available. This leads us to the point that potential buyers needs to stay updated from time to time.

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to Betopia Properties

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to Betopia Properties Real Estate

The economic liberalization process being undertaken in Ethiopia is a strong positive sign to create a supportive environment for market-demanding development, especially in the private sector. Still and all, ensuring clients getting the best coverage and communication schemes is the #1 concern of the whole story.

A rising number of high-income startups are showing a keen interest in developing luxurious apartments that targets at responding to what customers are looking for. This could be for a number of reasons. It could be owning properties in the city of Addis Ababa, or an investment for their own, as well as their future children.

No matter what, in 2024, real estate is definitely one of the smartest decisions in terms of investment in a developing city with a bright future ahead. And by Betopia’s side, their original offerings, lifestyle architects, and unique details backed up with a team of highly qualified designers and creatives, are waiting.

Aiming to secure the needs of clients, the company has in-person and a web-based sales platform driven by a team of motivated and experienced salespeople directives. Through offering excellent customer communication, counsel, and care, it has found its place to best promote and advance marketing-related goals.

Customer Reviews and Client Feedbacks

Bole of Addis Ababa, of course with its skyrocketing rental prices, has held a unique urban destination energy for many years. The elegance of old and vintage residential neighborhoods, and commercial complexes and popular international tourist spots, at some level, similarities Bole and Bisrate Gebriel.

Concentration of eateries, branches, residential neighborhoods, shared restaurant franchises and complex mix of diplomatic residences, and other comfortable services a city can bring, all highlighted Bisrate Gebrie’s unique attractions. As coincidence as it looks, Betopia has two project sites located at the hearts of Bisrate Gebriel.

The presence of International School, major franchises, like Effoi Pizza, Bake n Brew, Garden of Coffee, two close by churches; Mekane Eyesus Church and Bisrate Gebriel Church, diplomatic community members, and the residence of the Bisrate Gebriel area creates an amazing social life that cannot be found elsewhere in A.A.

Most importantly, Betopia Properties concierge services, and strict security checkpoints will ensure you a safety that your guests are treated like royalty. Not only that, but also it is fitted with amenities such as a café, a swimming pool and a children’s playground. What else are you looking for?

Overall Judgment:

Overall, for those seeking a modern, community-inclusive, and well-located apartment, Betopia Properties presents a compelling option that sets them apart from others. Afroville Luxury Apartment, just past the Bisrate Gebriel roundabout, is the ideal residence for smart investors and premium residents.

Within 10 minutes drive from the African Union (AU), and only minutes away from the main roads, the apartment is situated in the most in-demand neighborhood in Addis Ababa. It pushes the envelope when it defines diplomatic luxury, while leveling up units that take up a whole floor in one of the three blocks.

As a developer, Betopia Properties is providing full real estate related services for the community. To say the least, in 2016, it is on a mission to be the best part of the urban development of Addis Ababa, bringing a new standard of quality housing solutions for the new home-owning generation.

For more, if you want the best deal, affordable price, as well as the best real estate location, call me by the phone +251948879335 or send me a message by the email — as I’m the best Real Estate Agent in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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