Amibara Properties Real Estate Review in 2024 (In-Depth)

Amibara Properties Review

Amibara Properties Review.

Introduced by Heart of Properties, Amibar Properties has emerged as a prominent real estate developer in the capital of Africa, Addis Ababa, offering residences a discerning taste that has never been seen before. 

Originating from the land of humankind and a place of vibrant nature in the Afar region, the company is delighted by exquisite luxury designs and fulfills the standard living experiences by providing a property with breathtaking views and world class amenities.

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With a slogan “BUILT DIFFERENT!,” currently, Amibara properties is working on its huge flagship project that encompasses and undertake 35,751 square meters in the hot spring area near or adjacent to the Friendship Park.

But before making a blind judgment here, firstly let’s delve deeper into the detailed reviews of Amibara Properties Real Estate, and see if they stand at the forefront of the booming real estate sector of Ethiopia in 2024.

Amibara Properties Contact Information

Contact Information of Amibara Properties:

  • Website:
  • Telephone: +251946178797, +251948678797, or +251707868474
  • Email:
  • Physical Address Office: Lidiya Plaza Ethio-China street, Addis Ababa
  • Working Hours: Monday = 09:00 am – 05:30 pm, Tuesday – Friday = 09:00 am – 05:00 pm, and Saturday = 09:00 am – 12:30 pm

About Amibara Properties PLC Background

Amibara Properties Homepage

Amibara Properties was established in 2014 with a commitment that reflects and enhances the lifestyle and community well-being of homeowners. With its legacy rooted in Amibara district’s rich cultural significance, the company is on its way to becoming a prominent real estate developer in Ethiopia.

Named after the Afar word that translates for “cousin,” which is a district in the region as mentioned earlier, Amibara Properties is part of the larger Amibara conglomerate, boasting a 30-year history and a diverse portfolio of sister companies under it. 

The owner of Amibara Properties is Mohammed Abdullatif. Mohammed Abdullatif is the CEO of Amibara Business Group, and a self-made entrepreneur and motivated businessman. He is also the major shareholder (more than 90%) of Amibara Agricultural Development PLC and Addis-Modjo S. C. 

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The sister companies of Amibara Properties are Amibara Farm Development Pvt (established in 1994 G.C, and has been engaged in cotton farming and coal production), Amibara Aviation (established in 2007 G.C, and manages 5 aircrafts), and Amibara Trading (established in 2018 G.C, and is an import and export company).

Others includes: New Mojo Cooking Oil from Complex SC (established in 2007 G.C., is known for manufacturing), Awash Biscuit and Flour Factory (established in 2006 G.C, and it produces up to 78 floor quintals per day), and Amibara Transportation (established in 2002 G.C, and it manages vehicles and cargo services, plus it has about 30 trucks).

Projects and Apartments by Amibara Properties Real Estate

Since the Amibara Properties is one of the huge real estate projects in the city, on the occasion, Deputy Mayor of the capital city Addis Ababa Engineer Takele Uma, said the city administration would join efforts with other investors to address the housing problem in general.

At the groundbreaking ceremony where Engineer Aisha Mohammed, Minister of Construction and Urban Development, and other invited guests are presented, the Deputy Mayor also added that the city administration would provide all the needed support for the project’s success.

According to the Mayor Office, following the Amibara Properties (found close to Lise Gebre Mariam school, the Science Museum, and Black Lion Hospital), the city administration will soon launch eight similar projects in partnership with local investors, in addition to the two housing projects that’s going on by UAE and Chinese companies.

Project 1: Amibara Properties (Near Friendship Park)

Starting from the bottom, in 2014, at the city center of Addis Ababa, a foundation stone was laid for the Amibara properties project, which would be developed by aspiring Afar investors at a cost of 11 Billion Birr around Friendship Square, road from Filwoha, road to Sheraton, Churchill Avenue, and 4 Kilo, at the Lideta District.

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Beyond the location being a nice spot in the heart of Addis Ababa, designed by Nimonah Consulting Architects, Engineers and Construction, it is managed by experts from Dubai, Turkey, South Africa, and China. It also creates permanent and casual job opportunities for more than 10,000 unemployed residents, mostly the youth ones.

Amibara Properties Real Estate Image 1

The development comprises up to 10 to 25 storeys of modern buildings that encompasses 450 residences that aims to redefine “modern lifestyle.” Its amenities come with a world-class 11,000 square G+3 huge mall, luxury apartments, commercial centers, hotels, retail outlets and recreation facilities as well as green areas and Afar cultural centers.

