7 Best Website Builder For Artists and Small Business in 2022 (+Wix)

Best Website Builders

If you’re looking for the best website builder for Artists, Photographers, and Small Business like Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, and More in 2022, you’re in the right place.

The following are the best Website Builder in the market in 2022 to choose from….

1. Wix – Website Builder

Wix Website Builder

Wix is one of the best overall cloud-based Website Builders to try out in 2022. Again, it is the most popular Website Builder in the market share

At the moment that you choose Wix to build your website, you can access hundreds of Themes & Plugins. As well as with THREE different types of Editors and built-in drag-and-drop features.

Unlike some other Website Builders which are targeted specifically for one purpose like Shopify for eCommerce and Zenfolio for Photographers. This software has everything you need to create a professional website.

Because it is suited for;

  • Beginners
  • Brand-new Entrepreneurs
  • Creative Writers
  • Hardcore Designers, etc.

Wix powers over 100 million websites worldwide. And its flexibility, usability, extended functionality, ease of use, and powerful set of features carry on to amaze even the highly Advanced Users.

If you’re running a Small Business(Blog, Business Website, Portfolio Site, or Small Online Stores), this website builder is the best choice. 

You just don’t need the more advanced platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce, to begin with. Thus, you can easily customize the looks of your website with no background coding or website developing skills.


The following are the major FEATURES of Wix.

Wix’s Editor

Wix Website Builder Editor

Here you can choose from over 500 great modern templates that are mobile-optimized and designer-made for any business. 

There are also Advanced SEO Tools. As well as Design Features like animation, scroll effects, unlimited fonts, impressive layouts, video backgrounds, and many more including FREE and Paid Apps.


Wix ADI(Artificial Design Intelligence) is a time-saver AI-powered Website Builder that helps you create a tailored site for you based on the specific answers you give it on the quick-start MENU questions. 

This is all done automatically for the time being in just less than an hour(probably, within minutes).

Velo(Open Development Platform) by Wix

Velo by Wix

Velo by Wix is an open development platform for the purpose of building Advanced WEB APPLICATIONS. And that is with hassle-free coding, fully designing freedom and serverless computing.

More Advanced Tools for Online Businesses

In case you are a Designer, Yoga Instructor, Chef, or Musician, this is for you.

Because the Business Tools in this feature help you to manage and have full control over your Website as well as your Business all-in-one-place.

These include;

  • Event Management Tools
  • Online ordering for Restaurants
  • Appointment booking for any Service Providers
  • Powerful Bogging engine for Bloggers
  • Accepting online payments for Ecommerce Owners

Pricing & Plans

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

Wix Pricing & Plans

Connect Domain

  • The Pricing starts at $4.50/month
  • Easy Custom Domain Name connection(but still Site migration is quite complicated)
  • And, 24/7 Customer Support


  • The Pricing starts at $8.50/month
  • No Wix ADS on your website
  • And, 2 GB Bandwidth


  • The Pricing starts at $12.50/month
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • And, Visitor Analytics App(for 1 year)


  • The Pricing starts at $24.50/month
  • Professional & Social Media Logo Files
  • And, Priority Customer Support

In the end, Wix is an SSL Certified and fully hosted platform. That means you don’t have to pay an additional fee for Web Hosting Services.

Plus the availability of a FREE Forever Plan is something that drives Users to test this website builder. Though in this plan there is a limited STORAGE and BANDWIDTH with no Custom Domain Name included.

2. Squarespace – Website Builder

Squarespace Website Builder

On the condition that you’re more into creative and related stuff, Squarespace is the right Website Builder choice. It is best for Artists, Photographers, Designers, and people who love designs & rely heavily on visual works.

As we said before, Squarespace is best known for its great website designs that come with a tone of fully editable Templates.

With this Website Builder, there is also an in-built Analytics feature. The Analytics feature provides you a steady DATA of on-site Website Visitors.

That is in case if you’re not using Google Analytics, at all.

Getting started with Squarespace is also easy & straightforward. Once you have chosen the type of Templates you like, then use the drag-and-drop builder to customize the looks of your website. After that just hit the “Publish” button.

It’s as simple as that!

