ATICOM Real Estate Review in 2024 (In-Depth Guide)

ATICOM Real Estate Review

ATICOM Real Estate Review.

Started as a “Beyond Excellence ”mission with its engineers and architects behind the leadership construction team, ATICOM Investment Group is a team of strong people that find passion in what they do on-time, offering homes for sale in Ethiopia.

Likewise ATICOM Real Estate, a branch of the Group, is specializing in developing luxury apartments. What has enabled them to maintain a pattern of uninterrupted growth that’s capable of providing and meeting highest standards is the commitment of their executives.

Coming so far since their establishment as a governance system (also opening an office recently), it has become an investment business culture that encourages dedication, innovation and organizational learning where powerful competitive weapons are implemented.

So yeah, if you’re considering a high-end residence in Addis Ababa, this comprehensive blog post sheds light on ATICOM Real Estate offerings through exploring its background, accomplished projects, genuine customer reviews, and overall banking standing.

ATICOM Real Estate Contact Information:

What is the contact information of ATICOM Real Estate? Here’s the contact information of ATICOM Real Estate:

  • Website:
  • Telephone (Mobile Phone Number): +251 11 668 5859, +251 94 614 1516, +251 94 714 1516, and +251 11 668 5859
  • Email Address:,, and
  • Physical Address (Main Office): Atlas in front of Washington hotel, WMA Sets Building 1st Floor, Bole Sub city Woreda 03 house no 375, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Working Hours (Openings): Monday – Saturday from 8:00 AM to 17:30 PM

About ATICOM Investment Group Background History

ATICOM Real Estate Homepage

Committing to ensure continual success in investing and developing well-established and sustainable profitable business entities, ATICOM Group has started its journey in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, 2015 legality.

Knowing that quality policy is a worthwhile endeavor to meet, now they are working in the area of general trading like importing spare parts, sanitary and ceramic products, agreements and partnerships, manufacturing , and real estate development even though its establishment and history is scarce to get in-depth.

Details regarding the ATICOM Group’s offering insights, they regularly monitor and review their external and internal business environment, so as to align its policy as per the context and strategic plan of the company, continually improving its quality management system.

By its active, engaging and fully committed management of real estate and the required relationship with the relevant internal and external interested parties, it is involved in Agriculture and agro-processing like Atacado (avocado oil), Avocado farming, and Fresh Avocado Export, and construction finishing materials like Arerti ceramic.

Overall, ATICOM Group, beginning with a focus on sanitary and ceramic products, diversified its portfolio to include real estate, and other ventures along the way. This suggests a commitment to quality, customer complying, and potentially strong financial backing.

Projects and Apartments by ATICOM Real Estate

Even though specific project names or details are unavailable online about the projects of ATICOM Real Estate, they’re focusing on developing well-appointed and luxury apartments in desirable locations at the hearts of Addis Ababa.

Some key determinants of the company’s success will be their ability to innovate and advance their leadership in discharging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Thus, it suggests that they WON’T separate from every one of their businesses.

Project 1: Downtown (Addis Ababa).

ATICOM Real Estate Project 1: Downtown Addis Ababa.

The ATCOM Real Estate’s project that’s located in the most prime location of downtown Addis Ababa is completed with a state of the art finishing materials to suit your desire by its team who always strives to provide you the #1 apartment.

From then, to improve their service delivery capabilities, with a strengthened leadership of differentiation, they are pursuing their real estate brand-building marketing opportunities with core competencies, helping them build a better tomorrow.

Pros and Cons of ATICOM Real Estate:

What are the pros and cons of ATICOM Real Estate? Here’s the pros and cons of ATICOM Real Estate:

With the ATICOM Real Estate founders‘ philosophy of counting on their people, investment responsibility, and a passion for setting new standards in all of their undertakings, they are doing their best to secure the future success of the real estate sector.

