BamaCon Real Estate Review in 2024 (In-Depth Guide)

BamaCon Real Estate Review

BamaCon Real Estate Review.

With both local (Ethiopian) and international real estate developers vying for a slice of the home selling pie, the market is experiencing a boom. Among these players a name that is generating an increasing interest in the 2020’s is BamaCon.

BamaCon Real Estate is an extensive company of the BamaCon Engineering PLC. Located at the heart of Bole around Wollo Sefer area, it has stepped into the sector with a new and quality housing construction, luxury residential apartment, and timely delivery.

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Right now, the company is known for building standard and mixed-use (residential and commercial) real estates across Addis Ababa. All of the building’s have amenities that won’t let you leave your property. These include swimming pools, gyms, etc.

But what unique features do they offer to potential buyers like you? This blog post talks about BamaCon Real Estate’s background, built projects, customer reviews (if there is any), and overall standing in the real estate market of Ethiopia.

BamaCon Real Estate Contact Information

Contact Information of BamaCon Real Estate:

  • Website:
  • Telephone (Phone Number): +251118956942, or +251911514811
  • Email Address:
  • Post Office Number: 2586/1250 ETHIOPIA
  • Physical Address (Main Office): Wolo Sefer, Ethio china St

About BamaCon Engineering PLC Background

BamaCon Real Estate Construction Homepage

BamaCon Engineering PLC was founded in 2001 as Girma Gelaw Building Contractor, which was the name of the owner and general manager. Since then it has become a competitive and well-regarded construction PLC with favorable prospects for a role of excellence in the industry.

In the past thirteen years from its registration with the ministry of infrastructure as a Grade VII construction firm, the BamaCon Engineering has grown to a Grade I Building Contractor. As a company, it believes that capacity development depends more on organizational and human resources than on equipment and finance.

The above noted belief of BamaCon Engineering Share Company suggests a commitment to quality, expertise, and experience. Through leveraging that principle heavily, right now, the BamaCon Real Estate is operating as a subsidiary of this construction company, and is developing residential projects.

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Looking back on, the BamaCon Engineering PLC background sheds some light on the path it has traveled over the years. Regarding that, it has become an initiation for the competitive challenges of the third millennium to focus on larger-scale real estate projects, and achieve a trajectory of growth.

Shortly, the exact goal of BamaCon Real Estate’s formation remains clear. And that is investing a significant portion of time and money on recruiting a highly professional management team. Then the outcome became a firm with a workforce that can take on any challenge when it comes to any construction-related jobs.

Projects and Apartments by BamaCon Real Estate

BamaCon Real Estate (a subsidiary of the BamaCon Engineering privately owned construction company), with a reliable track record of success and a bright prospect that matches it’s high aspiration, so far, has accomplished some of the outstanding projects in downtown Addis Ababa.

1 Project: Azzeman Hotel (Completed Project).

BamaCon Real Estate Construction Project 1: Azzeman Hotel (Completed Project).

2 Project: Ramada Addis Hotel (Completed Project).

BamaCon Real Estate Construction Project 2: Ramada Addis Hotel (Completed Project).

3 Project: Foyat Hotel (One Completed Project).

BamaCon Real Estate Construction Project 3: Foyat Hotel (One Completed Project).

4 Project: Kanoria Africa Textile Factory (Warehouse).

BamaCon Real Estate Construction Project 4: Kanoria Africa Textile Factory (Warehouse).

5 Project: RMI A Steel Rolling Factory (A Warehouse).

BamaCon Real Estate Construction Project 5: RMI A Steel Rolling Factory (A Warehouse).

Other Mixed-Use Projects by BamaCon Real Estate:

The following are some of the Mixed-Use Projects by BamaCon Real Estate:

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  • Alex Mixed-Use Building.
  • Adika Mixed-Use Building.
  • Arada Atkilt Tera Shopping Mall
  • Bloomtech Shop and Office Complex.
  • Dagi PLC Mixed-Use Building.
  • Omedad Mixed-Use Building.
  • Bahiru Abraham Building.

