Addis Empire Real Estate Review in 2024 (In-Depth)

Addis Empire Real Estate Review

Addis Empire Real Estate Review.

Addis Empire Real Estate welcomes you to an enduring prosperity gateway to discover your next chapter of finding the right homes in downtown Addis Ababa city.

With new real estate players emerging to cater to the growing demand for modern and luxurious living spaces, it’s clear that the Ethiopian real estate landscape is witnessing a transformation. 

The Addis Empire Real Estate company stands tall among these, promising a unique blend of innovation and comfort. You just need to explore the exclusive property listings for generational wealth.

So be ready to embark on your Ethiopian property journey in order to find your dream home today. Let’s delve deeper into the reviews of Addis Empire Real Estate developer.

Addis Empire Real Estate Contact Information

Contact Information of Addis Empire Real Estate:

  • Website:
  • Telephone.: +25190695555 or +25106855555
  • Email:
  • Physical address: Addis Empire Real Estate, Ethio China St
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00AM – 5:00PM

About Addis Empire Real Estate Background

Addis Empire Real Estate  Homepage

One of the leading residential developers, Addis Empire Real Estate, is owned and operated by Bedru Hassen, Habtamu Tadesse, and Yohannes. These are professionals in the industry as well as successful entrepreneurs. 

With over 25 years of domestic and international development experience, having worked on a range of projects, of varying scale and complexity, the team is building strong partnerships for lasting success.

It is a company that is targeted at customers, striving to ensure the highest standard of service like design, planning, development, and acquisition of mid to high-end properties for affordable housing and investment opportunities.

Their focus on modern apartment development, ongoing construction, and housing state updates suggests a commitment to catering to the needs of a growing urban population seeking contemporary living experiences. 

We can say that Addis Empire is committed to develop residential properties in Addis Ababa and surrounding vicinities for consumers by considering travel convenience and transportation routes.

Projects and Apartments by Addis Empire Real Estate

Addis Empire Real Estate, which is more than just a place to call “my home,” appears to specialize in the development of upscale apartment buildings. This is based on current listings on the platform

Featuring affordable modern, and comfortable prominent living spaces at the center of Addis Ababa with striking views of the surrounding area’s important landmarks, you’re rest assured to start a new chapter in living.

From the project in Bulgaria, strategically situated near the African Union, to other exclusive projects, Addis Empire Real Estate’s offers a glimpse into their styled and perfect homes.

Project 1: Lidiya Apartments

Addis Empire Real Estate Project 1: Lidiya Apartments

The real estate marketplace is becoming increasingly crowded, where outstanding urban architectural masterpieces worldwide are designed to evoke emotion in all who gaze at them.

So the Addis Empire company plans to take that to a new level in order to drive and maintain awareness while creating brand loyalty and identity that are dynamic, impressive, and enduring in their own unique ways. 

Lidiya apartments is situated on a 500 square meter plot. This is located close to the country’s top Financial District banks, premier restaurants, theaters, bars, and combines a network of streets and spaces.

It is a luxurious high-rise building with 3B+SB+G16+ Penthouse building of spacious and modern apartments. And having each floor a range of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and stunning city views, it perfectly suits your needs.

Take a peek inside Lidiya Apartments — your next ideal home curated just for you:

Lidiya Apartments YouTube Video

Addis Empire Real Estate is proud of its apartment designs, which are unique and tailor-made. The 3B + SB + G + 16 Lidiya apartment has come with modern, stylish, and convenient floor plan designs.

Your ideal home awaits — Get to discover a place you’ll love to live that meets your needs and budget. Addis Empire Real Estate is here for a solution and to make luxury living accessible.

Lidiya Apartments: 2 & 3-Bedroom Apartments with Personalized Living

Lidiya Apartments: 2 & 3-Bedroom Apartments with Personalized Living

Since every homebuyer’s priorities are different when it comes to exploring available apartment opportunities, the company makes every effort to meet you with a personalized approach in the way you’ve always imagined city living to be.

On Lidiya Apartments project (16-story residential apartment with penthouse around the African Union), you’ll find beautiful stylish home selections with a premium architectural floor. These are planned and executed Hand and glove by plan designers and interior designers. 

Beyond the architectural floor, right on your 2 & 3 bedroom apartment doorstep, you’ll find the City’s famous landmarks, social and cultural attractions, extensive transport routes, indoor pool, on-site gym, and 24-hour concierge desk.

