7 Best CRM Software Examples For Small Business in 2022

Best CRM Software

In today’s vast business space where there are countless BIG and BRAND competitors in your market niche, you have to seek The Best CRM Software For Small Business in order to outrank them and stay on top of the rivalry.

One best way to do that is creating and building a Strong Relationship with Customers.

Hence, to do that seems a hard task all by your agency alone.

Because there will be a lot going on inside any company from running the business, arranging schedules, conferencing with employees, collaborating with Teams, and of course satisfying customers.

That is why you need CRM(Customer Relationship Management) software to help you with all those tasks and maintain a powerful relationship with customers.

And the following are the best CRM software examples for small business in 2022 to choose for your business.

 1. ZohoCRM Software

Zoho CRM Software

Zoho is one of the Top CRM software providers for small and medium-sized businesses(SMB) beginning in 2005. 

Over time the company has expanded its systems.

The agency now provides many services including Office Suite, Project Management, Invoicing, of course, Zoho CRM, and other applications.

Zoho CRM is the ease of use of Customer Relationship Management software in today’s market space.

It’s all-inclusive DESKTOP software that allows you to add and update records plus to check tasks and notes is an incredible feature of this CRM software.

The best part is it supports a Mobile App which nourishes data to all Team members easily.

If you’re considering the best overall CRM program, Zoho is all you need to grow your business to the next level.

It is an easy-to-use, user-friendly & flexible software to create a smooth relationship with your customers.


Performance Management

This is where you control the comprehensive productivity of your business such as setting up multiple currencies, categorizing customers, using Zia AI to prioritize leads, making accurate forecasts, and so on.

As keeping track of your sales activities is an important part of understanding how your business is going on, with Zoho CRM you can easily track each process in detail.

Sales Enablement

With Zoho’s CRM tool, you can generate price quotes, invoices and access sales scripts in a moment.

That means you’ll save a significant amount of time.


Getting real-time notifications of your visitors’ interaction, whether they’re reading your email, browsing your website, or saying something about your brand on social media is the best insight to focus more on providing a seamless customer experience.

So, you can come up with exactly what they are looking for through the insight of the available Multi-channel platform.

Process Management

Here you are able to set up & manage Rules on the sales processes accordingly.

As a result, your sales team members will find what ought to be done, at each stage, at any moment. 

Advance Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a unique self-service BI and statistical analytics software that allows you to track important DATA reports.

This is the best and advanced analytics system so far.


Generally, Zoho is an easy to use & powerful CRM software in the market which makes the installation and setup process extremely straightforward. And this is such an ideal choice for SMB startups. 

 2. HubSpot – CRM Software

HubSpot CRM Software

HubSpot CRM is the best FREE CRM Software option out there.

The cool part is there are HubSpot CRM hacks and features that you can get the most out of.

On top of that, thanks to its TECHNOLOGY Stack, which encompasses the elements: Services, Marketing, and Sales.

These are the right tools you all need in order to keep your customers HAPPY.

Specifically, the HubSpot CRM’s Sales element is the best tool for managing companies, contacts, and deal data processes.

Basically, HubSpot CRM is a highly-recommended Customer Relationship Management platform that helps your company to control and track all the necessary interactions within time and within customers.

In addition, the HubSpot CRM can easily be set up in only 5 days.

Besides, with this software, you can also improve your Customer Retention efforts, give accurate Sales Predictions, implement Marketing Automation, and grow Customer Satisfaction.


Contact Management

The Contact Management system of HubSpot CRM is a simple feature where you can create a hierarchy of companies’ ownership structures and add new fields that match up with your business.

It also provides a company’s insights like its estimated revenue, staff phone numbers, LinkedIn page, and other important details based on the Companys Domain Name(URL),

Email Integrations

Once HubSpot accesses your email account, you are able to get a number of Features.

These include sending emails directly from the platforms, real-time email & document tracking, Outlook and Gmail integration, etc

Multiple Deal Stages

HubSpot CRM has various Deal Pipelines which gives you the control to have different Deal Stages for a number of different types of deals.

If you’re running a big organization with a variety of services and products of sales activities, this is a savvy way to implement it right away.

Live Chat and Talkbots

Launching a Live Chat session is so easy with HubSpot CRM. You just have to install the code on your website.

And then you’re on the go to run LIVE MESSAGING with your website visitors at the moment.

Custom Data Reporting

This is an incredibly improved Feature that gives you the overall Sales critical DATA reports.


While the FREE tier which gives you 1,000,000 contacts, companies, and deals plus FREE Marketing, Sales, and Services with no time limit or expiration date is good, to begin with, the upgraded paid packages are worth trying.

 3. Freshworks – CRM Software

Freshworkd CRM Software

Freshworks CRM is the leading & next-generation AI-based software that offers everything you need: increase Leads, accelerate Sales and measure Sales Performance all-in-one.

It is made up of three powerful modules to address a particular business requirement.

That way, Freshworks CRM Sales Cloud will assist your business to focus more on boosting Conversion Rates.

