Al Sam Properties Real Estate Review in 2024 (In-Depth)

Al Sam Properties Review

Al Sam Properties Review.

Al Sam Properties is a subsidiary of the business conglomerate, AL-SAM Group PLC. The company specializes in developing high-end residential apartments in the prime location of Addis Ababa, Mexico area which is Ethiopia’s thriving capital city.

Located at 2.6 km from Anwar Grand Mosque of Merkato and at a 900-meter distance from the english-speaking congregation “International Lutheran Church,” AL SAM Properties apartment’s comes as a pleasant choice to stay and enjoy your vacation.

The Apartment comprises a balcony and a dressing area, equipped with a tub, sofa set, and convenient amenities. The amenities include air conditioner, a TV for guests’ leisure time, beds fitted with down pillows, and a separate toilet as well. All these are at your disposal’s enhancement. 

As a visitor, you will enjoy the comfort of a bathroom with slippers in the accommodation, and a walk-in shower, too. Shortly, if you’re considering luxury living in Sheger, AL SAM Properties might be worth exploring. Now, let’s jump into the detailed review!

Al Sam Properties Contact Information

Contact Information of AL SAM Properties:

  • Website:
  • Telephone: +251970373737, +251926858585, or +251115586726
  • Email:,, or
  • Physical Address: Behind Al Sam Chelelek Building I K07/14, Chad St, Mexico, Addis Ababa
  • Working Hours: Monday – Sunday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

About Al Sam Properties Group Background

Al Sam Properties Homepage

AL-SAM PLC was established back in 1991 EC (1998 GC) as a private limited company — in the shape of a small kiosk in Merkato, which is the largest market in Africa. At the time, it was mainly engaged in importing and distribution of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

With over 20 years experience in the industry, the company has become well-known internationally. And then started to do business partnerships with some of the world’s most dependable brands like SC Johnson & Son, Colgate Palmolive, Haco Industrial, Energizer Incorporated, Orkide Industrial, Beko Electronics, etc.

Historically, the name AL-SAM is tied to the story of Mr. Sabir Argaw (one of the most successful and supreme business acumen in Ethiopia, and he’s still the manager of the company). He founded a small retail shop outlet in 1982 at open-air Merkato with an initial capital of 17,000 birr.

Eventually, the shop served as an incubator to the birth of SAM international PLC. Established back in 1994, the PLC, from then on, was engaged in manufacture, wholesale business, huge real estate infrastructure development, and import-export that provides products with affordable prices.

Through structural and name change from SAM international to AL-SAM, right now, AL-SAM Corporation LTD is one of the largest business conglomerates in Ethiopia with an increasingly diverse portfolio under its belt.

Since AL-SAM Group PLC has a proven track record in various sectors, Al SAM Properties leverages the experience and resources of its parent company. This diversified experience positions it to deliver well-managed and high-quality construction projects.

Projects and Apartments by Al Sam Properties

Currently, AL SAM Properties showcases one primary real estate project called AL SAM Apartment, which is a luxurious 21-story, 4-block apartment complex situated in the heart of Addis Ababa, specifically Mexico. The second one (Sucur Apartment) is yet to be launched.

The project is close to the African Union Headquarters (AU), the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), Mercato (Addis Ababa’s largest marketplace), and La Gare’s main financial institutions like Hibret Bank, Zemen Bank, and Nib Bank.

Project 1: AL SAM Apartment (Mexico Lideta Street, Addis Ababa).

Al Sam Properties Project 1: Al Sam Apartment

The Al Sam Apartment project has 21 beautiful underway floors, and 4 blocks with a 360-unit apartment complex. It is located at the center of Mexico behind AL-SAM Chelelek Building Next to BGI, on 7th Floor, House Number 10.

With more than 9000 meter square area for residence, the complex offers a variety of spacious contemporary homes. These are 2-bedroom floor plans with 2 bathrooms (ranging from 124 – 163 square meters), and 3-bedroom floor plans with 2 bathrooms (approximately 183 square meters).

Besides the stylish rooftop garden terraces that boast some of the best views of Sheger, the surrounding commercial area includes supermarket, café, gym, clinic, bank (as mentioned before), restaurant, serving well the residents of the apartment and the local community.

Situated at a convenient place in Mexico Square in front of Philips building, on the 21st floor of the AL SAM Apartment project, there is more than 2500 meter square garden for common use. Note that the ground, and G+1 floors are already rented to governmental and private business.

Details of Construction Updates (More than 100% Completed with 30/70 Bank Credit Facilitated):

Al Sam Construction Update 100% Completed
  • Floor ceramic (completed).
  • 1st coat painting (completed).
  • External and wall painting (completed).
  • Satellite TV cable installation (completed).
  • Ceiling board and gypsum plaster (completed).
  • Electrical wiring and cable installation (completed).
  • Pavement and compound work (under installation).
  • Aluminum door and window installation (under installation).
  • Civil work, plastering, block work, and gypsum plastering (completed).
  • Wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, and internal door installation (under installation).
  • Fire alarm and public address cable installation (completed).
  • Sanitary and mechanical piping installation (completed).
  • Door opening system cable installation (completed).
  • Electrical fixtures installation (under installation).
  • Sanitary fixtures installation (under installation).
  • CCTV camera cable installation (completed).
  • Electrical site work (under installation).
  • Sanitary site work (completed).
  • Wall ceramic (on progress).

Details of Apartment Amenities:

Amenities of Al Sam Apartment
  • Fire alarm
  • Garbage chute
  • Underground water 
  • Assigned parking spaces
  • 24 hour maintenance service
  • Rooftop garden on the 21st floor
  • Gated access (two entrances and two exits)
  • Security cameras & security guards
  • 4 large staircase 1 in each block
  • 8 elevators 2 in each block’s
  • 24 hour reception services
  • Generator on each block
  • Water reserve tank
  • Public address

Project 2: Sacur Apartment (Coming Soon!).

