7 Best Email Marketing Services For Small Business (2022 Reviews)

Best Email Marketing Services

It is true that for many Email Marketing is the core of their business. That’s why they are always looking for the best Email Marketing Services for Small Business to SCALE-UP their Online Marketing Campaigns.

Marketing through Email means is one of the oldest types of Digital Marketing, but the surprising part is it is still striving for betterness.

And many Businesses are finding more SUCCESS & PROFITABILITY by using Emails as a means of Marketing when compared to other platforms like Social Media.

For example, for every $1 spent on email, there is a return on investment up to $42.

That being said, let’ go right into finding your ideal Email Marketing Services to get the advantage of The $42 ROI(Return On Investment)

1. Constant Contact – Email Marketing Services

Constant Contact Email Marketing Services

Constant Contact is one of the leading Email Marketing Services which is an ideal choice for Small Businesses.

Its powerful drag-and-drop builder and a lot of Templates are what got it to this position. You might not get surprised to see so many Users enjoying using this platform.

The endmost reason for this is its plethora of easy-to-use Features including Event Management.

With Event Management’s special Feature, You’ll go further as a Marketer.

It gives you FULL control of;

  • Managing event registration applications
  • Creating Email Invitations
  • Organizing TICKETs
  • Integrating with extra Event Management Platforms like Eventbrite

For those Small Business Owners who are non-techies and beginners, Constant Contact is absolutely a smart INVESTMENT.

Besides, Constant Contact offers Users a Full 60 day FREE Trial, which is the best approach in order to find out if it is the right Email Marketing Services for your BUSINESS’s Online Branding or not.


The following are the Features of Constant Contact.

Contact Management

Constant Contact Email Marketing Services Contact Management

Adding New Contact Lists directly from Outlook, Gmail, Salesflare, etc is made simple. 

Once you add the Contact Lists, Constant Contact’s Dashboard will do the rest of the TASKs for you.

Such as organizing the contact(Text File or Spreadsheet) with Tags into a single list and avoiding unnecessary duplicates all in a neat and tidy way.

Multiple Ecommerce Integrations

This is a Feature where you access integrations with the available Ecommerce Solutions as well as get the desired Marketing Tools to build and grow your online store.

Marketing Automation

Segmented and Automated EMAILs are the most assured ways to keep Potential Customers engaged.

And, Constant Contact’s Marketing Automation is all about this, which is keeping audiences and then growing sales subsequently.

All that is done Via;

  • Triggered & Autoresponder Email series
  • Resending Emails to Non-Openers
  • Welcoming, Birthday and Anniversary Emails

100+ Responsive Templates

Finding 100+ Ready-made Templates that are perfectly Optimized is not that easy.

And with this FEATURE not only do you access them all but also along with built-in drag-and-drop Elements and Smart Content Blocks.

Real-time Analytics & Reporting

Constant Contact Real-time Analytics

Overall Insights & Reports for instance who’s Clicking, Opening, Spamming as well as Sharing your Email Newsletters are the best details for an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

That’s where Constant Contact’s real-time Email Tracking Tools come in, which lets you improve your Productivity in no time.

Pricing & Plans

Let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

Constant Contact Pricing & Plans


Here is the Email Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $20/month
  • 5 Users
  • Unlimited Monthly Sends
  • Sign-Up Forms
  • Customer Support

Email Plus

Here is the Email Plus Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $45/month
  • Unlimited Users
  • No limit on Monthly Sends
  • Customizable Pop-up Forms
  • Customer Support

The above two are Constant Contact’s Plans. Their Pricing in each Plan increases with respect to the number of Contacts.

Email is ideal as a starting Plan for Small Businesses and Organizations.

But if you want more powerful Features like Automated Emails, Email Plus is the best choice.

2. SendinBlue – Email Marketing Services

Sendinblue Email Marketing Services

We have come to an all-in-one Email Marketing Services with fully automated solutions on a Budget for growing Businesses.

Previously started as a DIGITAL AGENCY, over time SendinBlue has developed into one of the leading Email Marketing Platforms that provide a great solution for SMBs(Small-to-Medium Businesses).

And eventually becomes one of the Top 100 Software Companies of 2021.

If you want to grow your Lists as fast as possible from the very beginning, look no further.

Because this is an Easy to Use and SIMPLE Platform that has all the essential Tools you all need throughout your journey.