Pros and Cons of BamaCon Real Estate (Subsidiary of the BamaCon Engineering PLC)

The following is a fully tentative breakdown pros and cons assessment of the BamaCon Real Estate in 2024:


  • Focus on Quality: BamaCon Engineering PLC growth, as a whole, to Grade I status implies a commitment to high standards. It is the same for residential apartment projects with all their specifics offered by BamaCon Real Estate.
  • Potential Link to Established Construction Firm: Construction material suppliers association with BamaCon Engineering PLC, plus its well-established sister companies like Anchor Foundation Specialist PLC, and Tower Engineering and Consultancy(OTIS) Elevator Company, suggests its experience and expertise in the industry.
  • Modern Apartments: Beyond having a good credit record with clients, insurance companies, and banking institutions, the company is building 2B+G+14 Mixed-Use modern furnished apartments in Kirkos and Kanchis areas.


  • Uncertain Customer Service: When it comes to the customer service process, BamaCon Real Estate might be challenging because there aren’t clear contact details specifically for real estate inquiries. For a more comprehensive picture of project details, as a potential buyer, you need to directly contact them by other means.
  • Unclear Project Details: Sure available project description shows us that the company caters to those seeking a contemporary living experience. However because of a limited range of project detail listings, it’s challenging to evaluate the variety and suitability of their available properties.

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to BamaCon Real Estate

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to BamaCon Real Estate

Bidding on the core values of Construction Scheduling & Supervision, Cost & Document Control, Contract Payment Administration & Management Reporting, and Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Coordinating, the PLC continues to improve customer service by providing innovative tools that simplify the pre-construction process.  

At the forefront of these innovative tools that enhance the construction timelines, there lies Project Close-Out, Award and Procurement, Owner Move-in Planning and Management, and the development of Integrated Project Teams, as well as Building Information Modeling (BIM).

From the very beginning, the BamaCon Real Estate has been integrating sophisticated tools to construct projects. Their approach is actively defining how to effectively apply lean principles to the industry. Aiming to eliminate waste and add value for customers, they are still improving their services and sharpening their crafts.

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In today’s day and age, because of their ultimate sustainable goal-setting process, BamaCon, is considered to be the expert in design and real estate construction. From improved estimating accuracy, to projects, they apply Building Information Modeling across the country.

It’s true that delivering a successful project requires commitment. However, this company came up with a balanced approach between the costs of sustainable construction and the immediate and long-term operational pay backs. To do so, they sit down at a table from the beginning and create a cost and benefit analysis.

Customer Reviews and Client Feedback

Team members of BamaCon Real Estate are considered to be the most valuable assets. So, protecting them and the general public by keeping their personal safety is their #1 prioritized culture. Hoping to meet the needs of the industry, they are always developing and utilizing new training methods.

Driven by a compelling purpose of building structures and facilities for the advancement of Ethiopian overall growth, they also care for customers, partners, and society alike. Plus, they place trust at the center of every relationship with subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, and the workforce.

To tackle the challenges of construction of the community (in which we live and work), the company has set in place a mission-oriented responsibility to create and fulfill an exceptional customer experience. And this alone can be a robust testimonial for the firm’s profile when it comes to securing their business for future generations.

Broadly speaking BamaCon Real Estate is dedicated to eliminating all injuries of workers at construction sites, which happens occasionally. Embracing a customer service culture is their other highest priority. They believe that the future is secured by advancing the interests and success of customers.

Overall Judgment:

Overall, BamaCon Real Estate presents a scenario of potential promise, specifically linking and working closely with reputable construction companies in the field. With that positive sign, a more transparent approach that significantly benefits home buyers is still needed by their sides.  

The best part of the company is that through years of accumulated experience, the company has specialized in the construction of Real Estates, and Power Transmission Network Projects. Dealing with task management, and contract administration issues in different construction concepts, all are checked well.

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BamaCon Engineering PLC, to recap, is a privately owned construction firm that has a reliable record of accomplishments. With a bright prospect that matches its high aspiration, in this guide, we have tried to review its track record, and prospect aspiration of effective operating system springs.

For those of you that are considering BamaCon as your next partner, doing thorough research and directly communicating with them are crucial before proceeding further. As a result, you’ll be prepared well for their quality hotels, stylish living apartments, factories and warehouses, and mixed-use building complexes.

For more, if you want the best deal, affordable price, as well as the best real estate location, call me by the phone +251948879335 or send me a message by the email — as I’m the best Real Estate Agent in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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