Amdehun Real Estate Review in 2024 (In-Depth Guide)

Amdehun Real Estate Review

Amdehun Real Estate Review.

Amdehun General Trading PLC, also known as AGTP, is a prominent company in the Ethiopian business sector. Starting from just a fledgling enterprise, they’ve grown big to become a multifaceted leader across several industries.

The company also manufactures bar and liquid detergents through establishing chemical factories. Most importantly, right now, Amdehun has started a construction project of 35 unit G+1, G+2, villas, and 340 condominium houses in the city of Addis Ababa.

And this blog post delves deeper into Amdehun General Trading PLCs (AGTP’s) background, housing projects in 2024, customer sentiment, and an overall evaluation to help you understand this robust real estate developer of Ethiopia.

Amdehun Real Estate Contact Information

Contact Information of Amdehun Real Estate:

  • Website:
  • Telephone: 0111266601, or 0111266602
  • Email:
  • Office Physical Address: Piassa, Country Tower, 7th Floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

About Amdehun General Trading Plc Background

Amdehun Real Estate Homepage

Established back in 1996 by three visionary, aspiring, and quite far sighted Ethiopian investors with a starting capital of $2 million USD, Amdehun General Trading Plc has grown exponentially to become one of the leading business companies in Ethiopia.

As of 2024, AGTP’s paid-up capital sits at a stagerating 21 million US dollars. The wild thing is that they achieved this remarkable net worth growth within a relatively short time frame compared to other similar companies in the sector.

Since the 3 founders of Amdehun envisioned a company that wasn’t limited by a single industry from the get go, they are diversifying it to other different sectors. This foresight established them as a key player in Ethiopia’s economic landscape.

Right now, Amdehun General Trading Plc (even though it is still one of the youngest enterprises in the country) has engaged in the industries of import-export, manufacturing, and of course, real estate development (this is what we are going to talk about).

Projects and Apartments by Amdehun Real Estate

One of the Amdehun General Trading PLC’s primary focuses is real estate development. It is an expanded engagement business by establishing a subsidiary for it. Based on that, they’ve undertaken various construction initiatives out of the gate.

The main construction project is 35 units of G+1, G+2 ,Villas, and 340 Unit of Condominium House at Nifas Silk Lafto sub-district. It is sited at a total area of 34,000 and 275 square meter land, which is acquired by lease from the Addis Ababa city Administration.

Project 1: G+1 (Plot area of 250 square meter):

Amdehun Real Estate Project 1: G+1 (Plot area of 250 square meter)

Details of Apartment Amenities:

  • Maids room
  • Decent store
  • Dining and living room
  • Modern kitchen
  • 3 Bedrooms

Project 2: G+2 (Plot area of 250.13 square meter):

Amdehun Real Estate Project 2: G+2 (Plot area of 250.13 square meter)

Details of Apartment Amenities:

  • 2 Bath
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • Dining and living room
  • Traditional kitchen
  • Carport

Pros and Cons of Amdehun Real Estate


  • Diversification: Involvement in multiple sectors, including a range of residential and commercial projects, allows them to adapt to market fluctuations. We can also likely glean more project offer details in the future.
  • Established and Experienced: Their longevity in the market, beginning from manufacturing product distribution to import/export businesses, signifies stability and experience, providing customer satisfaction.
  • Potential Growth: Amdehun’s focus on real estate development aligns with Ethiopia’s growing infrastructure needs. However, the company is also engaging in the development of luxury hotels in Addis Ababa.


  • Limited Online Presence: The Amdehun’s website offers basic and limited information to the wider public. Unless you contact them directly, this makes it challenging to assess their current situation and specific projects, as well as offerings.
  • Lack of Transparency: Details regarding completed developments, or customer testimonials are somehow scarce. This suggests a lack of transparency for a more comprehensive picture of their real estate portfolio or database search.

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to Amdehun General Trading Plc

Prizes and Achievements of Amdehun General Trading Plc

Information about specific awards or achievements garnered by Amdehun General Trading Plc is currently unavailable on the web. However, what we all know is that they are doing great at manufacturing products, in import/export sectors, and now in real estate development.

To mention, the following are some of the import/export, and manufacturing items of the company: Durata Battery, Top Laundry Soap, Coffee, Angel Instant, Dry yeast, Boloke, Dome Family Soap, Sinarline, Tikur Azmud, New Orion Banana, Top Bar Detergent, and Chewing Gum.

To recap, unavailability of Awards doesn’t necessarily negate their accomplishments, but accessing details about industry recognition would provide valuable insights, which we’ll let you know as soon as we get that information.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Finding online customer reviews for Amdehun real estate is also challenging too. Since a significant portion of their business is operating offline, traditional methods of gathering customer sentiment might be more prevalent to yield you that user experience or recommendation.

With a professional team of Site Engineer & Administrator, General Marketing Director, and Office Engineer, the Amdehun General Trading Plc, still and all, is always striving to stay in the position of one of the prominent companies in the Ethiopian business sector.

However, if you’re looking for potential reviews and feedback, you can navigate the online forums focused on real estates. Or you can also directly reach out or contact the company. Or you can also request references from past clients, which could be an alternative option.

Overall Judge:

Overall, Amdehun PLC is a well-established company that presents a unique case with a diversified business portfolio. Their longevity, and focus on real estate development (a venture that holds promise in Ethiopia’s growing market) points towards a successful business model.

However, the lack of transparency regarding their project background, even though they have a dedicated website, and limited customer reviews or feedback makes it difficult to comprehensively evaluate and definitely assess their current operations and offerings.

If you have a comment about products or if you need important information about the company, you can reach them by email, or in person. As such, by combining this information with insights from themselves, you can gain a clearer picture of their capabilities and suitability.

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