On top of that, SendinBlue has a FREE forever plan that lets you have Unlimited Contacts and allows you 300 Email Sends per day with no credit card details.


The following are the Features of SendinBlue.

Marketing Automation

Of course, an Automation Feature is one of the top benefits that you can get from using this Email Marketing Software.

It is where you set Trigger Email Messages that are going to be sent after a specific action occurs. 

These Triggers will go off when someone abandoned a Shopping Cart, visited a Web Page, SUBSCRIBED to an Email List, or Clicked on a particular Link.

In addition, you are able to design or choose the entire sequence accordingly.

Lead Generation Tools

Sendinblue Email Marketing Services Lead Generation Tools

This is SendinBlue’s Basic RESOURCES where you can generate more leads and conversions.

You Can Do This by;

  • Building an amazing Landing Page without any Coding Skills
  • Creating Custom SIGNUP Forms
  • Launching Facebook Ads right from your Account

Multiple Integrations

With this character, Someone can effortlessly integrate the Features of SendinBlue to any available Tools through the medium of API or Plugins no matter what the TECHNICAL Structure is.

Social Media Marketing

As Social Media Marketing is one part of the Digital Marketing Strategy, this Email Marketing Services understand this and provide it as a new addition to its feature.

Real-time Statistics

Sendinblue Statistics

The other interesting part is if you have chosen this platform, you are able to get instantaneous Comprehensive DATA of how the transactional emails are performing.

It DISPLAYS for you the whole Transactional Mailings(beginning from delivery, open rate to click) in a SIMPLE to understand Insights.

Pricing & Plans

Let’s see their Pricing & Plans.

Sendinblue Pricing & Plans


Here is the FREE Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $0/month
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Maximum 300 Emails per day


Here is the Lite Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $25/month
  • Unlimited Daily Sends
  • Email Customer Support


Here is the Premium Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $65/month
  • Multi-User Access
  • Marketing Automation


Here is the Enterprise Plan.

  • Pricing is depending on Agreements
  • 10+ Users Access
  • Priority Customer Support

The FREE Plan is enough to get going if you’re A Blogger or a Small Business Owner.

And with time once you start to GROW LISTs, you can jump to the Lite then UP to the Enterprise Plan.

3. AWeber – Email Marketing Services

AWeber Email Marketing Services

AWeber is the most affordable with first-class Customer Support Email Marketing Services.

It was established back in 1998.

And the Company now is being used by more than 120,000 Email Marketers(both Individuals and Business Firms).

Like other Email Marketing Services, they provide marketing automation, drag-and-drop email landing page builders, integrations with third-party applications, list management tools, signup forms, and analytics reports.

Importing an existing EMAIL Database which is created by Common File types like XLS, XLSX, TSV, TXT, and CSV into AWeber is a straightforward process.

The cool part is AWeber has a FREE forever Plan Package where you can get almost all the essential features you need as a Starter.


The following are the Features of AWeber.

Over 600 Templates

AWeber Email Marketing Services Templates

When compared to other Email Marketing Services, AWeber has a wide-reaching set of Pre-built Email Templates of over 700.

Plus there is also an option to Code your own Templates.

A/B(Split Testing)

First of all, A/B Testing(also called Split Testing) is a way of Sending a variant of Newsletters to Email SUBSCRIBERs in order to monitor which performs better.

And with AWeber, you’re able to send around Three Variants of Email Newsletters as well as match and mix the variants.

Thereby, after evaluating the best-performing version of the e-newsletter, you can automatically send that for the rest of your Email Lists.

DATA Segmentation

AWeber DATA Segmentation

The other feature you’ll get from using this platform is the ability to segment Email Subscribers.

This is not just based on the Content of the Database, but Users’ interaction DATA such as web page visits, link clicks, email opens, and product purchases.

24/7 Quality Customer Support

AWeber also provides a stand-out 24/7 Customer Support Service.

You can get a quick response for your QUERIES on the Paid Plans via Email Support, Phone Support, or Chat Support according to your choice.

Analytics & Reporting

This is where you get the general Insights into how your Email Marketing Campaign is implemented.

These Includes;

  • Open rate, Bounce rate and Click-Through-Rates
  • SignUp Method Overviews
  • List Growth through TIME
  • History of Users Interactions
  • General Sales activities

In addition to that, there is a Stats app that lets you view your overall Email Marketing Statistics anywhere, at any time.