For details, common facilities or services offered by amibara properties that lead in beauty and quality among the Ethiopian projects of residential village has 1 communal space, building futsal, basketball and tennis court, 2 swimming pools, sports areas like gymnasium, and spa as well as a large hall that can be used for various occasion events.

Amibara Properties View with surroundings of Churchill Avenue, 4 Kilo, Road from Filwoha, Road to Sheraton, and Friendship Part built by Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed

With more breathing room for some buildings, and a better design look, the progress so far is that the site has been cleared completely, and three buildings (Ert-Ale Block A & B, and Dallol Block) seem to be under construction or 53% completed from a total of 9 high rise buildings (7 apartments buildings, 1 hotel apartment building, and 1 huge office tower).

The names of each of the 9 high rise buildings of Amibara Properties are: 1. Abdullatif Tower (HQ Office Building named after the owner Mohammed Abdullatif), 2. Yan Gudi Block, 3. Hadar Block, 4. Afdera Block, 5. Dallol Block, 6. Awash Block, 7. Mousa Ali Block, 8. Ert – Ale Block A, and 9. Ert – Ale Block B.

Amibara Properties Real Estate Image 3

That said, now, let’s see the 3 block’s of Amibara Properties that are released for sale — in detail!

Block 1: Ert – Ale Block (Block – A & Block – B Released For Sale) — Phase I.

Amibara Properties Block 1: Ert - Ale Block (Block - A & Block - B Released For Sale) — Phase I

Let’s get into the details of the apartment types in the Erta – Ale Block (A & B) of Amibara Properties!

Type 1-3-A and 1-3-B. It comes with an area of 86 square meters, and 91 square meters, Living / Dining Room, 1 Bedroom Unit, Kitchen, Bath Room, Balcony, and Store.

Type 2-3-A and 2-3-B. It comes with an area of 135 square meters, 142 square meters, and 163 square meters, Living / Dining Room, 2 Bedroom Unit, 2 BathRoom, 2 Balcony, Laundry Room, and Kitchen.

Type 3-3-A and 3-3-B. It comes with an area of 172 square meters, 178 square meters, 180 square meters, and 187 square meters, Living / Dining Room, 3 Bedroom Unit, 3 BathRoom, 2 Balcony, Laundry Room, Maids Room, and Kitchen.

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Type 4-3-A and 4-3-B. It comes with an area of 211 square meters, 221 square meters and 267 square meters, Living / Dining Room, 4 Bedroom Unit, 4 BathRoom, 3 Balcony, Maids Room, Laundry Room, and Kitchen.

Flat Penthouse. It comes with an area of 424 square meters, and 494 square meters, Living area, Dining area, 3 Bedroom Unit, 4 BathRoom, Terrace, and Kitchen.

Duplex Penthouse (Floor 16/17). It comes with an area of 646 square meters, and 662 square meters, Living area, Dining area, 4 Bedroom Unit, 5 BathRoom, Powder Room, Maids Room, Utility Room, Gallery, Terrace, and Kitchen.

Block 2: Dallol Block (Released For Sale on March 17/2024) — Phase II.

Amibara Properties Block 2: Dallol Block (Released For Sale on March 17/2024) — Phase II

Dallol Block is a G+24 apartment that encompasses 176 families (8 families per floor), and has 2 basement with parking on the 1st floor, 3 elevators, as well as garden view and skyline view. From the 2nd – 22nd floor, it has 1,2 and 3 bed rooms with + 1 parking. And from the  23rd – 24nd floor, it has 4 bedrooms with + 2 parking. 

Let’s get into the details of the apartment types in the Dallol Block of Amibara Properties!

Type 1 – 203. It comes with an area of 95 square meters, Living / Dining Room, 1 Bedroom Unit, Bath Room, Store / Launder, Balcony, and Kitchen.

Type 2 – 206. It comes with an area of 101 square meters, Living / Dining Room, 1 Bedroom Unit, Bath Room, Store / Launder, Balcony, and Kitchen.

Type 1 – 2302. It comes with an area of 273 square meters, Living / Dining Area, 4 Bedroom Unit, 3 BathRoom, Maids Room / Bath, 4 Balcony, Service Quarter, Store / Laundry, Open Kitchen, and Closed Kitchen.

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Type 2 – 2303. It comes with an area of 283 square meters, Living / Dining Area, 4 Bedroom Unit, 3 BathRoom, Maids Room / Bath, 4 Balcony, Service Quarter, Store / Laundry, Open Kitchen, and Closed Kitchen.