Moreover, this CRM software has an end-to-end solution for Sales Members in terms of acquiring important insights, automating sales activities, and attracting more leads as well as closing more deals.

Freshworks CRM is perfect for businesses that want to strengthen & foster their relationship with customers and nurture them to TAKE ACTIONs using only one comprehensive software.

In addition to that, Freshworks also provides built-in communication tools like Email, Messaging, and Telephony which alleviates the complex queries of customers and so much more.

Thus, in turn, increases retention and improves sales.


Marketing Automation

This is all about automating your marketing efforts.

So that, you can easily find and engage your audience with automated workflows, end-to-end personalization, and behavioral segmentation.

In other words, automating KEY tasks will effortlessly amplify your sales productivity and save you more time. 

Enhanced AI (Freddy)

Freddy is a powerful Freshworks Artificial Intelligence that suggests better profitable decisions based on your business needs. 

Multiple Integrations

Having the capability to integrate with hundreds of applications is another cool Freshworks CRM software Feature.

And this is an incredible way to foster strong relationships with your customers on multichannel communication.

Instant Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management is what leads your business to make more deals one step up through the sales ladder. Plus it allows you to take each and every available opportunity to close more deals.

You are also able to manage a variety of sales TEAMS and keep track of their deals and product catalog.

And at the end, you’ll create pipelines & set sales goals on important deal stages accordingly.

Analytics with Visual Reports

Freshworks CRM Analytics will give you action-oriented insights & metrics with easy-to-understand various built-in visual reports within minutes. 


The Freshworks CRM marketing cloud is the best AI-driven software that boosts your marketing effort outcomes. It is the best choice to strengthen the partnership between your sales teams and marketing.

 4. Salesflare – CRM Software

Salesflare CRM Software

Salesflare is a New, Simple, and Popular CRM software. It is best for SMB and Startup Organization Businesses selling B2B.

It is a Belgium-based software that depends more on automation and Artificial Intelligence to provide a more efficient and up-to-date CRM environment.

When it is put into action, the automation creates a well-optimized workflow that reduces waste work times and manual data entry, tremendously speeds up the overall process, and of course, eliminates redundancies

Due to this, Salesflare solves the heavy traditional CRM workflows by providing an improved automated sales TIMELINE that enables more things in less time. 

Above all, Salesflare has a built-in lead generation and email marketing, customer segmentation, and automated follow-up processes, as well as calendar and reminder systems.

It is best for B2B companies that need easy-to-use and customized software.


Automated Company and Contact DATA

A fully computerized contact and company information are what you get from this Feature.

It’s where you store the Email addresses, Telephone numbers, or Postal addresses of your customers and access them automatically in your address book.

Handy Document Folders

This is where all your Company, Contact Data, and other relevant business information details are stored carefully in an organized folder.

If you want to access those files, Salesflare automatically displays them to you and exchanges them to your customers within an an-eye blink.

Multiple Integrations

Salesflare has a number of application integrations you can use. 

Zapier, which allows you to integrate Salesflare with 3000+ other popular apps, or Salesflare’s API which allows you to connect your Salesflare account with all CRM, ERP, and other platforms within minutes. 

Automated Email and Website Tracking

Want to know how and when your customers are engaging with your business?

Then try this software!

It allows you to track crucial info like; Did they visit your website or open your Emails? Which pages got the most attention? And other more with real-time instant notifications.

Team Collaboration Tools

Collaborating & networking with others is the best method to get the job done efficiently in no time.

And with the Salesflare CRM software, you can see how the work is going on. Whether your colleagues are in touch with the company or not.

Plus you can find out what is being discussed among the TEAM Members.


Choosing the right CRM software is not easy. There are a number of questions to consider.

But the best automated CRM software like Salesflare are the ones that make the choosing process as smooth as filling out a form.

 5. Pipedrive – CRM Software

Pipeline CRM Software

A Pipedrive CRM is a little to no training requiring software.

As time is such an invaluable resource when you’re thinking of using the Pipedrive CRM all you need is to focus more on your Customers Engagement.

In terms of pricing, Pipedrive CRM is the most affordable one.

The technical part is also as mentioned, efficient and easy to use.

So that you’ll take the advantage of both its pricing and setting up processes.

The best part is that it is made by Sales EXPERTs. It turns out that the platform’s SCALABILITY makes it extremely an excellent option for growing TEAMs as fast as possible.

It won’t be exaggerating to say Pipedrive can be a smart INVESTMENT for any small businesses who are looking for the best Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software to organize & generate leads, close deals, and improve their sales process.


Lead Management

Managing Lead & Deals that comes from chatbots and web forms straight into your sales pipelines is so easy with Pipedrive CRM.

By using this feature, you’ll deploy a smart bot that is able to capture & collect leads on your website.

In the meantime, you can automatically direct those leads to your sales team representative.

Advanced Sales Pipelines

This is where you investigate the key performance and reports of your business sales in simple & attractive Dashboard charts.

Meaning, you’ll understand what is working well. As a result, you’ll take wise actions.