Plus once your Site goes up and running, this Website Builder gives you the best Marketing Tools.

These Are;

  • SEO Tools
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Ecommerce Functionality, etc

These Tools effortlessly help you sell Services and Products if you have already got one at hand. That is by adding an online store to your website.


The following are the major FEATURES of Squarespace.

More features for a Website, Blog and Portfolio Site

For your website, you can find Design Tools & customizable Templates that are made by a world-class Design Team. The Templates perfectly fit according to your BRAND.

There are also advanced features for Blogging and Portfolios. These include post scheduling, Podcast Support, Google AMP Functionality, Portfolio Pages, Lightbox Presentation, Drag-and-drop Management, etc.

Squarespace Domain Features

Squarespace Domain Features

When it comes to Domains, after you choose a Domain Name you want, this Website Builder provides a seamless Domain Registration. 

In terms of integration, it also gives you easy-to-follow STEPs to connect your website to the Domain Name you already purchased from a third-party Domain Registrar Site like GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Site Building Tools

The Site Building Tools is an interesting part. It is where you get Squarespace’s Custom WYSIWYG Editor. And this Editor supports many content types as well as complex multi-column layouts.

More Advanced Marketing Tools

Squarespace Website Builder Marketing Tool

Whether it is for Email Campaigns, Social Media Integrations, SEO, or Analytics overview, the Website Builder has all the Marketing Tools in one place.

All you need to worry about is just coming up with an outstanding Website Design like the Homepage of a Squarespace.

Pricing & Plans

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

Squarespace Pricing & Plans


  • The Pricing starts at $12/month
  • 2 Contributors
  • And, FREE Custom Domain


  • The Pricing starts at $18/month
  • Unlimited Contributors
  • And, Premium Integrations and Blocks

Basic Commerce

  • The Pricing starts at $26/month
  • Customer Accounts
  • And, Powerful Ecommerce Analytics

Advanced Commerce

  • The Pricing starts at $40/month
  • Advanced Shipping & Discounts
  • And, Commerce APIs

In general, Squarespace is one of the best Website Builders for personal sites like a Blog that rely more on beautiful and creative visuals.

The best part is there is a 14-day FREE trial. And this is an outstanding approach to try out before joining the 2 million people who use this Website Builder.

3. Zyro – Website Builder

Zyro Website Builder

Zyro is a modern and most affordable website builder to go for in 2022. With Zyro, you can build a simple and relatively fast-loading Online Store.

Even more, its easy-to-use and powerful set of tools are there to help you on your journey. So that, you can come up with a stunning website within less than an hour as 90% of Zyro’s Users are doing it.

Above all, you can access dozens of Pre-made Website Templates, Mobile-ready responsive designs, Logo makers, AI-driven tools, and over 1 million high-quality FREE Stock Images. 

All the above features are insanely helpful to grow your Online Business.

The Website Builder also integrates with a few but popular heatmaps Conversion Optimization Tools. Like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Messenger, Hotjar, etc.

In order to start with the platform much like Wix’s ADI, there are a few easy STEPS to follow in the Zyro AI Content Generator.

The STEPS are;

1-STEP… Choose the type of your Business.

2-STEP… Following that, Write a few(two or three) Sentences that actually define what your Business brand and mission is all about.

3-STEP… Then, go to the AI setting part and start to work on customizing depending on your expertise and creativity level.

4-STEP… and Finally, hit the “Generate” button.

That’s it! 

Now you have Unique Content that can possibly rank & conversate high on the SERP(Search Engine Results Page).


The following are the major FEATURES of Zyro.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Zyro Website Builder Drag-and-Drop Editor

On the drag-and-drop feature as we have said, there are a ton of designer-made Templates to choose from.

In addition, you don’t necessarily need coding skills. That means you have full control over the grid features by just adding, removing, and editing ELEMENTS. This is all done without messing with a single line of code.

eCommerce Functionality & Payment Solutions

The best part of this is not only you’re able to launch a perfect yet uncomplicated Online Store within minutes, but also access to helpful resources. From Shipping Services, Easy Management, Reporting to simple CRM solutions.

Also, the Universal Online Payment solutions are available here. Such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and other popular credit cards.