Type 205. It comes with an area of 160 square meters, Living / Dining Area, 2 Bedroom Unit, 3 BathRoom, Maids Room, 2 Balcony, and Service Quarter, and Kitchen.

Type 204. It comes with an area of 190 square meters, Living / Dining Area, 3 Bedroom Unit, 3 BathRoom, Maids Room, 2 Balcony, Service Quarter, Store, and Kitchen.

When it comes to payments, the price per meter square is $2600 – $3000 with a down payment of 10%. Offering a pre-payers discount, the delivery period is up to 36 months. Note: the  payment schedule construction is with 10 terms.

Pros and Cons of Amibara Properties


  • Convenience: When you own a property from Amibara, you can get all the things under one roof, from inception to completion. With multiple locations, reaching out to Amibara Properties is straightforward, ensuring a seamless investment experience.
  • Modern Living: With their in-house expertise, their focus on “properties” suggests a commitment to contemporary design and amenities that comes with a comprehensive solution and specifically tailored to you.
  • Location: Their presence in Addis Ababa implies a focus on desirable areas within the city, delivering a high-yield residential site. Not only that, but also they efficiently manage the aspects of the project in every step of the way.


  • Limited Online Presence: By understanding the significance of your time when it comes to owning Properties in Addis Ababa, they have invested in a website. However, the website is not up-to-date, making it challenging to form a complete picture.
  • Unverified Reviews: At Amibara Properties, despite their commitment to comprehend your specific goals by overseeing the project’s development, online platforms show a limited number of reviews, making it difficult to gauge customer experiences.

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to Amibara Properties PLC

Prizes and Achievements of Amibara Properties

Amibara Properties by recognizing the paramount importance of it’s customer’s AKA home buyers time, especially in the realm of property investment in Ethiopia, particularly in Addis Ababa, they are building their project very fast.

From the creation of high-yield residential developments to final execution’s phase of the project lifecycle, they are providing a comprehensive and tailored solution, ensuring a seamless investment experience conveniently housed under one roof.

If you want to realize your property investment goals in 2024, Amibara Properties is your trusted partner. They operate with the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring that every payment transaction is handled with integrity, expertise, and efficiency.

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In short, by understanding 2020’s latest building architectures, Amibara Properties take a personalized approach to every apartment that they are building, providing you with a one-stop solution for all your real estate requirements.

Not only it is a real estate developer though, Amibara Properties is recognized for its philanthropic endeavors and participating in various charitable works, exemplified by ongoing initiatives. This is a showcase achievement of Amibara Properties to social responsibility and community upliftment.

One particular example for this is that through aiming to create a better lifestyle, it provides housing for 32 needy families in the Gojam Barangay area of Arada sub-district. Right now, the company is in the process of finalizing the arrangements for handing over to the residence.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

According to the current law of the country, the right to own property is based on citizenship. That means if you’re Ethiopian by birth, by marriage, and by investment permit. So to own a property from Amibara Real Estate as a foreigner, you’ll need to be diaspora or an Ethiopian living abroad.

Currently, banks in Ethiopia also require a house map plan to lend if you want to buy the property on a loan. On the Amibara Properties side, the relevant land management mapping process is done for the 70 percent of the house construction or it will be after the ceiling is reached.

In general, it makes it difficult to get the loan in advance unless stakeholders are going to do something. Surprisingly, Amibara properties prices are very good compared to the developers in the industry and are proportionate to the house. This is one of the many reasons that make them stand out — caring for customer feedback!

For square price, options ranging from $2500 – $2800 per square meter are there for you to complete your payments. With a down payment of 10%, you’’ll pay 5% and then pay the remaining 5% after 1 month as per MOU.

Overall Judgment:

Overall, Amibar Properties shows potential as a real estate developer in Addis Ababa with a robust vision of national economic development. Their convenient location (4 Kilo Area) and focus on modern living are very promising from the start.

Their mission is simple, which is “to become the leading investment group in Ethiopia.” Plus to be a pioneer in the development of core activities. They aim that by setting the benchmark for corporate practices through adhering to the highest standards of professionalism.

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Amibara Properties PLC, in short, comes with values like integrity, innovation, ingenuity, quality, and delivery. These can help you gain a clearer understanding of whether they align with your needs when searching for a new apartment in 2024

And this comprehensive blog post addressed a point to provide you a starting point for your next home exploration in Addis Ababa. By combining the information here with your own research, you’ll be well-equipped to make a wise and informed decision.

For more, if you want the best deal, affordable price, as well as the best real estate location, call me by the phone +251948879335 or send me a message by the email — as I’m the best Real Estate Agent in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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