Akoya Properties Real Estate Review in 2024 (In-Depth)

Akoya Properties Review

Akoya Properties Review.

Akoya Properties has carved a niche for itself in the ever-evolving real estate landscape. A focus on modern living spaces, high-quality finishes, and a commitment to customer satisfaction has garnered them considerable interest.

With high-demand high-end commodities on the rise and a way of life evolving, Akoya is driven to transform the lives of fellows both in and out of Ethiopia AKA africa with high-scale, value-adding local products and, of course, across real estate. 

When there was an evident need for high-performance vehicles that signified a lifestyle upgrade to the growth of a nation, the company also targeted its mission on car import export trading, which is selling automobiles to the local market.

This blog post delves into the details of Akoya Properties, exploring their background, projects that brought out a significant change, and what potential residents can expect when they acquire their apartment.

Akoya Properties Contact Information

Contact Information of Akoya Properties:

  • Website: https://akoyarealproperty.com/
  • Telephone: +251-91 – 270 – 3737 or +251979221100
  • Email: Info@akoyaproperty.com
  • Physical Address: Office 403, Zouleka L.G.K. Building, Bole, Addis Ababa

About Akoya Properties Real Estate Background

Akoya Properties Homepage

Founded in Ethiopia, Akoya Groups (a parent company of Akoya Property) first came into being in 2013 as Kahaa, followed by a rebrand in 2018. As Africa began evolving and demand grew, it was inspired to provide top-notch investment opportunities to add value to a lifestyle upgrade.

To transform everyday life, Akoya began its operations in the automobile industry and quickly grew from there to strength, setting foot in real estate, exports, and even encouraging a global audience to travel to Africa and experience all that it has to offer. 

2018 was when Akoya Properties established, and started to recruit a team of passionate real estate professionals dedicated to providing innovative solutions. This is driven to fulfill the growing need of high-quality housing in Addis Ababa.

Offering a blend of luxury and affordability real estate options with a slogan “Experience tomorrow’s novelty, today,” Akoya Properties has quickly established itself as a prominent developer company in the Addis Ababa market.

Overally, AKOYA GROUPS (Akoya Properties, Akoya Motors, Akoya Export, and Akoya Tour & Travel) is the only diversified business conglomerate elevating African lives through quality products and services, offering simplified solutions in the real estate, automotive, foods, and trade sectors.

Currently, AKOYA Groups, with its manufacturing sister companies in Ethiopia and UAE, has an impressive added value with millions worth of super successful projects on the-line with construction over 3 sites and different sectors that bring positive lifestyles experiences.

Projects and Apartments by Akoya Properties

Project 1: ፩ One (SOLD OUT!)

Akoya Properties Project 1: ፩ One (SOLD OUT!)

፩ One is one of the fastest developed project of Akoya Properties with a smart location just behind Dembel City Center and a lovely lifestyle experience. In a short distance, you can easily access Meskel Square Plaza, Landscaped Gardens, Health Club, Sports Facilities, Hyatt Regency, Multipurpose Halls, etc.

With 1B+G+10 floors, the residential and retail blocks, offers 2 & 3 bedroom 19 apartment units that optimize the use of a cozy indoor and outdoor open space for comfortable minimalist  living. The best thing is it has come with privacy and security facilities.

Beyond all the environment-friendly infrastructure provided that celebrates “Classic Architecture Living”, Í One by Akoya also has easy access to the Airport Road street. And plus, the ‘Wello Sefer’ neighborhoods, and Addis Ababa’s towers around Africa Ave. 

Amenities and Facilities of ፩ One Project:

Amenities and Facilities of ፩ One Project
  • Smart office
  • Generator room
  • 2 apartments per floor
  • Full fire protection system
  • Beauty salon easily accessible
  • Centralized satellite and TV system
  • Beauty salon & supermarket is accessible
  • European Union Peacock Park in short distance
  • Restaurants & cafés within walking distance
  • Restaurant & hotel easily accessible
  • Short distance to peacock park
  • Health club easily accessible
  • Dedicated parking lots
  • Spa easily accessible
  • Markets nearby

Project 2: Park View (ONGOING!)

Akoya Properties Project 2: Park View (ONGOING!)

Park View is a highly visible and well-positioned project. In a short distance, you can find the Friendship Park, the Tallest CBE Bank Tower, Sheraton Addis Hotel, The National Palace, and Addis Ababa’s Tallest Towers In Mexico. 

With 2B+G+10+P floors development, and found adjacent to Colson Street in-line with Churchill Ave Road within 150m, it provides holistic amenities like open terrace areas, outdoor activity areas, greenery external balconies, swimming pools, waterfall, jacuzzi, and a multi-purpose hall for different programs.

Even though the concept was to create a residential destination that celebrates “Contemporary Architecture Living,” more than 41% area is maxed out to outdoor visual connection. And it includes a pool, gym, spa, and hotel area, plus a lounge on the top floor for a party hall. 

Amenities and Facilities of Park View Project:

Amenities and Facilities of Park View Project
  • Swimming pool
  • Steam, and massage
  • 2 apartments per floor
  • Restaurant & café is accessible
  • Centralized satellite and TV system
  • FriendshipPark within walking distance
  • Multi-Purpose /Party Hall for different events
  • Fully equipped health club with state-of-the-art facilities as well as morocco, sauna, beauty salon & supermarket is accessible
  • Top roof terrace with barbecue, dining rooms, outdoor swimming & fireplace for different occasions.
  • Waste management system & garbage chute
  • Smart office, lobby & rooftop terrace
  • Full fire protection system
  • Dedicated parking lots
  • Generator room

Project 3: TWIINZ (PLANNED!)