Pricing & Plans

Let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

AWeber Pricing & Plans


Here is the FREE Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $0/month
  • Up to 500 Contacts
  • Maximum of 3000 Sends per month
  • 1 User


Here is the Pro Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $16.15/month
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • No Limit on Monthly Sends
  • Unlimited Users

AWeber has a simple structure on the Pro Plan. Whether you have 150 Contact Lists or 15000 Contact Lists, you’ll access all the available features. 

The pricing tier only depends on the number of Contacts you have.

So from this AWeber is the right choice if you have Small Contact Lists (up to 500).

4. ConvertKit – Email Marketing Services

ConvertKit Email Marketing Services

If you’re an Online Influencer and engaged in one of the Best Online Business Ideas such as Blogging, Course Creating, Video Producing, and so on, ConvertKit is the right choice.

Because this Email Marketing Services more focused on engaging your audiences and understanding their needs.

So that, you’ll have more genuine FOLLOWERS.

All this is done via;

  • creating Automated Email Funnels
  • organizing Subscribers into Groups
  • building Powerful Landing Pages
  • simple Ecommerce Platforms Integrations

The Software also lets you Deliver Opt-In Freebie Ideas or Content Upgrade easily through your Blog Posts or Articles. 

Opt-In Freebie Ideas are FREE resources to grow email lists such as Online Courses, Spreadsheets, Templates, and e-Books that you offer to your visitors in order to get their email addresses in return.

In addition, ConvertKit provides affordable monthly pricing with a 14-day FREE trial.


The following are the Features of ConvertKit.

Attractive SignUp Forms

ConvertKit Email Marketing Services SIGN UP Forms

Attractive, Responsive & Unlimited Customizable SignUp Forms are one of the many benefits you get from using this platform.

The Forms are plain sailing to embed them anywhere on a website and direct SUBSCRIBERs to the wanted CTAs(Call-To-Actions) right away.

Contact Management

Managing your Contact Lists is flexible and quite simple with ConvertKit

The Segmenting and Tagging system made the process smooth to add or remove Subscribers from campaigns, workflows, and email sequences as well as manage them from a single list.

Plus Migrating Contacts from other Email Marketing Services is also straightforward.

All you need is to upload your SUBSCRIBER Lists through CSV File to ConvertKit and consequently you’ll receive a Confirmation Message.

Boom, Now You’re All Done!

Integration with 70+ Marketing Automation Tools

When compared to other Email Marketing Services, there are limited Third-Party Integrations.

Even so, some top-ranked tools are available such as Shopify, Teachable, WooCommerce, etc, and other known Online Payment Methods, Online Course Platforms, and CRM Softwares.

Landing Page Editor

ConvertKit Landing Page Builder

The other is, ConvertKit provides a number of different types of Landing Page Templates that you are able to customize their looks in order to match up with your Branding colors or so.

Yet, even if it isn’t as powerful as The Most Popular Landing Page Builders, with ConvertKit’s feature, you can possibly create a simple Landing Page without any background Designing or Coding SKILLs and add a lead magnet to it in no time.

Customer Support

A fast Customer Support Service is available through EMAIL and Live Chat.

Moreover, there are knowledge-based useful Video Workshops, Article Documents, and Tutorials & Training Materials.

Pricing & Plans

Let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

ConvertKit Pricing & Plans


Here is the FREE Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $0/month
  • Unlimited Forms & Landing Pages
  • FREE Community Support


Here is the Creator Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $9/month
  • Email & Live Chat support
  • FREE migration from other Tools

Creator Pro

Here is the Creator Pro Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $25/month
  • Custom Audience on Facebook
  • Advance Reporting

Like some other Email Marketing Services, ConvertKit’s pricing also depends on the number of SUBSCRIBERs you have.

After all, ConvertKit is the best choice if you’re an Online Creator, especially if you’re going to Start a Blog.

5. ActiveCampaign – Email Marketing Services

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Services

ActiveCampaign is a Chicago-based overall Marketing Automation tool that is great for Starters and Advanced Online Marketers.

To date, it is helping and being used by over 150,000 Customers who saved 38.4 million hours in the last 12 months by using its automation features.

Plus the Company works with more than 6,000 Partners.

It’s not exaggerating to say this Email Marketing Services has all the necessary FEATURES you need to SCALE UP your Newsletter Marketing efforts.

The Platform is Easy to Set up and Use.

On the condition that you’re coming from another software, you don’t have to worry much about the Account Migration.

