Besufekad Real Estate Review in 2024 (In-Depth Guide)

Besufekad Real Estate Review

Besufekad Real Estate Review.

To be part of their good developing projects, you just need to come up with an updated Ethiopian Identity Card like Fayda, and follow the procedures set out by the business like down payments. For more, one can visit their Facebook and/or other social media.

Besufekad Real Estate, based in the national Amhara region of the country, as mentioned earlier is on a mission to provide the local home buyers with very meticulously built homes. Additionally, since the houses are designed as a compound, removing unnecessary expenses.

That said, this blog delves into Besufekad Real Estate, exploring their background story, project information, good customer reviews and feedback, and overall performance to help you decide if they’re the right fit for your needs in 2024.

Besufekad Real Estate Contact Information

Contact Information of Besufekad Real Estate:

About Besufekad Real Estate Background

Besufekad Real Estate Homepage

Besufekad real estate was established in 2014 G.C. Over the years, they plan to develop 1000 residential homes, and 30 commercial large-scale projects. In various Minjar Arerti city sites, they have 10 additional projects under development.

With a highly esteem, trustworthiness, capability, and a strong financial foundation set in place along with state-of-the-art latest designing innovations, just in their 1st year of experience, they are already planning and constructing a total of around 250 projects.

As one can see, Besufekad Real Estate’s background remains shrouded in some boosting stories. With an official website or online presence, details regarding their history, experience, and team, it is clear to see what they are doing, contributing their part.

By conducting thorough research and comparing multiple their offerings, you can make an informed decision to choose them. If you want tips, also consider getting in touch with a real estate agent in Ethiopia, or look for licensed Ethiopian government professionals.

Projects and Apartments by Besufekad Real Estate

Project 1: Minjar Arerti City Site.

Besufekad Real Estate Project 1: Minjar Arerti City Site.

For the Minjar Arerti project, Besufikad real estate is announcing a wishlist of customer registrations for the 3rd time. To see what they are working on, the developer is inviting you to their site, so you can see how it is being done, and decide if it is for you.

The best part of the site is that beside being a targeted area, it is close to the main road to the city. In addition to that, as a home buyer, you can easily access the basic institutions, facilities, and amenities like schools, hospitals, hotels, and recreation for children.

Similarly, information on projects is somehow lacking. It’s challenging to assess details on the types of properties they handle, their exact locations, or the range of apartments they offer. All we know is that they are building a community beyond just a standalone house.

Look for members of the organizations like the Ethiopian Real Estate Professionals Association (EREPA) to be part of the project. Also, check other agencies on platforms like Google My Business, Facebook, or other well-known online channels of Ethiopia.

Pros and Cons of Besufekad Real Estate


  • Potentially Local Focus: Focusing on a particular area might suggest a focus on a targeted group of people, catering to a more niche market of Amhara region. This is beneficial if you’re looking for a company with deep knowledge.
  • Basic Accessibility Facilities: Through receiving responses on a regular basis, they are doing their best to meet them fast. Water supply, electricity facility, and road cobble stones are examples for this, so don’t worry about any of them.
  • Multiple Apartment Options: From the lowest 112 meter square to the highest 500 meter square, everything is suited to you. The project is done with the price of a factory, making payments in % once the house is finished & delivered.


  • Project Accessibility Concerns: The absence of information on projects and available apartments makes it impossible to gauge Besufekad real estate’s suitability for your needs. For that, you might need to contact them.
  • Limited Transparency: Even though they have a select committee assigned for customer relationship decisions, the lack of end-to-end transparency makes it difficult to assess their experience, and track record success.

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to Besufekad Real Estate

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to Besufekad Real Estate

The motto “Design Build and Deliver” is derived from their determination to provide an exceptional house buying experience for their advocate customers. The overall building construction is also done by current-priced reselling and factory materials.

What’s amazing is that you’ll only pay for the already built apartments and houses. This is their bold vision that has spiked the interest of many while making them one of the leading brands in the real estate sector, striving to contribute significantly. 

In reality, there isn’t up to date information on any awards or achievements Besufekad Real Estate may have received. The projects the company is building on are accomplished by experienced contractors, and that’s what we know now.

To get insight on offerings, you might need to ask & request references from past clients. Thus, you’ll get a firsthand account of the agent’s work ethic and success rate, plus ensure all agreements, documents, and terms regarding fees, services, and property.

Customer Reviews and Client Feedbacks

The design of the full compound apartments built by Besufikad real estate are modern ones, and bring that living convenience. Once their masterpieces are designed, and built, they will  deliver superior construction, and offer them for “Ready for Sale.”

Since delivery is made upon full completion of each detail within the building as a bold vision of Besufekad real estate, the company is on the run to become the leading brand in the real estate sector of Ethiopia, and be synonymous with quality performance for the long haul.

Yet, robust customer reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients is lacking. This will make it challenging to gauge their reputation and service quality from perspective. If that’s the case, consider seeking recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have recently bought or rented property.

As a recommendation, consider calling them directly by the number we displayed earlier, ask specific questions about their services, areas of expertise, and available properties. Or else, research other real estates in Ethiopia with a strong online presence.

Overall Besufekad Real Estate Reviews:

Overall, Besufikad goes above and beyond the prevailing practice of selling real estate. They develop, acquire, and manage properties. By combining the information directly from them, and seeking additional sources, you can make a more confident choice.

The company’s approach can simply be summarized as responsible selling with ease-of-use comprehensive assessment. Due to the scarcity of project details, and online reviews, might make it challenging to evaluate their experience, expertise, and customer satisfaction. 

Still and all, finding the right real estate company in Ethiopia that streamline your property search is difficult. You need to make a caution conducting and a thorough research to find one that aligns with your needs and provides a smooth and successful experience.

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