Akoya Properties Project 3: TWIINZ (PLANNED!)

TWIINZ is the other fastest developing project of Akoya Property. Built with combining space-efficient 30 hotel apartments with state-of-the-art infrastructures, and an interesting recreational space, it is located in front of Friendship Park.

With 3B+G+15+P floors including 4 Bed Duplex Apartment Units, it offers basic infrastructure needs like entrance lobbies and parking. There are also amenities like cabana seating, terrace gardens, barbecue deck, health club, and more. 

In a short distance to TWINZ, one can easily access Churchill Ave road, bringing delightful city connectivity. And being linked with the ongoing project ‘PARK VIEW By Akoya’ through an informal route, the project truly is a smart choice for the new-age Addis Ababa. 

Amenities and Facilities of TWIINZ Project:

Amenities and Facilities of TWIINZ Project
  • Generator room
  • 2 apartments per floor
  • Restaurant & café is accessible
  • Centralized satellite and TV system
  • Multi-Purpose /Party Hall for different events
  • Smart Office, lobby & rooftop terrace
  • Top roof terrace with barbecue, dining rooms, outdoor swimming & fireplace for different occasions
  • Fully equipped health club with state-of-the-art facilities as well as morocco, sauna, steam, and massage
  • The beauty salon & supermarket is accessible
  • Waste management system & garbage chute
  • Friendship Park in walking distance
  • Full fire protection system
  • A dedicated parking lots
  • Restaurant & cafeteria
  • Swimming pool

Pros and Cons of Akoya Properties


  • Focus on Luxury: Till date, Akoya Properties has launched 3 projects in the heart of Addis Ababa, and all of them are built with high-quality construction materials, equipment, wealth of ultra-modern amenities, home interior supplies, and well-designed living spaces.
  • Sold-Out Projects: Targeted at luxury with decent prices, the success of their previous projects demonstrates their ability to deliver on their promises and cater to the needs of the market, resulting in the first project being ‘Sold-Out’.
  • Prime Locations: All Akoya developments have enjoyed phenomenal success and appeals to buyers since their launch. This is because they are situated in smart and desirable areas that offer convenience and access to important amenities.


  • Limited Project Information: Details about available apartments and specific features can be scarce for 21st-century living. For example, we don’t know the offered reasonable prices and flexible payment plans.
  • Relatively New Company: While their initial projects have been successful, Akoya Properties is still a relatively young company in the real estate market. However, the company is garnering interest from different sections.

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to Akoya Properties Real Estate

Prizes and Achievements of Akoya Properties

Handling a smooth experience to its customers, Akoya has long expanded its offerings beyond cars. It sets its foot in the real estate segment, and then followed by exporting Africa’s local produce to the rest of the world, and reaching out to a global audience to encourage travel to Africa.

Beyond giving the tourism sector a boost, the values & belief here is based on customer satisfaction. They understand that knowing customers and their needs will help provide them with world-class solutions and become the partner of choice for all the industries they serve.

As of 2024, Akoya Groups have acquired 12,000 satisfied clients, 9 years of experience, and 10 completed projects. Not only that, but also it abides by sustainable practices and is built on the values of customer satisfaction and innovation.

To fulfill Ethiopia’s growing demand along with Africa’s best interests in mind for high-quality solutions in the real estate, automotive, and trade sectors, the company is putting client satisfaction at the forefront with excellent and on-time delivery.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

The whole idea of Akoya Groups is, design, real estate and homes, drive and automobiles, and deliver and export according to promises. All these will be working hand-in-hand in driving Ethiopia towards a better tomorrow.

We didn’t find a review of feedback from customers of Akoya Property. However, there’s a huge message from the founder and chairman, Mr. Habib Mohammed. Here it goes:

“As Einstein says ‘The measure of intelligence is the ability to change’

At Akoya group – we have been receptive to change, as home-grown in Addis Ababa- is now recognized in international markets stretching from Ethiopia to UAE, We genuinely appreciate what our country and our communities have done for us, In turn, our corporate social responsibility ethos and culture of philanthropy demand that we give back, Through initiatives, we engage with our communities in ways that alleviate hardship, respond to an urgent need, and deliver the skills and learning required for a sustainable future am also incredibly grateful to our community of families, individuals, employees & partners, Thank you for supporting us in creating exceptional lifestyle experiences, and for believing in our ability to create flourishing communities. Our successes would not be possible without your commitment. Finally, and most importantly, I’d like to express my appreciation for my family’s support in building the Akoya group & our customers, without whom we could never have achieved so much, quite simply, you inspire us to do even better.”

Overall Judge:

Overall, Akoya Properties presents a compelling option for those seeking modern, luxurious, and world-class living spaces. Focusing on quality, prime locations at the heart of Addis Ababa, and customer services, has positioned them as a promising force in the city’s market. 

They are proud to provide exceptional customer service to you and to go above and beyond in their research to make sure their projects are flawless. Best of all, they have large coverage offices in 2 convenient places in Addis Ababa.

As a reflection of efficiency, PROPERTY APPRAISAL are FREE of CHARGE (no hidden fees!). Get to register to save time and money. All fees are according to the purchase agreement that are going to be signed between both of you.

For more, if you want the best deal, affordable price, as well as the best real estate location, call me by the phone +251948879335 or send me a message by the email onlinemoneyspinner.com@gmail.com — as I’m the best Real Estate Agent in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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