Because they will handle it all FREE for you.

On top of that, ActiveCampaign has a great email deliverability rate, which means their email sends are less likely to be marked as SPAMs when compared to other Email Marketing Services.


The following are the Features of ActiveCampaign.

Powerful Automations

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Services Automations

Of course, Automation is one of the best features of this software.

You can see all the automation on the main SCREEN as well as generate new ones from scratch.

If you want to use the available ones, there are a number of Automation Templates to choose from that are outlined for a particular purpose;

These include;

  • Sign-Up Welcoming Messages
  • Interest TARGETED Follow-Ups
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Follow-Ups
  • List and Contact Management Automates

All the Automations are set up by using Conditional Logic and occur in the background. 

For more Advanced Users the ActiveCampaign Pro with event tracking, SCORING, and Tagging is the go-to go to improve the Customer Experiences.

Multiple Email Templates

This is where you choose dozens of Professional Looking Email Templates.

There is also a drag-and-drop versatile editor to use for Content BLOCKs when you’re creating your EMAIL.

Sales CRM

Sales CRM is a feature that allows you to Automate DEALS.

And then the DEAL system lets you set up appointments, add notes to individual contacts, or use apps like Gmail, send Direct Messages, generate high lead scores based on clicks, email opens and form submissions, and more.

Text Messages, SMS and Chat

Managing MESSAGES is so easy with ActiveCampaign.

You can effortlessly View, Edit, and Delete every single Message that is linked to the Automated Campaigns.

It also gives you the capability to build an Omni-channel Messaging Experience that upgrades the Conversations and Support with your Customers.

In general, MESSAGING is the term used to describe SMS & Text Messages(which are used by over 60% of the world’s population), On-site chat & Conversations, and Facebook Audiences.

Advanced Reporting

ActiveCampaign Analytics & Reporting

Automation Map SCREEN gives you a general overview of how well your Automations are interacting.

These reports include Click-maps, Contact Trends, Chat Conversions, PageViews, Geo-Tracking, eCommerce Insights, Deal & Automation Reports, etc.

Pricing & Plans

Let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

ActiveCampaign Pricing & Plans


Here is the Lite Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $21.75/month
  • 1 User
  • Chat & Email Support


Here is the Plus Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $36.75/month
  • Up to 25 Users
  • Advanced Mobile Reporting


Here is the Professional Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $112.13/month
  • Up to 50 Users
  • Dedicated Onboarding Specialist


Here is the Enterprise Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $194/month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Customized Branding with APPs

ActiveCampaign is best for experienced or advanced Email Marketers who are ready to use Marketing Automation Tools.

Even so, beginners are able to use this software because there are many onboarding accessible videos to get started.

6. Mailchimp – Email Marketing Services

Mailchimp Email Marketing Services

On the condition that you’re running a Small Business and looking for Basic and  FREE Marketing Software, this is the right option.

Mailchimp is the most popular and the biggest name in the world when it comes to email marketing services powering over 12 million customers who forward billions of EMAILs every single day.

Not to mention that they provide a FREE forever plan.

The Mailchimp platform is also ranked 14th on Forbes’s top 100 Cloud Lists.

After all, the Basic FREE plan lets you have up to 2000 subscribers and around 12,000 Email Sends per month.

And this plan comes with autoresponders, drag-and-drop email builders, transactional emails, segmenting Contact Lists, third-party integrations, and analytics tracking.

But limited to some features like Advanced Segmentation and Send-Time Optimization plus don’t expect sophisticated Integrations and Customer Support.


The following are the Features of Mailchimp.

Basic Automation

With the Basic Automation Features, even if it isn’t that great, you’ll get access to Workflow-based Automations on the Customer Journey section associated with some rules to send follow-up emails.

That means you can set up Autoresponders in order to get in touch with new subscribers and send reminder EMAILs to Customers who abandoned their cart as well as recommend PRODUCTs and request Feedback.

Email Templates

Mailchimp Email Marketing Services Templates

Regarding Email layouts, there are sufficient predesigned and responsive Templates, but on the FREE Plan, you only get the basics which some of them look outdated.

Form & Landing Page Builder

A simple built-in and drag-and-drop Builder whether it is for setting up Forms or Landing Pages is so far the best Feature of Mailchimp.

You can also add your own Color Code and Fields if you want to make it a more appealing design for your campaigns before integrating or adding it to your website.