Domain & Hosting Services

Domain & Hosting is another advanced feature of Zyro’s Website Builder. It is where you get FREE Domain & Hosting that are included in the Pricing Plans. As well as being able to connect to existing Domains.

More on Security & Customer Services

Zyro Service & Security Features

As Security and sophisticated Customer support are the first concerns in any Business, with this software you’ll get top-notch 24/7 Customer Supports(through Email & Live Chat) & SSL Security Services.

And the above are the best aspects that you’ll find by using this Website Builder.

Pricing & Plans

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

Zyro Pricing & Plans


  • The Pricing starts at $2.49/month
  • And, FREE SSL Security


  • The Pricing starts at $2.90/month
  • Unlimited STORAGE
  • And, FREE Domain for 1 year


  • The Pricing starts at $8.90/month
  • Up to 100 Product Listing
  • And, Shipping and Tax Management

eCommerce Plus

  • Pricing starts at $15.90/month
  • Up to 2500 Product Listing
  • And, Shipping and Tax Management

Zyro in overall is the go-to-go if you’re starting & getting on to build a small and simple Online Store.

However, if you’re going to build a website for larger Online Stores, you need to look for scalable and competitive Website Builders on the market like Shopify.

4. Weebly – Website Builder

Weebly Website Builder

If you’re looking for the best FREE Website Builder, then Weebly is for you. Even if it comes as FREE, there are great designs and functionality included like a live Page Editor.

Weebly powers over 40 million websites worldwide. And this indicates that it is one of the most popular, FREE & fully hosted platforms in the market.

The other is with this San Francisco-based Website Builder company, you can access a Mobile APP. And the Mobile App lets you track your website’s performance right at your hand without being limited to locations.

On top of that, the available Marketing and SEO tools are the best features to market your website. So that, at the end of the day, you are able to get into the eyes of the TARGETED Audiences.

Having said that, in order to get advanced features like FREE Domain(not Weebly branded), Google Ads($100 credit), Shipping Calculator, and advanced Site Stats, the FREE plan is not enough. 

That’s where the Pro plan comes in, which starts at $12/month(billed annually).


The following are the major FEATURES of Weebly.

Powerful Design Tools

Weebly Website Builder Powerful Design Tools

So far, Weebly’s Designing tools are easy to use and require no coding skills. Plus the professionally Designed Templates & Responsive Themes of this website builder are the icing on the cake.

And finally using those Tools, you are able to come up with a stand-out website that looks great on any device. Whether it is on a Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop.

Third-party Integrations

Here, by using the App Center feature, you can effortlessly & directly connect your Site with a collection of third-party services and apps.

Advanced eCommerce Tools

The advanced eCommerce tools include all the RESOURCES you need to launch an Online Store and sell products.

Advanced Ecommerce tools that you’ll find are;

  • Inventory Management & Tracking
  • An integrated Shopping Cart & Secure Checkout
  • Filtered Product Options/variants
  • Shipping Calculator & Labels
  • Payments solutions through Square and many more

Analytics & Statistics

Weebly Statistics

When you’re going to use this platform, a detailed website Statistics & Insights is the other feature you will get.

Thus, you are able to track the performance of your website and how visitors are engaging with your web pages from the Weebly Dashboard. As a result, you can come up with the trends that are currently working best in the market.

Pricing & Plans

Now, let’s the Pricing & Plans.

Weebly Pricing & Plans


  • The Pricing starts at $0/month
  • And, FREE SSL Security


  • The Pricing starts at $5/month
  • And, Connect a Custom Domain


  • The Pricing starts at $12/month
  • Unlimited STORAGE
  • And, FREE Domain(at $20)


  • The Pricing starts at $25/month
  • Advanced Ecommerce Tools
  • And, Customer Support(including through Phone)

For those who want to create an eCommerce Online Store and start selling, Weebly has come with top-notch built-in support.

Again, each and every Site that is created by using this website builder has access to many built-in features. These include but are not limited to Contact Forms, Sliders, Custom Backgrounds, and Photo Gallery.

5. Shopify – Website Builder

Shopify Website Builder

Shopify is an all-in-one Website Builder for Ecommerce & related businesses. It is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms that run in the backend to help you build a fully functional eCommerce store.