Besides making a win-win partnership with JOMOO that benefits all, their commitment is about caring for their people, continuing to instill creative management, and establishing a culture that rewards talents. Other than that, they know it is not the right thing to engage in.


  • Luxury living: If you seek a high-end built apartment experience with finishing features like marble countertops, hardwood floors, and premium fixtures, ATICOM just like the Ayat Real Estate could be your strong contender. 
  • Established group: Being part of the well-organized ATICOM Group might suggest financial stability for the child’s Real Estate subsidiary to provide modern amenities like in-unit laundry, gyms, swimming pools, and security.
  • Prime locations: the company is targeted at central areas or locations in Addis Ababa to offer you convenience and access to the city’s pulse. Not only that, easy access to amenities and attractions could be their #1 focus.


  • Limited information: Lack of detailed information makes it difficult to fully assess the ATICOM Real Estate’s offerings. Thus, leading to contacting them directly for the specific real estate division, which might require you extra effort.
  • High price point: Luxury apartments typically come with a premium price tag as well as costs for property insurance in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In a general sense. So yeah, be prepared for potential high costs of ATICOM real estate.

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to ATICOM Investment Group:

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to ATICOM Investment Group

For decades, ATICOM has been established on the solid bedrock provided by the founders core values of accountability to take responsibility for their actions, team up within and outside of ACG to get the best value of synergies, and contribution to the development of society.

When it comes to internal interaction, they’ve been implementing key attributes like embracing diversity and value as the source of their strength, continuously striving to provide creative solutions to improve their performance via new innovation, and acting with honesty and integrity in all their interactions.

Most of all, they provide the best products and services to customers by way of surpassing their requirements. So far, with a clear mission that remains the same every time, ATICOM Group is grateful for their 400+ happy clients, 200+ completed projects, and 100+ hired employees.

Meeting clients changing demand for better value for money, quality service and timely delivery  historic results among others is because of their relentless efforts over the years. That’s why they have grown a lot with every one of their completed projects and achieved work years.

True, even if there aren’t readily available specific awards dedicated to ATICOM Real Estate, the above-noted recognition bestowed upon the ATICOM Group as a whole could reflect positively on the real estate branch. Likewise, if you find one during your research, it would be a +ve indicator.

Customer Reviews and Client Feedbacks

With a highly professional team set up in order CEO of Abdurehman Yassin, COO of Tesfaye Birhanu, Procurement and Finance of Abdulaziz Hussein, Investment & Business Development of Birhanu Arbse, and Marketing and Sales of Biruk Asmera, they’re aspiring to become a prime corporate group in Ethiopia.

For a permanent feature of their success story, above all, the requirement to demonstrate their institutional effectiveness through attaining the financial resources, internal process, human workforces, and learning and growth goals they set has contributed a vital role.

Besides fully participating in the economic development of the nation, they always adhere to a corporate culture anchored in innovation, efficient manner, ethical values, and social  responsibility while aiming to create respected Ethiopian brands through their subsidiary companies by 2027.

Ye, finding customer reviews for ATICOM Real Estate is challenging. We tried hard enough. Remember though, the absence of feedback doesn’t necessarily imply -ve experiences, it simply isn’t. The fact is the company approaches projects to the highest value of shareholders, customers, and employees.

Overall ATICOM Real Estate Reviews:

Overall, in our blog post, we’ve shown what ATICOM diversified Group has up to (see reviews of other Properties). From a humble beginning, they have expanded steadily over the years and the investment is now recognized as one of Ethiopia’s most widely business firms. 

In the future, as a vision statement, by embracing advancements and regional markets, they are aiming to become a leader and truly multinational corporate group. In a short-run, the company is also considering joining the local technological sector to embark on provisions of sophisticated products. 

Just like that ATICOM Real Estate presents itself as a potential provider of luxury apartments in Ethiopia. The ATICOM Group is getting its back on, it for sure has the potential to cater to those seeking the best  living experience in Addis Ababa — wishing them the best of luck!

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