Mailchimp Campaigns

Mailchimp Campaigns

The other is with this platform, you can run an adequate Marketing Campaign in order to capture leads.

By using the in-built CRM, regular & automated drip campaigns, A/B Testing, Google remarketing, and Facebook Ads Campaigns.

Analytics & Reports

At long last, this is where you TRACK all the things you need to know about how your Email Marketing plan of action is going on easily via Clients, Geo-Targeting, Click Mapping, Social Media, and Google Analytics Integrations.

Pricing & Plans

Let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

Mailchimp Pricing & Plans


Here is the FREE Plan.

  • Starts at $0/month
  • Up to 2000 Contacts
  • FREE Marketing CRM


Here is the Essentials Plan.

  • Starts at $9.99/month
  • Up to 500 Contacts
  • 24/7 Email & Chat Customer Support


Here is the Standard Plan.

  • Starts at $14.99/month
  • Upto 500 Contacts
  • Send Time Optimization


Here is the Premium Plan.

  • Starts at $299/month
  • Up to 10,000 Contacts
  • Advanced Segmentation

If you’re planning on getting access to the basics of Email Marketing Services with no budget and blowing out some occasional EMAILs to your SUBSCRIBERs, then Mailchimp is for you.

Otherwise, go for the top-ranked ones like Constant Contact, ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign.

7. GetResponse – Email Marketing Services

GetResponse Email Marketing Services

GetResponse is an all-in-one Email Marketing Platform that is more dedicated to boosting Automated sales funnel and lead generation.

The Company was started after the CEO Simon Grabowski founded the first Auto-responder back in 1997, then the rest is history.

Even if the platform is well known for its Automated Lead Generation, there are a ton of other features included.

And some of These are;

  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Contact List Segmentation
  • Converting Landing Page Builders
  • Plus Webinar Software

But an exceptional feature of GetResponse is Autofunnel.

This is a completely automated & easy to get going tool, which is used to generate leads plus to create sales funnels including landing pages, Facebook ads, exit SignUp forms, and integrations with eCommerce platforms.

In addition, if you’re going to host a webinar, Autofunnel will help you in the registration process.



The following are the Features of GetResponse.

Email Marketing Tools

GetResponse Marketing Tools

Building the nitty-gritty of an EMAIL that is crafted perfectly is made simple with GetResponse Email Marketing Services.

From well-predesigned Templates, Autoresponders, List Management, Transactional Emails to Email Analytics, all tools are on the table.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is the feature that lets you make extra revenues and sales on the Autopilot App by creating Automated and Personalized Emails.

Conversion Funnels

As we said before, Autofunnels are outstanding on this platform.

That being the case with the Conversion Funnel, you are able to build highly-converting FUNNELs that promise to turn random Visitors into Customers.

There are also provided Lead Magnets as an option for the Funnel process if you ain’t got one for you.

Website Builder(NEW!)

GetResponse Email Marketing Services Website Builder

Website Builder is a recently added feature of GetResponse which can help you to build a simple fully functional website from scratch like other Best Website Builder like Shopify provide out there. 

Live Chat

This is where you can directly Chat & Communicate with your Customers in real-time so that it becomes effortless to easily connect with them and then convert them faster.

Pricing & Plans

Let’s see the Pricing & Plans.

GetResponse Pricing & Plans


Here is the Basic Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $12.30/month
  • Up to 1000 Contacts
  • 1 Sales Funnel


Here is the Plus Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $40.18/month
  • Up to 1000 Contacts
  • 5 Sales Funnel


Here is the Professional Plan.

  • Pricing starts at $81.18/month
  • Up to 1000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Automations


Here is the Max Plan.

  • Pricing is depending on agreements
  • Up to 5000 Contacts
  • Dedicated Customer Support

Creating Automated Purchase funnels and Landing pages are what you’re primarily looking for, then give it a try to GetResponse.

The best part is there is a 30-day FREE Trial.

That means you can find out if it is the right Email Marketing Services or not before breaking the bank.

Summary on Best Email Marketing Services

These are the best Email Marketing Services to go for in 2022 in order to generate more sales for your Business.

Which Email Marketing Software do you find the right choice?

And How are you going to implement it for your Marketing Campaigns?

Leave your thoughts in the COMMENT SECTION BELOW so that others can share your ideas. Also, check out one of the Best Online Fax Services if you are’t using one yet.


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