Specifically, if you’re thinking of running a larger & SCALABLE Online Store, look no further! Because this is our top pick for Ecommerce websites.

And with this Website Builder you can;

  • Sell PRODUCTS directly from your website
  • List Products & Services across multiple Online Marketplaces & Social Media
  • Access to hundreds of built-in RESOURCES & Features
  • Get the advantage of third-party extension Apps(3,000+ integrations)

To date, Shopify powers over 1,700,000 Businesses(800,000 Online Stores) worldwide. And, on the platform around $40 Billion worth of Products & Services have been sold by its 1million active Users.

Besides, this website builder offers full Inventory Management Systems, integrated Payment Getaways, simple Marketing Tools, Powerful Analytics & Insights, Award-winning Customer Services, etc.

Now, let’s see more of its features!


The following are the major FEATURES of Shopify.

Order Management

Accepting Customer orders within seconds made simple. Not only this, but also you can quickly choose a template, then add your PRODUCTS and finally start to make your very first sale on the same day.

Plus there is a safe and secure connection to your Online Store DATA such as Credit Card info and transactions. That’s because Shopify is a Certified Level 1 PCI Compliant.

Detailed Customer Profiles

Shopify Website Builder Detailed Customer Profiles

Nothing makes your Marketing effort & Selling SUCCESS easier than knowing well your Customers’ shopping habits. And with this feature, you’re about to know the nitty-gritty details of the interactions of your Customers with your Online Store.

The details include;

  • Finding their contact info & order history
  • Creating Customer Account at checkout to boost return shoppings
  • Making CUSTOMER GROUPS based on locations, product purchase history, shopping cart abandonment, etc

App Integrations(Add-ons)

By using Add-ons to your Shopify-based Online Store, you are able to extend the functionality & capability of your website. Also, you can make the shipping process straightforward by integrating it with major carriers.

Insights & Reports

Shopify Analytics & Insights

Here we have come to one of the powerful features of this Website Builder. And that is an all-inclusive Insightful report to help you grow your business.

The reports let you get an edge over the understanding of how the sales activities are going on. You can do that by tracking as well as analyzing your listed product orders, payments, and sales.

Pricing & Plans

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

Shopify Pricing & Plans

Basic Shopify

  • The Pricing starts at $29/month
  • 2 Staff Accounts
  • And, Up to 4 Inventory Locations


  • The Pricing starts at $79/month
  • 5 Staff Accounts
  • And, Up to 5 Inventory Locations

Advanced Shopify

  • The Pricing starts at $299/month
  • 15 Staff Accounts
  • And, Up to 8 Inventory Locations

With that said, Shopify is a fully-featured & powerful WYSIWYG Content Management System. And it has everything you’ll need to build a website & start to sell products online.

The only downside of using this Website Builder is its Pricing & Plans come a little bit higher than its competitors. And this is a sign that it is the one to build a hassle-Free Online Store.

6. Bluehost – Website Builder

Bluehost Website Builder

Bluehost is a well-known & popular name when it comes to the best Web Hosting Services. And recently(in August 2021) it launched a Website Builder that can be built on the available WordPress features.

The Website Builder of Bluehost is the go-to for entrepreneurs who are aiming to grow their business in the near future.

As usual, it includes a drag-and-drop Editor, Mobile optimization options, a variety of Content Blocks to choose from, and Email Marketing Services & Tools.

When you choose this platform to build your website, you’ll get Managed Hosting Services for unlimited sites on all the Pricing Plans.

The Managed Hosting Services simply means Bluehost Website Builder Provider TEAMS will take care of the installation processes and keep plugins up-to-date on your behalf of you.

Like its competitors out there, Bluehost also comes with a FREE Domain Name for 1 year and 24/7 Customer Support Services. Plus there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.


The following are the major FEATURES of Bluehost Website Builder.

Simple Website Creation

Bluehost’s built-in Smart AI makes the designing processes easy for you by providing you with definitive Guides. As a result, you will get started fast using its real-time layout edits without messing up with codes.