Privacy and Security

Having a well-protected CRM software is what differentiates Pipedrive from its competitors.

Whether it’s visibility and login access, two-factor authentication and SSO, Encryption, and input handling to account lockdown, you won’t worry how your business data is running.

Mobile App Availability

Working anywhere, at any time is a sign of a hardworking businessperson who will value the limited and priceless TIME.

And if you’re thinking the same while using this software, look no further.

Because its mobile app lets you access the contact and deal information, SCHEDULE activities, and take NOTEs no matter where you are.

Data Reports

Another best feature of Pipedrive CRM is it shows you all your business’s relevant Sales DATA all in one place. Including specific activities that bring the best conversion rate or lost deals at first glance.

By seeing these important reports, you’ll effortlessly find where you’re losing deals and then create better opportunities to improve the end results.


Above all, the main benefit that Pipedrive CRM gives you is insights related to methods that your business creates and interacts with leads.

So that by tracking every marketing deal stage, you’ll optimize your business’s sales process.

 6. Salesforce – CRM Software

Salesforce CRM Software

Salesforce is a massive and customizable cloud CRM software that is best for growing businesses. 

The platform provides powerful marketing and sales features that include B2B(Business-to-Business) marketing automation, extensive Social Media Marketing, custom-made lead flows, and so much more.

Moreover, the CRM system helps businesses to speed up their sales, automate tasks, and finally make educated decisions to engage with customers.

Its multiple integrations, availability of features, and beginner-friendly report user interfaces are significant advantages of using this software.

All-in-all, unlike other CRM providers, Salesforce software is relatively easy to customize.

Plus its natural navigating systems and its vast availability of functionality for businesses of all sizes make it one of the top CRM services.


Contact Management

With this feature, you can effortlessly manage your account and contact.

That means you’ll have a complete view of your customers. Such as their key contacts, activity history, and customer discussions and communications.

Opportunity Management

This is where you get a complete view of your TEAM deals. It includes stage, quotes, products, and competition, and much more.

Process Automation

The process automation system is a way of using visual workflow to quickly sketch and automate any business activities with simple drag-and-drop options.

You can also manage accounts, leads, and opportunities.

In the end, you’ll save significant time and drive success to your business.

Pipeline and Forecasting Management

Driving predictable revenue and improved accurate forecasting is possible with Salesforce CRM software.

In a simple way, it is all about staying up to pace on your TEAM’s pipeline and keeping a real-time view into the well-being of your business. Al with the assisting of custom KPIs and in-line editing proficiency.

Insights & Analytics

Salesforce CRM analytics will give you a real-time picture of your business’s activities at a glance.

It is a detailed report that keeps you updated with customized sales forecasting insights.

Furthermore, you can access the reports from anywhere.


Generally, Salesforce is a comprehensive set of CRM software that speeds up your business’s process, and then it will improve your Productivity and Effectiveness. It is best for growing businesses.

 7. Engagebay – CRM Software

Engagebay CRM Software

Engagebay is the best-integrated marketing and CRM software that helps Small and Mid-sized Enterprises to boost their relationships with their website visitors and then turn them into customers.

It is a cloud-based platform that has the right marketing tools to help you build a lifetime connection with your customers.

The Engagebay CRM software tools include landing pages, email marketing, live chat/helpdesk, appointment SCHEDULING, contact management, online marketing automation and so much more.

As it is too difficult to manage all your customers at this time.

Because of all the time taking and hard work requiring tasks such as controlling the leads, deals, and pipeline tracking of all the processes are some of a few pieces of work.

But with one of the best built-in CRM software Engagebay, the managing and tracking of your customer’s journey and activities become relatively easy.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation feature is a way of automating manual tasks. These tasks are Email, SMS, updating Lead Scores, tagging Contacts, and Data syncing.

Email & Email Tracking

With Engagebay’s CRM software you can track and manage the deliverability of your email activities like some of the Best Email Marketing Services provides. The cool part is you are able to see real-time Email notifications.

You can also build and send engaging emails to your DATABASE with fully customized and beautifully designed Templates.

Multi-channel Marketing

The unique part of this software that distinguishes them from other CRM providers is having a multi-channel marketing feature.

This is where you can generate and automate SMS, site messages and push notifications within a few clicks.

Live Chat Support

Live chat service is the other best feature of Engagebay CRM.

With this tool, you and your team members are able to engage with customers in real-time or automated messages when they are on your website.

Analytics & Reporting

As most CRM software provides, Engagebay also has basic data reporting systems.

This data analytics show you all the deal analysis, task management, sales forecasting, call breakdowns with easy-to-understand graphs.


Engagebay has a strong CRM solution that you need to increase your business profits & help you get the job done by assisting you in maintaining a good relationship with customers.

All-in-in Engagebay is the most affordable CRM in the market.

Summary on Best CRM Software Examples for Small Business in 2022

As every company or firm is unique and varies from business to business, choose the right CRM software for your Small Business Ideas according to its features or other advantages.

And in the end, GOOD LUCK with your successful relationship with Customers.

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