The areas are: 2 bedroom = 101.11 Square Apartment, 2 bedroom: 117.87 Square Apartment, and 3 bedroom: 162.87 Square Apartment.

Lidiya Apartments: Spacious Apartments with Breathtaking City View

Lidiya Apartments: Spacious Apartments with Breathtaking City View

The Lidiya Apartment project of Addis Empire Real Estate comes with high-rising Spacious Apartments with Breathtaking City View. Again, every single floor has come with a range of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments to suit your needs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young, professional, a family of 12, the apartments are designed to provide a comfortable living experience with plenty of natural light, ample storage space and state-of-the-art appliances.

Pros and Cons of Addis Empire Real Estate

Here’s a breakdown of Addis Empire Real Estate apartments pros and that of cons:


  • Modern Living: Addis Empire Real Estate comes with up-and-coming contemporary aesthetics, potentially featuring clean lines, open floor plans, and large windows for natural lighting.
  • Variety of Apartment Options: Apartment listings in their project indicate configurations ranging from 2 to 3 well-sized bedrooms, all suiting to different family sizes and needs.
  • Amenities Galore: Homebuyers will find a number of amenities that promises a comfortable living experience including air conditioning, laundry facilities, a sauna, a cable TV, a gym, and an internet connection.


  • Limited Information: Of course, the company has invested in a fully-functional website, however, real life images and detailed information lacks, which hinders trust as well as transparency.
  • Limited Locations: Currently, only one project appears around the proximity to the African Union site, restricting options for potential buyers. Other project locations are not noted.

The current pace of progress of the organization guarantees newer avenues for the coming future. We as an organization believe in moving forward to attain our ambitious goals while taking care of what we have created in the past. With a clear vision and concrete ideologies, converting dreams to reality doesn’t seem too big a feat.

Prizes and Achievements dedicated to Addis Empire Real Estate

Prizes and Achievements of Addis Empire Real Estate

The company, before establishing Addis Empire Real Estate in 2014 E.C. to craft exceptional customer-centric homes to ensure the highest standard of service., has been involved in a number of sectors as a track record of achievement. 

Vique Sanitary Equipment Exclusive Importers, BGI Ethiopia’s Exclusive Distributor, Habesha traditional center and art gallery, Ertale Tour and Travel, Bata Shoe Exclusive Importers, and Maraki Car Center and Vehicle Importer are the sectors.

After 2014 E.C. It has also established Lidiya Memorial construction plc (2014 E.C.), Arcon Construction PLC (2015 E.C.), and BuiltUp Construction Material Suppliers PLC (NOW!).

With all these achievements so far, there is no publicly available information regarding any awards or prizes associated with Addis Empire Real Estate.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Addis Empire Real Estate is an exciting and dynamic company with cutting-edge services including planning, design, development, and acquisition of mid to high-end properties. The aim is to set up comfortable and luxurious dwelling spheres.

Trying to impeccably match world-class extraordinary infrastructures over the years, the benchmarks set by Addis Empire Real estate are in residential as well as commercial estate development, raising them to a new level.

So yeah, even if Addis Empire Real Estate seems to be a relatively new player, there are currently no customer reviews readily available. This makes it challenging to gauge the experiences of past buyers or tenants.

However the company aspires to continuously create establishments that give its customers the joy of owning a paradise. They believe that true satisfaction comes through the million smiles of potential homebuyers..

Overall Judge:

Overall, Addis Empire Real Estate presents a promising prospect for those seeking modern apartments in central Addis Ababa with core values of excellence, integrity, innovation, partnership, team work, and leadership.

Aspiring for world-class living standards for all generations is their main target. So they are engaged in expanding horizons, linking people and organizations, setting up new trends, and continually enhancing their values.

To do so, Addis Empire Real Estate is always planning to create an infrastructure that is a perfect blend of beauty and strength. Infrastructures that are able to stand the Ethiopian noisy real estate market for the long haul.

At the core, the idea always remains the same. That is to provide a world-class experience living spaces, affordable housing prices, and potential real estate investment opportunities.

For more, if you want the best deal, affordable price, as well as the best real estate location, call me by the phone +251948879335 or send me a message by the email — as I’m the best Real Estate Agent in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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