Al Sam Properties Project 2: Sacur Apartment

The Sacur Apartment is an expansion project plan underway. It is going to be built behind Chelelek AL-SAM Tower buildings, the same location as AL SAM Apartment. With the target for a “Five Star Hotel,” it is supposed to close the gap of Hotels in an African Capital, Addis Ababa.

Pros and Cons of Al Sam Properties Real Estate


  • Prime location: The apartment lies in the Lideta sub-district of Addis Ababa, only 4 km from the National Museum of Ethiopia. Thus, it offers easy access to key business districts, government institutions, and cultural attractions.
  • Established developer: Backing by the AL-SAM Group (which has a substantial share in Repi Soap and Detergent Share Company and Repi Wilmar Industrial Share Company) ensures a reputable developer with experience in construction and property management. 
  • Luxurious living: Just a peaceful 20 minutes’ stroll into the heart of Addis Ababa city center, the AL SAM Apartment is a spacious and luxurious living area with modern amenities that cater to a high-end lifestyle.


  • Targeted at Broad Audience: AL SAM Group has engaged in health care & education services, domestic trading delivery, transportation services, import-export sector, and agri-businesses. This makes it difficult to cater potential real estate leads.
  • Limited variety: The Corporation headquarter is located 10 km away from Addis Ababa Bole International airport, while Lideta bus station is only a short distance. Yet, only one apartment project is showcased, offering limited options for home buyers.

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to Al Sam Properties Group

Prizes and Achievements of Al Sam Properties

“የታማኝ እጆች ውጤት:: 30% ብቻ ከፍለው የቤት ባለቤት ይሁኑ!” You heard that, right? As a parent company, AL-SAM Corporation allocates its resources accordingly among its child businesses, this includes AL SAM Properties, and manages their capital structures from there.

By conducting a business through its fully-owned subsidiaries, and substantial equities in other companies, the AL-SAM holding company, so far, has enjoyed steady natural growth based upon product and service quality, and of course, customer satisfaction.

In fact, with an increasingly diversified portfolio, AL-SAM is one of the largest companies in Ethiopia. The business that it has involved in ranges from importing and distribution of FMCG products, real estate development, exporting of Agricultural products, to assembling of home electronics appliances.

Currently, to become the most preferred and transcending company in providing quality products and services is their goal, vision, and mission. As such, their core values are integrity, excellence, equity, team work (collaboration), and objective creation.

Striving to achieve excellence in every facet of their operations is what AL-SAM Group is marching for. They do this by ensuring synergy among their subsidiaries and providing high quality products and services that exceed the expectations of constituencies.

Even though building and enhancing manufacturing capability to produce goods for both local and foreign markets is what AL-SAM Corporations has engaged in, still, there is no mention of any specific awards or achievements on their website. Maybe next time!

Customer Reviews and Feedback

As noted before, AL-SAM private Limited Company was established in 1998 GC in accordance with the commercial code of Ethiopia article 1960. And its objectives are legality representation, manufacturing, distribution to local trading and international (foreign) marketing activities, and of course, real estate development.

With the main business stream of the company being distribution and export trade, run by the Export Manager, Ato Kedir Kemal, the company also has expanded to agriculture, health and education, transport activities, joint venture activities with foreign companies, transit and forwarding services, and others.

Currently, it is a sole distributor for the products of Colgate Palmolive, Tiger Brands, Kiwi Shoe Care Products, SC Johnson Company Home, Care Products (New Arrivals), Energizer Battery and Shick Shaver, Sinar Line Exercise Books, and Photocopy Papers and Printing Papers — both in the local and international market.

In the export sector with its sister company LINA PLC that is engaged in trading, manufacturing plants, and real estate development, the company is an authorized intermediary trading member of ECX. As a result, the export of Sesame and Coffee has now become one of its core business activities.

Still and all, finding reviews for AL SAM Properties proved challenging. Since their online presence is limited even if they have a website, potential buyers might need to rely on word-of-mouth recommendations or directly contacting the sales office for insights.

By conducting further research with the right real estate agent like me or existing residents, and asking us specific questions, you’ll get a more comprehensive perspective. From there, you can determine if AL SAM Properties aligns with your expectations for luxury living in Addis Ababa.

Overall Judge:

Overall, AL-SAM corporation has three subsidiaries: 1. AL-SAM Plc (involved in administration of office complexes, assembling of electronic appliances, and real estate development), 2. Lina Plc (engaged in import trading, manufacturing of C.G.I, and EGA roof sheets), and 3. SACUR Plc (works in real estate development).

With an annual turnover of billions, beyond real estate development, Al Sam Corporation Ltd is involved in financial institution investments, too like “Banking.” However, since this blog post is about real estate, AL SAM Properties is going to offer you a promising glimpse into luxury living in Addis Ababa.

The company lets you enhance your stay with the convenience of a microwave oven, and a refrigerator provided in the apartment. For both a convenient and relaxing stay at the property, as a guest, you can also take advantage of a mini fridge bar, tea and coffee making equipment or machines.

Generally speaking, AL-SAM Properties’ prime location and association with a reputable developer in the sector are definite advantages to you as a home buyer in 2024. However, the lack of specific-targeted niche from the parent corporation might make it difficult to form a complete picture.

For more, if you want the best deal, affordable price, as well as the best real estate location, call me by the phone +251948879335 or send me a message by the email — as I’m the best Real Estate Agent in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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