In addition, there are a lot of other features. Such as 1-click WordPress access, Custom Fonts & CSS, smart Templates, and more.

Bluehost Simple Website Creation

Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Optimization

Again, with the help of the above-mentioned smart AI, you can also make a well-optimized website that looks incredible on any Device Screen. From Mobile, Tablet to Desktop.

Integrated WordPress Features

Bluehost Website Builder WordPress Features

There is a lot to say about WordPress. WordPress is a FREE and Open Source Content Management System(CMS). Plus it is the most popular CMS that is used by over 32% of the websites on the internet.

And by using Bluehost as your Website Builder, you’ll access all the features of the self-hosted WordPress. These include around 9,000 FREE Themes, over 59,000 FREE Plugins, and other incredible RESOURCES.

24/7 Customer Support

Customer Support Services is also another great feature here. It’s where they provide answers to your questions and concerns any time of the day through Call, Chat, or Email.

Pricing & Plans

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

Bluehost Pricing & Plans


  • The Pricing starts at $2.95/month
  • Unlimited Websites
  • And, FREE Domain Name for 1-year


  • The Pricing starts at $9.95/month
  • Unlimited Online Store Products
  • And, 10+ Pricing & Packaging Templates


  • The Pricing starts at $24.95/month
  • Discount Code Generator
  • And, Tax Management Services

Bluehost is the most popular name on the internet and coming up with a Website Builder even makes it more accessible & gets exposure.

In the end, if you want to Start a Blog instead of building a website for your Online Business, Bluehost also provides you with an affordable web hosting service that just starts at $2.75.

7. Web.com – Website Builder

Web.com Website Builder

Web.com is the ideal option if you’re running Small and Medium-sized Businesses(SMBs) and looking for the fastest platform to build a website.

Allowing you to have a Site that is going to be up and running in no time. Most of the time it takes only a few minutes to SIGN UP and start to work on your website ASAP.

Web.com also has a great & easy to get going drag-and-drop Editor as many other Website Builders provide for non-Techies. As well as over thousands of stunning ready-made Templates that match up with your brand with just one Clicks.

The best part of using Web.com is that you’ll get expert help & assistance from the website builder provider TEAMS. 

And These Include;

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Website Designing Services
  • Professional Business Directories

On top of that, you can access a ton of easy-to-use Features & Website Building Tools relatively at a very affordable price. And now you’re about to see its features in the articles below.


The following are the major FEATURES of Web.com.

Pro Designed Templates

Web.com Website Builder Pro Designed Templates

As we have said before, the Templates that you find are Ready-made & Professional. Plus they can be used for a wide variety of business types and industries.

Social Media Features

The Social Media Feature is all about using branded Social Buttons, embedded Social Feeds, and customizable Social Share Icons.

With that you can effortlessly connect with Visitors through the brand you have already built. So that at the end, you will establish a genuine Online Community around your Business’s Website.

All-inclusive DIY Solution

Web.com DIY Solution

Are you looking for a Website Builder with overall DIY features? 

Then, Web.com is for you. Here, they provide you with a Custom Domain Name that is FREE for 1 year. As well as built-in Website Hosting that is with fast loading & backup features.

Expert Tips & Tricks

The platforms Expert TEAMS is there for you to give you ACTIONABLE Tips & Tricks that are proven to be useful.

Whether it is;

  • Technical Support
  • Building a website from scratch
  • Ways to attract new Customers
  • Or Online Buying & Selling Strategies

Pricing & Plans

Now, let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

Web.com Pricing & Plans

Essential Hosting

  • The Pricing starts at $5.95/month
  • And, 25 FTP Accounts

Professional Hosting

  • The Pricing starts at $7.95/month
  • And, 50 FTP Accounts

Premium Hosting

  • The Pricing starts at $9.95/month
  • Unlimited STORAGE
  • And, No limit on FTP Accounts

All in all, Web.com is the Website Builder that many of its customers are satisfied with using it. This is especially for the Pricing Plans & Customer Support.

The software also ranked in the 2nd position on the Website Design Site’s list.

Summary on Best Website Bulilder for Small Business in 2022: Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, and More

Which one of the best website builder you find the right choice for you? Let’s know in the comment section below…

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